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    Wayne Goss

      While this is a GREAT palette – there is a HUGE problem that no one is talking about! LINKS US UK SHOP WAYNE …

      Jessica Smithey

        Thanks for your review! I have always thought the CT 4-pan palettes were ridiculously priced. Hasn’t stopped me from buying 2 of them, but I felt really guilty about it after. Still gonna get the big palette, everyone seems to love it!

        Ellie Elizabeth

          Love those colors!!

          Wioleta Klaman

            Wasn't expecting that xxxx

            Lana Del Sugar Skull

              I dont understand the CT Hype. There a lots of other great brands less expensive but I love WG videos 😊

              Pouzens Sandrine

                Je regrette de ne pas comprendre ce que tu dis 😍

                La RaPi

                  "ever so slightly" 😂 ♥

                  K A

                    Exactly my thoughts, why so cheap compared to her quads & the packaging literally screams Jouer or Kevin Aucoin…. I love jouer palettes & if in fact they manufacture at the same place, I'd understand. By the way same marks with that brick brown shade in JOUER essential palette, it doesn't affect how the shadow comes on a brush later or application, but the look in the pan remains as if it was touched with wet brush. So weird, especially when the same is with CT similar shade🧐🧐🧐


                      I know riiiight! The massive warm tones too, i'd appreciate it if they give a hint in the marketing to manage expectations

                      Tristan Goethals

                        It's all about marketing, charlotte tilbury is so good in marketing. I mean, watch one of her makeup videos and you instantly want to buy literally everything. But also, most of her latest products aren't permanent. Wich make sure people buy them quiet fast so they won't miss out. Look at the pillow talk collection, it was limited edition at first. And it sold out like crazy. To defend the prices a little, she does deliver very unique formulas and they are created by one of world's biggest makeup artists. Packaging is very luxurious and colours are really one of a kind most of the time.

                        Alicia Cauthen

                          Thanks Wayne but my dream pallet is the Pat McGrath brand. I will reward

                          Janet Freeman

                            True maby I can try the shadows now as the quads are very expensive same with the Natasha pallets eye are expensive but got a bronzer for £30 yes. 👌❤️

                            Kłębuszek Puszek

                              I'm cool-toned (olive-blue undertone) and it's such a struggle finding an eyeshadow palete that I would 100% wear. I look awful in orange and yellow- anything (especially gold and yellow green). I think cool tones are more universal, even flatter people with warm undertones so it makes me sad they're so difficult to come by.

                              Sean I

                                It bothers me to no end when the packaging of a palette prominently features colors that are not in the palette

                                Mehwish Owais

                                  I love u Wayne


                                    Could it be economies of scale? CT just came to the US last year with her line in Sephora. That's gotta make a big difference in cost and their pricing decisions. Just another perspective to consider.

                                    Carola Scharf

                                      the last thing you said about the palette is EXACTLY what i thought…. i have 4 little palettes from CT and i am so so so pissed off…. i have NOT a lot of money. But i allowed myself the palettes. And now i feel like kidding!!!!


                                        I could listen to you all day ❤️I’m so tired of warm palettes! I’m a cool girl 😜

                                        Stephanie Loggins

                                          So glad you said it! It is a mistake for sure! She’s soooooo in love with SHIMMER! Blah

                                          Rachel Rowbottom

                                            I have this pallet and I’m finding the blue shade is grey on me. Even if I apply with fix plus. Any tips? Is it just me!


                                              What I am most interested to know is if this palette truly performs as well as the standard 4 colour palettes?

                                              Tiffany Mushegan

                                                I had the same exact thought when you gave the price of the new palette!

                                                Suzan Storm


                                                  The Merz

                                                    Interesting 2 actually take note on cost. Truth, we all seem to be swallowing what ever price is thrown @ us these days. Appreciate you calling my attention to this. I know you love Charlotte & her products. I do not care for her formula in the other shadows. I know, don't kill me. But still have interest in this as the reviews have raved about the difference in this palette's formula. Tempted. I am a huge succor for trying interesting formulas that are good, 2 see if I agree. 😉 I am however, actually rebelling on some products solely on the ridiculousness of cost. Some of the lipsticks…. holy macaroni. Love them but starting to ask myself what I am doing?!!!

                                                    Jennifer Castaldo

                                                      Not only is there a huge price disparity, but the larger palette is full of shimmer which pretty much eliminates anyone over 40 from wearing it. Perhaps us “over 40s” are not who Charlotte Tilbury wants to wear her products.

                                                      Kate Donovan

                                                        I was very pleasantly surprised by this palette. To be honest I only bought it because I’m such a Charlotte fan girl and I thought the colours were much too glittery for everyday use. However, I’ve even been wearing it to the office and it’s become one of my faves. Perhaps the stock palette was to cut down on production costs? xx

                                                        Layla Dane

                                                          Stephen Gleason

                                                            All makeup comes from a handful of factories. Tilbury and Ford and many others are the exact same product. Wayne is not a real makeup artist. He is a YouTuber.

                                                            Julianne Sullivan

                                                              My favorite makeup master!! God this man is so intelligent. Love him!

                                                              Rachel Collins

                                                                Love your brutal honesty. Thank you for catching stuff like that…

                                                                Mama Miya

                                                                  I got this palette, even as you said it’s kind of good value but , c’mon . I am really disappointed with it. Does not have the intensity of the pigments and the color washes off really fast. So I gonna give this one to my kids to play and go back to using Tarte pro remix or Anastasia

                                                                  Samantha Turner

                                                                    Yeah I agree that the product amounts are odd. Normal (non beauty junkies) pan a whole palette before purchasing another one. So it doesn’t make sense for them to spend their $55 for such little product when they can get a larger palette with tons more product for $10 more. For people like me who have 15 palettes though, product amount is less of an issue


                                                                      You are spot on when you say that it looks like a Jouer palette! I mistook it for a Jouer palette when I first saw it lol! Love your videos and look forward to your next one 😊

                                                                      Jill Large

                                                                        Thank you again for a great video!! Wish I could wear these shimmery colors, but The older I get the worse they look on me.

                                                                        Alberta Mezzacapo

                                                                          Well done. Well done.

                                                                          shireen Ibdah

                                                                            I love those shades


                                                                              Wayne, I love that your concern is based on the volume of product and not the quality of product. I love that you think about those things, and are willing to talk about them despite more obvious love for Charlotte Tillberry cosmetics. Thank you for your honest thoughts, and now I really want to get this pallet because of the value of it. Love this video!

                                                                              J Jadot

                                                                                Thank you ✨💯✨

                                                                                Sherry Walker

                                                                                  Thank you sweetheart!


                                                                                    Maybe the smaller cost more and looks made for Charllote…

                                                                                    Amanda McMillan


                                                                                      Lola Diaz

                                                                                        I don’t get it. The pallets are generally less expensive compared to quantity on smaller versions of the product. Which is ok by me

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