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      $10 Vs. $300 Hair Extensions

      Well, I need to go freak some people out with this amazing hair and more importantly, I need to go take a gram!” Subscribe to As/Is: About …

      Lee- MusicLover

        still didnt match her hair color even though it was expensive

        Teddy Graham

          I bought my extensions off of amazon but you have to actually buy the hair that says “human hair” on it. Mine look real and I can wash, curl, straighten, color it! Only $40 and it came in a set of 7 🙂 so if you look for the good quality ones on amazon you don’t have to spend $314 on hair extensions lol

          Emily C.

            Her inner Tana Mongoose came out

            caitlin marie

              “i gave myself the bi bob” sIS SHE AINT WRONG


                3:52 I see Gaga????

                Kaleigh Jefferies

                  I tried buying from bellemi literally last night but it kept declining my card, I triple checked everything and my info was all correct, I had enough money as well. So I ended up ordering from Milk and Blush, I hope it turns out well!! I've had luxy extensions before and they were amazing


                    Well my bank account is going to be 319 less now after this video cause I wanna try

                    Dalila Rocha

                      I Hate long Hair. I Would never use that kind of hair. NEVER.

                      Calle Cambiado

                        Wow, I see Kelsey's ig posts all the time, but I missed seeing her making videos in YT too

                        Stephanie Martinez

                          “Where’s my Prius?”
                          *inside of a Tesla 😂

                          ariella SUCKA

                            This isn’t my car… where’s my Prius?
                            God this is me

                            Ashley Silva

                              you like my hair? gee thanks, jus bought it

                              Klaire Revillo

                                I dont like her boyfriend

                                Karina Montes

                                  I love the Salon extensions wow I want to get this 🔥😍


                                    She doing amazing I’m watching her on tv doing comedy dating shows I seeeee youuu 🇬🇧🇬🇧


                                      Ew what was that 10:04 🤮

                                      Amanda Butler

                                        These videos are stupid you should stop these ones beacsue obviously the more expensive one is better duhhhh

                                        Kobie Baker

                                          Ok, I've been staring at her face for 5 minutes with my screen paused. I think I finally figured it out. She looks like the lead singer in Pitch Perfect 2 from Das Sound Machine. The german woman that speaks multiple languages.


                                            If the hair is Asian most times that means it’s either sourced from poor village women selling their hair and make very little money off of it. Or it could be south Asian hair from India where some groups shave their heads and “sacrifice” it to their gods. Then it’s later collected cleaned and sold unbeknownst to them.


                                              The wall of hair looked like a bunch of giant paint brushes 👀

                                              Dav Te

                                                Anyone else realize she was in a Tesla not a Toyota Prius

                                                Kasey Smith

                                                  Yay is Kelsey finally back doing videos???

                                                  Coke Olivares

                                                    I'll watch any video if Kelsey's on it

                                                    Lizzie Caskey

                                                      your bf looks like Rob McHelleney

                                                      Aurora V

                                                        I literally have crazy long hair why am I watching this

                                                        Michelle Stella

                                                          I cut my hair when I'm tipsy sometimes… same girl


                                                            I'm sorry, $319 PER clip in??

                                                            Nicolette Rodriguez

                                                              Kelsey’s boyfriend is a babe

                                                              Rebecca M

                                                                I’ve been wondering where Kelsey’s been. I thought she left the company…

                                                                Madeleine Raslan

                                                                  Kelsey’s work looks awful sorry just saying oof

                                                                  Eric Xavier

                                                                    Can I just say how much I love this woman. Man is she awesome.

                                                                    Stefania Rivers

                                                                      I would totally watch her doing a stand up comedy thing

                                                                      Sara Silva

                                                                        Did Kelsey get her nose done? 🧐🧐

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