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    Carli Bybel

      HI MY LOVES! Today I am back with my new simple “clean girl” makeup look! This routine is my new go to. Try it out and let me …

      88Mac ola

        I’m sorry but this is boring😢


          Your so beautiful Carli ❤️ love the look 😍


            You look stunning as ALWAYS ❤

            Dana Lynn

              Pleaseeeeee bring back the palette !!!!

              Brooklin Bernek

                Aw it was sponsored? I totally purchased it because I do believe you don’t pretend even with a sponsorship and i support getting that coin girl – I just thought you usually say when it’s sponsored in the video . ❤❤❤

                Angie Orozco

                  i wish your camera wasn’t blurred! gorg as always

                  Stephanie Wright

                    I got this spray in my allure beauty box but was a literally cautious with my oily skin. I'll have to try it

                    Joselynn Almanza

                      I love you comfortable women sexy xxxxx

                      Gina L

                        PLEEEASE UPDATE US ON YOUR SELF TAN . Summer is COMINGGG

                        Sara Zigova

                          What's clean girl lmao

                          Afshan Asif

                            This easy routine requires to be as beautiful as Carlie. ❤ u look like an angel 😇. Love u Carlie

                            Abigale Davis

                              Gorgeous 🌸

                              Abigale Davis

                                My favourite look on you😊😊

                                Candice Lopez

                                  I've been a fan of yours for such a long time. You truly are an inspiration! I love ALL your makeup looks 💛🤍💜💙💚🧡❤️🤎💖

                                  ramooy eido

                                    Wow, you are tooo beautiful!!

                                    whomever see you shall believe that God is real

                                    and whenever I see you I am always in a dream

                                    and when we wake up we all will realize that all this life was nothing but a dream and that only God is whats true and real.

                                    I dont know how can atheists believe that such a very beautiful sexy person like you came from monkeys hahaha 😄

                                    There was a teacher whom didn't believe in the existence of God, He said to his students do you see God?,

                                    the students replied no we don't see God, so the teacher said if you don't see God it means there is no God,

                                    then a smart student stood up and said to the other students hey guys do you see the teachers brain?,

                                    then the students replied no we don't see the teachers brain, the student then said then the teacher is crazy he got no brain


                                    ​God initiated everything, and he redo too, and it is evident.

                                    ​one God for all of us, all the universe shows unity with diversity, there are different things different creatures and different materials but are all made of particles and atoms

                                    ​God initiated everything, and he redo too, and it is evident.

                                    This life is temporary, while the next is forever, eternal, either in paradise, or in Hell fire!

                                    so lets all try to be good humans in life & not to be bad, and be kind & try to obey God through following his words and commands and following his great final messenger to humanity, and the true rightly successors of his final and last messenger whom are an extension of the messenger of God and of his light.

                                    Shine and spread the light sunshine.

                                    Jeannette Quintana Zaldivar

                                      Beautiful as always!
                                      Love you I love you I have been watching you since ever and I never write anything for you ,
                                      You are such an amazing woman, daughter, mother granddaughter, and an amazing fiancée once just keep up with a good job
                                      You are a sample of a woman to follow

                                      Erica Paquette

                                        When I tell you how badly I want that spray but I’ll still not look as good as you

                                        M D

                                          You look great Carli! I LOVE your hair dark! 😍

                                          Meeka Love

                                            Love your videos !! Just started my YouTube journey so wish me luck lol!

                                            Natalie Osborn

                                              You look so good with this new look😊seriously……amazing!

                                              Shannon M

                                                I thought clean girl makeup meant buying clean makeup (like with the green designation at Sephora) and this was no makeup-makeup look lol

                                                olivia boll

                                                  buys literally whatever Carli recommends I’m so excited to try this spray! I haven’t been using any setting spray because I couldn’t find any I loved


                                                    I love that you’re still using your BH Cosmetics palette! 🎨 I just took mine out to do this look with you and it is still pigmented as ever! ❤

                                                    Kelly Vang

                                                      Omg I hope my skin looks this good with this routine ❤❤❤❤

                                                      Freddy Krueger

                                                        So amazing! 🤩🥰

                                                        Nicole Howell

                                                          To this day I'm still obsessed with the Carli Bybel pallet! Best makeup pallet I will ever own ❤ I remember using like the last $20 in my bank account to buy it too. No regrets!

                                                          Billie Forker

                                                            What is the color of the cream contour you use?

                                                            google account

                                                              sooo pretty! <3333 just ordered that product bc how could I not after that????

                                                              Muslim time

                                                                I just love carli ❤

                                                                Carissa Nardella

                                                                  The link to the cc cream isn’t working. Does anyone know what one it is please ❤

                                                                  Helena Magarian

                                                                    Just Beautiful💜💜💜

                                                                    Ana Real

                                                                      I’ve literally have been loving a light makeup look like this sine the beginning of the spring 🌸

                                                                      Anna garza

                                                                        ✋ I do love rainbows 🌈 and I do like the rain 🌧 when our 7 yr old son was diagnosed with cancer osteosarcoma 😭💔 we were crying constantly and the day of his funeral it rained like the sky was crying 😭 our life as we knew was gone 😭 I was only 35 yrs old and I stopped doing makeup and doing my hair I pretty sure I was depressed but I started watching you and you helped me a lot into caring about myself so thank you for that ❤️

                                                                        Giedrius Vainauskas

                                                                          Labas atrodai labai gražiai atrodai labai patraukliai tu esi labai grazi


                                                                            ❤❤ love. @Carli can't help but mention how fit you got after having lawrenzo, could you make a video how to get back in shape after being pregnant please please!!!!!! Im 12 weeks and I feel I'm going nuts already worried😅 xxx lot of love from 🇲🇹


                                                                              What concealer are you using ❤


                                                                                Can you do kpop inspired make up looks?

                                                                                B H

                                                                                  step 1: be naturally pretty already like Carli 😭💗

                                                                                  Ariane Giraldeau

                                                                                    Giiirl you're not cruelty free anymore? Im surprise you're using L'Oreal mascara.. That being said, this makeup is FLAWLESS and you look gorgeous.




                                                                                        Raise your hand if you've been watching Carli Bybel for a long time


                                                                                          Is your palette still for sale or no?

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