cleaning my DISGUSTING room & closet *a nightmare*

Main cleaning my DISGUSTING room & closet *a nightmare*

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    Tara Michelle
      cleaning my DISGUSTING room & closet *a nightmare*

      I am seriously so embarrassed to be showing you this disgustingly messy room of mine, but here we are. CLEAN WITH ME!!! I clean up my clothes and do some …

      Tara Michelle


        Ali Lamb

          This was so good loved this


            Okay wow I’m actually so proud of you

            Sydney Jalyn

              cleaning make me feel so good! i love when everything in my space is clean and put away at all times hehe

              Maxime Poussart

                Hey Tara please do a room tour

                IzzyyAdventures _

                  Marie Kondo would have a hay day with you closet lol.

                  marlene torres

                    I love these kind of cleaning videos.. soo satisfying to see the clothes off the floor lol good job Tara


                      My parents would alway yell at me about me about my room “ the only girl who doesn’t clean.” Clearly they don’t know … 🙄

                      Caitlin Johnson

                        Spring Cleaning at its finest

                        Pamela Simmerman

                          Do a part two!!!


                            "I'm glad it got blurry there" lmaoooo

                            Falyn Marie

                              i wish i had your closet 😭 mine is literally like a quarter of that size 😩

                              barbara veiga

                                you need marie kondo in your life, ASAP


                                  your hair is gorg

                                  Cheyenne Iozzio

                                    I love your videos & vlogs but honestly that’s so bad that you’re it get like that lol . Buttttt it’ll get better ! One day it will get on your nerves so bad that you will keep it clean . Lol I’m so proud of you for doing it !

                                    Nkechi Urama

                                      Has your mom watched this video yet? haha

                                      ZYCIE W USA TV by Gosia

                                        I made to the end- and nice now it looks clean-you have many clothes, yes i messy too with clothes and my bf complain about it he is neat one


                                          here's a good tip: never buy more hangers than your closet can handle. That way you only shop when you are donating stuff and have empty hangers to fill, so you only ever have a certain number of clothes in your closet.

                                          jessica wise

                                            I loved this video.

                                            Jocelyn Voo

                                              Get tara to 900k !!!!!!

                                              Pamela Simmerman

                                                I was so excited to see you posted this!! I haven't even watched it yet and I'm soooo excited lol

                                                linsey marie

                                                  I love helping my friends clean there closet lol i love organizing i would love to do this 😂

                                                  The Isaacson’s

                                                    Omg I would of totally do this for you lol! I love doing organizing and cleaning lol haha:)

                                                    Megan Arntz

                                                      “Three: WHAT THE F%#$” my sneaky fam on the daily.


                                                        IM LITERALLY THE SAME my closet is always a mess 😂😂

                                                        MADELINE J

                                                          this is weird but when i watch youtubers clean gives me the motivation to clean lol.


                                                            Not to be weird but what bra were u wearing when you were going out? I have a small chest and looking for something that pushes them up


                                                              tara this video is making me want to clean and organize my entire room! 😭❤️❤️❤️🙈

                                                              Katie Sheremet

                                                                I never clean my closet hahah

                                                                Khanh Nguyen

                                                                  I would literally just love to help and organize and Marie Kondo all your clothes lol

                                                                  Joselin Hernandez

                                                                    girl I got you.My room isn't just a mess my life is too😅

                                                                    Sydnie Kayelinn

                                                                      Omg I feel like as soon as I clean, it’s all messy again 💀💀💀


                                                                        You should film your full head in your vids lol just a suggestion

                                                                        Lo Dino

                                                                          Tara procrastinating for 15mins straight like a true adult in their twenties 😂

                                                                          Joanna Nyirenda

                                                                            Oh hi

                                                                            Brianna Cisneros

                                                                              Oh my god this video is amazing


                                                                                I looooove watching cleaning/organizing videos, it makes me want to clean everything. Unfortunately (or not?) I'm a super organized person to begin with, so I'll just fluff some pillows as i watch this……

                                                                                Cheri Tomkins

                                                                                  I'm way worse. Not just clothes.


                                                                                    this is literally me with my room with clothes EVERYWHERE (i really relate to the mound of clothes next to my bed aksks)
                                                                                    guess i should probs go clean now ahahahha

                                                                                    Miss Jams


                                                                                      Kayla M

                                                                                        YOU SHOULD WATCH TIDYING UP WITH MARIE KONDO!! And then do a video about your process. Btw I love you!! 💞💞💞

                                                                                        Amanda Avila

                                                                                          You should watch Tidying Up on Netflix with Marie Kondo! It’s amazing and very helpful!

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