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      Clear Gel Nails with Ink Inlay

      Suzie creates a spectacular set of Clear Gel Nails with Hand-Painted Ink Inlay. View Suzie’s New Free Online Magazine! Would …

      Barbara Alcorn

        It has a very Geode effect I think 🤔 and the purple is very stand alone. The yellow not so much. Gorgeous look on the glass nail. Thanks Suzie ❤️🇦🇺

        Henny S

          Beautiful! 🙂 <3

          Destiny Mendoza

            Have you seen the fiberglass nails yet??


              One thing about alcohol inks…you definitely do NOT want to leave the bottles open. As there's an alcohol base, you will find the bottle evaporated. Also, this is just the same base as Sharpies…much cheaper to use with a little alcohol mixed with the Sharpie ink.

              Pink Berry

                Omg Suzie these came out sooo cool. PLEASE TRY GEODE NAILS WITH THESE! That would be super cool looking and these would be perfect for that. Also mint & blueberry? Looked just white to me.


                  you are like the bob ross of acrylic nails !!

                  vicky Paez

                    Omg I love this nails 😍😍🤗🤗😙😙😊😊😊 I wish you can do my nails Suzie ☺☺☺🤗🤗

                    Black Swan Beauty

                      That is stunning! I love it! Great job Suzie!


                        Inks are so cool, such a tie dye effect literally when you apply, such an amazing product

                        Leslie Johnson

                          I won’t ever be able to have such long nails. Do you need the builder gel on the “white” (blue?) portion. Or can you just file and apply to a short almond following with topcoat?

                          Karyn Nash Collins


                            Michelle FÖRSTER

                              Soooooooooo beautiful

                              Emily Kelding

                                These are gorgeous! They look a little bit like an amethyst geode!

                                Kayhlia T

                                  I thought they were purple roses

                                  Denny Ramirez

                                    The base is blue????? I see white. 🤔

                                    Tracie McBeth

                                      Happy accidents – not mistakes . . . Beautiful

                                      Christy Martinez

                                        Can you review aprex nails system?


                                          they look like slices of amethyst!
                                          i love using alcohol inks. they're a quick way to get a watercolor look in other media and i love that they just push each other around first before actually mixing

                                          brandie wilcox

                                            beautiful i love them !! they remind my of opals

                                            Hannah Dill

                                              I would give anything to have Suzie do my nails

                                              Sabrina Aguilera

                                                Beautiful artwork

                                                ashley cheung

                                                  Hey suzie! I have recently run into a dilemma… I was going to order this cool lamp from amazon (sunuv 48W uv/led), but they don’t ship to Canada. So I went searching for another lamp, but couldn’t seem to find one with nearly as good reviews nor one that seemed to preform as well. I was wondering if you had anything planned along the lines of a lamp review, sorta like your efile review? Btw gorgeous ink design, definitely giving me floral vibes from the colour combinations, and such relaxing music <3 and also, one more thing XD have you ever done a beginners class (for non- professionals), or have you ever considered doing one? I know you’re coming to edmonton soon, but it seems like an advanced class. This came to mind when I read your snippet on Elizabeth Kim, when you mentioned how she took her first nail course at 16 (my age), which got me really excited.

                                                  Sorry if this is a repeated comment, I wasn’t sure if it posted the first time.


                                                    Oooohhh a new product commercial


                                                      I learn so much from the gel artists you've collabed with, especially Liz from Nail Hub. But gosh darn it for entertainment purposes I absolutely would rather watch you do gel! You're still learning the medium so you make happy accidents and it's relatable and you just run with it. I think that's what art is really about anyway

                                                      Lynn Barney

                                                        Fabulous!! You are so talented! What product was on your right hand? The color is gorgeous!

                                                        Pamela Jacobs

                                                          You have amazing talent! I love all your videos. True inspiration

                                                          WILD CHILD

                                                            I LOVE YOUR ART !!!

                                                            Amber Lynn

                                                              You should mix every nail polish you have and see what the end color and formula is! (Similar to Safiya Nygards videos where she mixes a bunch of makeup)

                                                              Amber Lynn

                                                                Cristine is shook

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