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    Wayne Goss
      cloud burst highlighter

      If you’ve not tried my Fanrbrush for highlighter – its amazing for this technique! Subscribe to my second channel …

      J Evans

        I like the beard either way


          I’m wondering if this would have the same effect with cream products.

          His_SongGirl: Mon.C

            Yes on the beard. Very handsome.


              Yes beard 🧔♥️

              Joleen Felio-Pettit

                Honestly Wayne… you're a handsome devil no matter what you do! But I like the facial hair connected better then separated but that's just me. Doesn't look bad, just think it looks better all in one. Love this technique!! Definitely going to use this for my niece's prom coming up. Thank you sir!! ❤❤ enjoy your day our night.


                  Yes on the beard!!!!

                  Rheba Dhalai

                    Yes , I love the beard

                    Fatty Kins

                      Thank you 😊


                        i am going to try both these looks . i have been looking for ways to better apply my highlighter


                          I like your beard now! I reeeeeally like your shaven face from your older videos the best❣️ You are a hottie either way☺️


                            Yesssss!!! ☺☺☺

                            Violet Silks

                              Either style of beard works, you’re fucking handsome either way, Wayne.

                              Wednesday Misener

                                For my eyes, connect, man! It’s like looking at an eye look where the lower lash is lined, but not connected to the rest of the eye. Discombobulating. Unbalanced. 🤪🥴. Sorry, Wayner. No mean vibes here, just not my visual preference.

                                Annette Moulder

                                  Yes to the beard!

                                  Meagen Boyle

                                    Yes on the disconnection – it looks lovely,! it opens your face up! Love this technique. I am going to try it tomorrow!!

                                    Amber Rose booders

                                      I love your beard connected but its whatever you prefer


                                        Like the beard 🧔

                                        Maria Pena

                                          Definitely connected , gorgeous either way

                                          Meagan K

                                            You look great with or without beard ❤️

                                            Sandra Phoma

                                              Can we have a updated full face masterclass?

                                              milan Saxena

                                                I really love your makeup techniques.May be you won’t believe it on the very next day I try it and most of the time I love it!! So thank you for sharing tip and tricks for applying makeup

                                                Melody Erin

                                                  I do this with bronzer first then highlighter then blush then highlighter again above the cheek bones then blend it. I love it!

                                                  Wendy Davis

                                                    No, to the disconnected beard/tasche

                                                    Sally Newman

                                                      It’s a no from me for the disconnected beard. Moustaches like that make me think of the stuffy unwanted suitor in comedies set in the 1940s. I’m aware that’s very specific. Thanks for the blush idea.

                                                      Shelley Malone

                                                        You are a fabulous teacher! I always learn so much from you.

                                                        Toyin Afolabi-Ogunbiyi

                                                          To be honest I thought this is how everyone applied it. Glad to know I’m doing something right .

                                                          Schrøedinger’s Pussy

                                                            Yes I apply my blusher softly on top of the cheek closer to the eye. I will try highlighter first.

                                                            aj robb

                                                              You have lovely-looking hands!

                                                              Lynette Scribner

                                                                I love your beard and mustache both ways! You are so gorgeous, it wouldn't matter what you did! Love this technique, Wayne, thank you!

                                                                Karen Clegg

                                                                  Hols! I have a moustache phobia but you’re able to totally pull it off! Thanks for the highlighter glow from within tip 😘 xx


                                                                    I will have to try this. I have gotten into the thinking of everything having its place, but perhaps this blended, merge-y look will be lovely on me too.

                                                                    I prefer a connected beard more, but that's just me. You should do it the way you prefer it.

                                                                    Ilma Rahman

                                                                      i'm gonna try this tomorrow

                                                                      TheBeauTea Talk

                                                                        So pretty Wayne love these techniques

                                                                        TheBeauTea Talk

                                                                          I'm digging the beard 💕💯

                                                                          Makeup for the terrified !

                                                                            Genius. Pure genius. 🙌

                                                                            Blue Cat

                                                                              Yes to the beard. And I want to say thank you for your real helpful and on the point tutorials.

                                                                              Jennifer Carver

                                                                                This technique worked so well on me today. I’ll be 50 this year so I try to have my highlighter look natural. It made my skin have the perfect amount of glow but without any demarcation lines. Thank you sooooo much! Always love your videos ❤️

                                                                                Naghmeh Malekzadeh

                                                                                  yes to the beard


                                                                                    Great tip! Keep the beard!

                                                                                    Loren Holmes

                                                                                      Beard is looking good! 👌🏻👌🏻

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