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      Coachella Fashion That Got Celebrities In Trouble

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        So over cultural appropriation argument

        Justa Youtuber

          People really need to respect the bindi and native American headdress more

          Animation Geek

            Why can’t she have a tattoo in another language??? What if she loves both languages. It’s ridiculous to only appreciate one language

            The Lexi Jade

              Everyone clicked only because bella Thorne

              Mia Carla

                sxsw and cochella used to have no celebs … it was just music

                Candi Abby

                  Claiming hairstyles are belonging to a certain culture is furthering the divide. Let anyone do anything, we're all one race-the human race lol. Don't be claiming fashion belongs to a culture, then get mad about racism, counterintuitive. Grow up.

                  Maira Vlogs

                    How come James Charles wasn’t here…

                    Isa Villarreal

                      It doesn't matter what u wear I swear🙄

                      tetrulz jam

                        You know what I find offensive? Standing behind people with their butts on full display, I dont wanna see ur junk where your fudge is made lmao sorry move!!!

                        Oppa gr


                          Hazem Moughraby

                            Most of us non-American don't feel like any of these are offensive or cultural appropriation, on the contrary they are celebrating something from another country and/or group of people' culture and people from all around the world should learn about other cultures and celebrate it in their own way

                            Amy Brown

                              omg. 1 of the girls from little mix wears the exact same "eye" outfit in their "Power" Music Video. So is Kylie stealing from her too? lmao

                              Christy Hurley

                                It is so stupid. "You cant wear that hair style" "you cant wear that outfit " last time I checked we are all in America and can fo whatever we please. Especially with our hair and what we wear. I've never in my life heard if so much ridiculous crap people get "offended" by.

                                Abou Ouattara

                                  STOPP using card b as you're tubmnail so u can get a lot of views y'all broke just want to get views. if I was cardi I'll be mad y'all used me as you're tubmnail if you're not going to talk about be.

                                  Manju Baidya

                                    "Wardrobe Malfunction" in other words.

                                    Hi its sssarah

                                      Why do people get mad if other races have the same hairstyle like oh I'm sorry I like your hair let me just not lol

                                      Scarlet Delgado

                                        If i were to get braids aint nobody gonna say shit but as soon as a celebrity gets braid they are using someones race as an accessory

                                        Carolina Leger

                                          Not insulted for me at all,l found all the clothes were gorgeous l will wear them too if l could avoid.
                                          You don't need permission of any one to wear what you like, and when you wear it with respect this is great that mean you honoring their culture.

                                          BARRETT’S DEN DISCUSSIONS

                                            If she chooses to bring her child to Coachella, SO WHAT!!!! I bet the ones that are complaining are the same ones who be smoking cussing, and twerking around their child lol and be having the child’s grandmother babysit their child all day every day so they can go party 6 days a week. Mind ur business and worry about your own child

                                            Biscuit Gidoni

                                              I understand the native headwear but just having your hair braided is not a big deal. I'm from pg country md.. you don't know where for what that is look it up. We all wear our hair as we want. I don't understand

                                              Angelica Morales

                                                Who cares about kylie happening to wear the same out fit as somebody else hello store sell more than one of things

                                                Devon Bollman

                                                  Everybody needs to chill seriously 😂😂 have fun life is short

                                                  Virginia Miko

                                                    Oh for heaven’s sake…..people get so offended so easily now. There are so many other things to be upset about. Choose wisely.


                                                      So now braiding your hair is illegal?

                                                      Emely Tolentino

                                                        This is so stupid people should be able to do what ever they want with there hair and should be able to get whatever tattoo they want

                                                        kitkat kid

                                                          BBQ GRILL 😂😂😂

                                                          Audrey Monique

                                                            My god people complain about everything. Who cares who wears braids or dreads or whatever. In the 90s Gwen Stefani wore a lot of Bindis and it wasn’t an issue then. People need to learn history before bitching so much. A lot of “traditional garb” has roots to other cultures…

                                                            Clara Mesiona

                                                              People are so Damn Judgmental in this World 🙁

                                                              Gregory Artisan

                                                                Like James Charles's buttless chaps. You can't unsee that

                                                                Jordan Maciel

                                                                  This is stupid people have the right to wear whatever they want. Don't get but-hurt cause u can't rock it. They can wear whatever they what, have their hair however they want and be however they want. Just let people do what makes them happy.

                                                                  Anne Marie Chaser

                                                                    Some of these stuff is bad but for the most part, people are sensitive

                                                                    YoIts Chlo

                                                                      Dear Critics..,
                                                                      it's 2019 stop getting so offended so easily
                                                                      Celebs have to think so hard to plan outfits, but no matter what they wear it may be 'offensive'

                                                                      just an opinion? 🤷🏻‍♀️

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