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    Freddy My Love
      Come online shopping with me; my tips & tricks! ~ Freddy My Love

      Come online shopping with me for summer swimwear and beachwear on ASOS for my trip to the Maldives! Links to clothes below *affiliate links used*!

      Tabitha Sylvia

        Please do a try on haul with everything you bought! I'd love to see how everything looked on

        Tiyasa Rajak

          Plz do a try on haul with this stuff

          Azin Sunny

            I enjoyed a LOT shopping with you girly <3

            Natalia Pessoa

              You can use shoptagr easily on your phone too.

              SOFIA MARIN

                Very nice idea! What I would have loved even more was a from bag to the door, you showing as well the items and what you kept!

                Eva Drew

                  Where’s your bed from ???

                  Sally Reed

                    PLEASE do a haul of it all🤩🤩

                    Andrea JB

                      Her whole house every background on her videos is way too pink, even what she wears is all the same color it's so boring. The way she speaks and behaves reminds me of an uptight posh english girly girl from some movie lol

                      annie leonard

                        please do some more 'shop with me' videos !!!!

                        Nyari Chabata

                          Pls do a part two try on

                          smita srivastava

                            Make a vlog Maldives

                            smita srivastava

                              Workout routine pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

                              smita srivastava

                                Been waiting for this since days! Loved it! You 💖💞💗❤💝💟😘


                                  “You can’t put a price on style” 10 seconds later “that’s really cute but it’s £200 so I think not” 😂


                                    I didn’t realize how helpful clicking on this video would be lol

                                    Chanelle Toma

                                      Please do a room tour! Love you Freddy your my biggest inspiration ILYSM❤️💗💖💕xoxo

                                      Dian Dilruba

                                        PLEASE WRITE, OR MAKE VIDEO OF
                                        BRAND, ONLINE SHOP RECOMMENDATION
                                        IN THIS VIDEO JUST ASOS

                                        Mamta Singh

                                          Ted Baker haul pls

                                          jack harrington

                                            Hi Freddy your beautiful 😍💜👍💗😎💋🏆💝😊.

                                            Rebecca Crash

                                              You shouldn't have to justify how much you spend. Like you said, it is your money. I think my favorite thing was the polka dot bikini. I don't wear bikinis, but if I did I would definitely want that one.

                                              Kyla Ball

                                                Been waiting for this for so long! Thank you <3

                                                Elizabeth Ivey

                                                  Well it’s time for me to go shopping!

                                                  Rachel Shannon Newsom

                                                    Where did you get that top


                                                      omg omg omg freddy is coming to maldives AND I AM FROM MALDIVESS😭😭😭❤❤❤freddy can you please tell which resort your staying in

                                                      Angelika Cotejo

                                                        Can’t wait for a try-on haul 💓💓💓

                                                        Debadrita Banik

                                                          Yess! I follow you on Pinterest and saw all the beautiful outfits you were saving! 😊


                                                            Freddy I love your idea of clothing and the outfits but some are expensive :/ Maybe you can do a video on similar pieces that are a little cheaper.


                                                              this was so fun to watch!!!!!!!

                                                              Tahlia Dunne

                                                                This is like over $800 in Australia ahaha💕


                                                                  I think im the only one who still use we heart It for outfit inspo Lol


                                                                    "And now… we scroll." 😂💯😍That filtered feeling! 💕

                                                                    Amir Banu

                                                                      you are super cool


                                                                        I actually really enjoyed seeing your shopping process! Could you make more of these kinds of online shop with me videos please? 🙂

                                                                        Athhraa Kamil

                                                                          Please do a fashion nova haull

                                                                          Olivia Hancock

                                                                            The crazy in Freddy’s eyes when she says “let’s got shopping”

                                                                            Cool Llama

                                                                              "Like me for example..hopefully," – Freddy My Love 2k19


                                                                                ugh love youuu! looking forward to a room tour!!!

                                                                                terasa harwood

                                                                                  Love this video, please do a pack with with me. ❤❤❤❤❤

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