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      Confetti Acrylic Inlay Nails

      Suzie uses Confetti ‘Dots’ to create a fun Party-themed Acrylic Inlay! In this video she also compares Polish Secured vs the Acrylic Inlay. View Suzie’s New Free …


        Cameraman: -It's party time!!!
        Me: hell yeah.

        Anastasia Purr

          Please do a video about poly gel incapsulation (inlay) as I only do it on my nails


            love confetti inlays……inlays of all types really!

            Martha Stemmen

              I love your videos and both of you. If I was you I would've been painting my thumb nail with the baby blue like the pinky, love and blessings to both 😍💅🙏

              Jacquie T

                That green is so pretty??? I love the confetti. It's just so fun and bright and summery.

                Also reeaaaally appreciate that the music credits are in the description box with timestamps! So useful!

                Jessica Wilson

                  Hey Suzie, I’m just wondering (theoretically speaking – I won’t be doing this because I’m getting tired just watching 😂) if a layer of clear uncured gel to adhere the confetti stuff would work and then acrylic again on top would work? Or can you cane issues layering gel and acrylic together?

                  Melissa Shaw

                    Could you have partially set the acrylic before you covered the sparkles?

                    Kalesha Bastion

                      I always dream of having nails like this!
                      I would love to see a video of Camera man giving his top 5 nail designs and you pick one to top! I always love Camera mans input.

                      Crystal Herrin

                        I would like my husband to give his honest opinion. Means he is really looking! You two are adorable! You give hope!

                        Wyatt Atwell

                          I want to friends with Suzie so badly!


                            Superrrr preettttyy nails!

                            Kaz B

                              Hnngngg when the top coat goes on

                              Fun with Nuba

                                Pls do a vintage nail using only 90s or 80s equipments

                                Shelley Fisher

                                  Gorgeous !!!! 😍😘💅❤

                                  Pet N Play Luxury Resort

                                    For quality work you gotta take your time so I agree with her about the inlay being so much nicer.


                                      Cameraman you're an artist in a whole different way. You edit the videos and stuff, right?? 5 star job. You guys are a powerhouse <3

                                      Autumn Moore

                                        is anyone else getting 80's vibes?

                                        Brenda Reptke

                                          Ohhhhhhh these are absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you for doing these videos for us all hon. You are such a sweet soul and I know I'm not the only one who appreciates all that you & cameraman do for us 😊💗

                                          Erika Corsino

                                            Do you still sell your kit?

                                            Erika Corsino

                                              Do you still sell your kit?

                                              Erika Corsino

                                                Do you still sell your kit?

                                                Manfred Fails

                                                  Seeing these makes me think of the Christmas story 🤷‍♀️ you might poke your eye out.

                                                  Jenn Glow


                                                    Nanci Ramirez

                                                      You're so adorable Susie, I enjoy watching your videos. And that ring is everything! 😍 great work cameraman! 👍🏼

                                                      Sognia Speranza

                                                        Do half half on the thumb

                                                        Sognia Speranza

                                                          No the blue

                                                          Leticia Carrigan

                                                            Those are pretty😍😍😍

                                                            Mads D

                                                              Hey Suzie! I’ve been watching for over a year now and you inspired me to start doing my own nails! My question is, I tend to have air bubbles in my gel top coat, no matter what I do, I do have a kit that I use for myself and my clients, but I always make sure to sit the bottles upright, but I still end up with little bubbles, what could that be from? Thanks again!

                                                              Nicole Smith

                                                                Can U use glitter or confetti from an arts and crafts store like Michaels for the design?

                                                                Jenn W

                                                                  Wow I've never seen you with shorties like that!!

                                                                  Mary Rasberry

                                                                    I see a “Suzie” brush. Looking forward to your next kit.

                                                                    Amanda IsAwesome

                                                                      Yes!!!! please do a video on pinching!!!!

                                                                      Michael Agilm94

                                                                        You should try using gel to move around the glitter with gel topcoat and hardgel to encapsulate

                                                                        Lori Bain

                                                                          Gorgeous confetti nails! BTW, I tried a chocolate brown color on my nails a few years ago, and my boyfriend hated the color. He said I had "poop nails." We're no longer dating. (Not really because of the nail color issue, though.)

                                                                          Gosh Glammit!

                                                                            Oh my goshhh these nails are GORGEOUS

                                                                            Michelle Pimm

                                                                              Does your brush say Suzie eeeeeeek I want one ☝️💕💕

                                                                              Jenn W

                                                                                The studio is christened with a toss!!!

                                                                                Dani Morris

                                                                                  those reveal shots don't do them justice! the way they sparkle and shine when you move is stunning! 😍

                                                                                  Troy MF Simmons

                                                                                    Can you please do a video about nail thickness? I think it can be hard sometimes justifying how think you want nails when your sculpting them

                                                                                    Zed Studmufs

                                                                                      I seen one of your older videos when you were talking about losing the lids causing confusion over what color was inside. A neat trick would maybe be to file the lid the slightest bit and apply a bead to it so you remember the color

                                                                                      Amazing J

                                                                                        . 💛🧡💜❤💚💙
                                                                                        Love, Love, Love!
                                                                                        I am not a Fan of Green Nail Polish, but That Green is Absolutely Beautiful with the Nail Design You created.

                                                                                        Tashiann Morant

                                                                                          This was soooooo stinking cute!!
                                                                                          My 11yr old daughter loves them.
                                                                                          I love your videos, I'll watch whatever you post and it's very informative…
                                                                                          P.S Thank you for making the kit available to everyone… I've been wanting to start learning, but the products that are available to me just won't do it.. I've wasted enough money. Time to start saving so when you make it available I'll have something great to work with. 😊

                                                                                          Raquel Rovira Ramos

                                                                                            When are u going to bring back a starter kit

                                                                                            Muun Beau

                                                                                              I don't hear camera man as much, i miss him, wat happened

                                                                                              Littlebit Lauren

                                                                                                How do you handle a client who requests add-on services DURING their appointment, such as nail art, when they haven't been booked for any additional time.

                                                                                                Jerri Shannon

                                                                                                  My husband chooses the shape and color when we go. I always ask him. I just like getting my nails done ☺.

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