DECEMBER BOXYCHARM UNBOXING | 2019 (Try On – First Impressions)

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      DECEMBER BOXYCHARM UNBOXING | 2019 (Try On - First Impressions)

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Watch me test out December’s BOXYSHERM!!!!! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! …


        Ok. When am I gonna stop drinking SO MUCH coffee before filming?!?!?!?!?!?!! I sound insane lolol. Happy Friday everyone ! Xoxo

        Jenn C

          I just want to, know did everyone receive that brow bar ? Because that’s something I’m not hoping to get lol

          Angelica Lovinia

            I love your hair kathleen !!

            Lissette Martinez

              Battle of the boxes sounds fun. Except if I'm not mistaken boxyluxe ( the biggest box) comes out every 3 months. Boxy premium (the like… 2.0) is an upgrade. I think available every month 🤔 anywho! You have also heard of aesthetics, boxy sent us aesthetics brushes this year.

              shayla i

                yes battle of the boxy charm boxes!!!

                Nancy Moran

                  I would love to see a battle of the boxes, but the next time that a boxyluxe is coming is in 3 months. Boxyluxe happens to every 3 months, and Boxycharm and BoxyPremium come every month. You have to have an active boxycharm subscription to be able to get boxypremium, you can’t get it without the charm subscription. If you like the skin care aspect then I would subscribe to BoxyLuxe, that’s where I get the majority of my skincare from subscription boxes.

                  vi k

                    But why was your hair bad? I love your rulos!
                    Confused 😶

                    Giang Kiều Hương



                        I absolutely love the eye look, and definitely don’t think the lower lash line is too dark.

                        Ayden Grey

                          yes! compare the boxes pleaseee

                          shar k

                            Kathleen loves alamar cosmetics

                            Threvi Vacal

                              Glad to see that Storybook Cosmetics is finally on BoxyCharm. Wow!!!

                              Kelly is here.

                                I got the same products except instead of brush cleaner I got a lip scrub. Curious if anybody else finds the moisturizer to be really tacky or if that’s just me 🤷🏼‍♀️


                                  Love you Kathleen! …but the blue tape…😂 when is it going to leave the wall?! Also you look cute with your hair in a high bun 😘

                                  nicola offert

                                    Kathleen your videos are always so upbeat and cheerful. I really love them ! 😘😘


                                      Yesss!! Please do a battle of the boxy charms! That would be amazing and so original content!!

                                      BEAUTY WITH HEYDI

                                        No love you on coffee and I passed on this months box

                                        Jocelyn Mendoza

                                          Can someone edit a bald version of Kathleen? 😂

                                          Gigi McGuane

                                            Oh my god. Settle down. As far as the make up is concerned, too much colour.

                                            Hillary J W.

                                              Yes! Film battle of the boxes and apply each both to your face so it's not such a short video!


                                                Thank you for sharing this with us!! Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!! ❤

                                                Mae Angelique Regala

                                                  please do the boxy charm comparisons 💕💕💕

                                                  Delicia Ballesa

                                                    Yes!!! I would love to see a BATTLE OF THE BOXES lol All dramatic 😂 Love you Kathleen ❤️

                                                    C L

                                                      Those eeearringsss❤️
                                                      thank you for always putting jewel brands in info box


                                                        13:22 those strands of hair are driving me CRAZY lmao

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