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      Decorating My House for Christmas!

      Read my garlands blog post here: AD: not paid-for or sponsored. Contains some …

      Jane Mackrell

        I can't stop thinking about nut crackers this year (as decorations);)

        Gwen Massey

          Balsam Hill. We bought a 5 foot Vancouver Spruce this year including lights. It comes really well packed, in two pieces. I found it slightly disappointing to set up, maybe my expectations were too high, but after having a 7 foot artificial tree for 36 years, which no one believed was artificial, I reached an age whereby I felt two days to put up and decorate a tree was too much trouble. So, I would recommend the Balsam Hill company but feel if you are arty farty you can make them look like a professional has done the decoration. I will have to try harder next year!!!! 💐💐

          Sooz W

            As lovely as real trees are, I was sick and tired of all the mess so I went back to my trusted artificial tree and it is so much easier and no disposal problems 🌲🌲🎄🌲🌲


              I’m a huge fan of the permanent trees. I assume you mean Balsam Hill. They have a gorgeous selection and so realistic! Some of the reasons I prefer permanent trees are… you don’t have to kill a tree, they last for decades if handled and stored properly, they are much more cost effective over time, they are soooo much easier to decorate because you can bend and adjust each twig on every branch, they aren’t as painful to touch (although I wear gloves when floofing the branches to save my nails and hands), you don’t have to stand on your head or crawl on the floor to water them or clean up their needles everyday, they aren’t as big of a fire hazard, some come pre-lit (and let’s face it, that alone is enough reason for most people’s sanity)!!!

              Plus, I get a live wreath that I mist daily to give me that fresh pine scent and it’s a lot less mess and maintenance! I also think some of todays pine air fragrances are better than in the past, so that’s another option. Some of the pine-scents of the past reminded me of public bathroom deodorizers, and that wasn’t exactly the festive vibe I was after and why I went with the live wreath option and love it still.

              Another thought, why can’t you incorporate both? I have Christmas trees of various types and sizes (permanent pine, glass, metal, silk, wax, resin, etc.) around the house, so every room feels festive! Do whatever works for you and your family.

              Kimberly Klein

                I was a live tree only person;hate all fake everything however, I changed my mind in the tree. Wayyyy to many trees cut and dumped its horrible and fake is one less real one bought which will effect how many trees they order next year and so on so there is a possible tree saving going on. Yes plastic is bad but I just don’t want to add to killing trees.


                  I see cat, I click. More please!!!

                  Teresa Mesa

                    Oooooo I like the red one from Sainsbury…


                      I’m most intrigued by the huge Superman photo on the wall. I prefer real trees. Not a fan of fake.


                        I like the garland. It really adds to the beauty of a room at Christmas. I have lighted garland on my windows in my kitchen. I always bought a real tree until a couple of years ago. I miss having a real tree.

                        Carla P

                          We have always had a real tree until this year!! We bought ours from frontgate and I LOVE it. I don’t miss the daily crawling under the tree, cursing and watering and the needles going everywhere! Best decision in quite sometime… now if I could only fake the shopping, wrapping etc. that would be excellent.

                          Diane Milligan

                            I prefer the faux because I like to have the tree up all of December and the real tree starts looking droopy and sad by Christmas as it drys out – poor sad tree )-:

                            Diane Milligan

                              Love them all – and your fire places are beautiful!

                              anna bell

                                I used to be in a real tree camp, but felt conflcted about killing a tree every Christmas. So after I developed allergies I bought a very good quality fake Serbian spruce from JL ( Balsam hill was just a bit too expensive and not much more realistic imo). I bought it unlit because lights breaking would annoy me, and I plan to have it for many many years. Bonus is that I can have it up all December and January too 😁

                                Mummy Baby Blog

                                  I’ve got a balsam hill Norwegian fir highly recommended! I put a vid on my channel recently of me assembling it. Your house is beautiful x

                                  dan darth

                                    Grandomania. Big tree, big house, big, big. How i love these kind of people. Not.

                                    Katie Metcalfe

                                      It looks beautiful Ruth. Thanks for sharing. I love a garland along a bed headboard. So pretty.

                                      Fiona Frazer

                                        Having had a real tree for 40+ years, when we moved into our Condo we were forced into a fake one as the real ones are considered a fire hazard. Didn't like the idea, but soon changed my mind once I saw how lovely it looked! We have pets, so no worries with them tipping over a tree, drinking the water, etc. etc.

                                        Fiona Frazer

                                          Balsam Hill Trees are fabulous, (my grandsons call them recycle trees) – will last years and years, look so good, and you won't be vacuuming pine needles for months nor fighting with lights (they come prelit).. You can get (at least here in the US) pine tree scented baubles that you can hang on the tree to fake the smell!

                                          Sue Davis

                                            lovely garlands… I’d go out and pick a few evergreen fronds to add to the berries

                                            Margarita Kazakova

                                              I always go for the real tree. I think in general, when you have little kids, having a real Christmas tree is important because you want them to have that experience of smell and cosiness of a real tree. When they grow up, the smell will always bring back those childhood memories. And I know you can buy sticks with similar smell, but it is just not the same.

                                              Elizabethann Ferrario

                                                I love them Ruth !


                                                  You talking about nutcrackers which you didn't get and then seeing nutcrackers a second later on your fireplace but you talking about garlands really flashed me 🤣

                                                  samantha evans

                                                    faux fur tree anyday and then you buy these hanging sticks from amazon which make the tree n room etc smell of a real tree ?

                                                    Inha Fowler

                                                      Balsam Hill trees. 😊 I've got one and it's beautiful. X

                                                      Jodie Brown

                                                        Most women ‘work work work then it’s Xmas’ that’s life!

                                                        Jennifer Southin

                                                          Real all the way , no contest.

                                                          Jane Burkhart

                                                            Your house looks lovely! We do an artificial tree so that we can put it up early, and also real trees are quite expensive even though we live in 'The Pine Tree State' (Maine, USA). We have done a small real tree in our family room a time or two and still have the large artificial tree in our formal sitting room. I buy a lot of pine scented candles!

                                                            Natalia D



                                                                With a home like this do you even need to decorate 😍


                                                                  Real trees.


                                                                    Omg I love their homeware is so beautiful 😍

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