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      DIY Fix Your Broken Nail Fast

      Your Nail Salon is closed, and you broke a nail. Suzie demonstrates how to fix the nail quickly and easily. Suzie’s New Clean Acrylic Starter Kit, Premium Quality …

      Kelzey p

        Hey Suzie. Newly subscriber, really enjoy watching yr videos. You really know how to show people and explain alot. So inspiring to watch you. I do have a question, in regards to hybrid/polygel for a full covered tip. Can any full covered tip be used with hybrid gel or does it need to be a soft shelled full covered tip. I did leave a comment on one of the videos you did in regards to it. Look forward to seeing a reply back about it. Thank you. Stay safe and well. 💟 from nz

        Jessica Oxley

          I know this does not pertain to this video .. but, my nails are naturally curved they grow straight out without the bend down.. I can not wear any type of false nails with out being in pain in the tips of my fingers.. I tried the gel polish nails it hurt for one day, lasted about one week till I had to have my fill-in done did the fill-in and again lasted about a week till I had to do it again … So I just had them take it off .. now two years later my pinky and ring finger on both my hands the nail bed is receding and the skin under the nail just flakes off and peels … Can you please help me to solve said problem.. I have took a oral fungus med for it and nothing … Still there .. ???


            I've had bad breaks but I'm still cringing when seeing others'

            T B

              That was a real crack… 😳

              Barbara Williams

                Hi Suzie! I love your videos. I've been looking into purchasing better brushes for my nail art and did some research on the Kolinsky brushes. I noticed Max Estrada said he didn't know what the kolinsky brush type meant in one of your videos. I didn't either so I did a lot of web reading! It seems at some point both Canada and the US actually banned Kolinsky fur brushes. Do you have any suggestions for other types of brushes that will work just as well for acrylic nail creation? This website (and others) suggested a few, but I thought you may have a preference. The Koilinsky is currently at the Least Concern level on the Endangered Species list as they are doing well in Siberia, but they are difficult to maintain in captivity. Thanks for your help!!

                Sparkled by Nina

                  Omg!!! When Suzie bends the broken nail!!! So CRINGEY!!! 😵This just literally happend to me a few days ago. I got my acrylic thumb nail crack all the way to the nail bed. 🥶

                  Ruby Playz Pro

                    Does it come in the kiss nail set?

                    Ruby Playz Pro

                      I LUV HER VIDS SO MICH THEY HELP ME. No one takes me serious bc I'm young but I'm starting at a young age to get good at a young age

                      Al C

                        Hey love your videos! Didn’t you have one on how to make the nail stencil yourself? I can’t find it.

                        Margaret Fite

                          What kind of cotton pads do you use I’ve always noticed them they don’t look like they have fibers like cotton. Are use paper towels for everything because I just can’t stand cotton balls but yours look good.


                            Mine did that the other day except mine did snap my natural nail and omg it hurt so I did something I never wanted to do. After 2 years of nice acrylic nails I just cut them off .Now I have little nubs for nails i hate it but we still have at least 3 weeks maybe more before salons will reopen and my nails were at 5 weeks of grow out already I just couldn't deal with it any more.i just cut the tips and left the nail bed area alone.

                            Sara Neece

                              Could you do a video and wear test on nail guards with polygel? You know those stickers that you put on your natural nail? I like polygel but it wrecks my nails and wondering if these would work for polygel to stay on for at least a week, maybe 2? Thanks!!


                                I pulled out my old efile and found I needed to buy a new one. I bought the MelodySusie, I think the Scarlet?? It was the machine they sent you after you did the multiple machine reviews, showing you the better model, and you did the entire vid on that machine. I turned it on and it was like I never put it away a long time ago. Now to re-acquaint myself with the acrylic. I am really happy with the new machine. Thank you for sharing it with us. Im happy to find my skills have not totally vanished.
                                I hope you, Cameraman and your family are staying safe. ❤️❤️ from Toronto. If I ever get to your area, After covid is over, me & my friend will take your courses. I will definitely have to book an appointment for a mani pedi as well ☺️
                                Stay safe ❤️

                                Tiffany Lee


                                  Monica Andrada

                                    That just happened to me yesterday, cleaning. It hurt so bad and bleed a lot. I am letting it heal before I even try to do anything on it. My pinky looks like a really bad nail biter… half nail half bare skin. Ouch!!

                                    Sheryl Newman

                                      You may have already considered or done this but doing a video on fresh short nail and showing how to do the powder/dip process and then in three weeks show us how to fill it in. Or do trash short nails and add polygel. Then in three weeks so us how to do a full. No tips added to either process. Probably these would be for newbies idk. But I would like to see it done with both systems.

                                      Almaz D

                                        I'm so glad your break didn't hurt! I hate when it gets to the skin 😰
                                        Do you have any tips for trying to keep natural nail length while your overlay is growing out/seperating/chipping off? I've been using my gel polish to hold it all together, but I know it'll get uncomfortable soon 😫

                                        Skinny Legend

                                          I would sell my soul for you to do my nails

                                          Shirley Bautista

                                            Hi Suzie! I love your channel!! I was watching this morning, got a call and now I can’t find it. You were with another person wearing Mickey Mouse ears and a Gucci sweatshirt. You had press on nails (not really) but I overheard they were made of acrylic and not plastic which really sounded cool. Can I please ask for the link to that video? Thank you!!

                                            Kaitlyn Adrien

                                              Thank you for helping us during quarentine! Why can you glue a broken nail but not lifting nails?


                                                One time I broke my nail and the sight of it made me faint. Now I keep my nails short because I have this weird broken nail phobia 😂

                                                Floridaaa girl

                                                  Goes against all youve ever taught me😩😂😂😂😂 hey emergency calls LOL

                                                  NELIDA SOTELO

                                                    Thank you

                                                    Handsolo Crys

                                                      This video is a week too late for my poor set😭

                                                      Beth Peterson

                                                        I kept my nails short. No nail polish on them.

                                                        Jennifer Trott

                                                          I love Suzie's videos but the thumbnail on this one was definitely cringe worthy.. 😬

                                                          Morgue Anne

                                                            I have an entire nail that is just hanging by a little bit of flesh. I've tried gluing it down twice, once with super glue and once with a gorilla glue brand epoxy, both times it only lasts about a day before it pops off. Suggestions? I can't rip it off without it being extremely painful


                                                              I want to start a nail carrier aside from college, I want to start on my own nails to practice, But I am not sure what type of brushes or other essentials to by to form the nail etc. could someone give me advise please?
                                                              thank you:)

                                                              Amanda Harker

                                                                I agree with Cameraman, that looked so painful. I'm glad it wasn't 🙂
                                                                How do I fix a natural nail that has split under a gel overlay? I'm not even sure how it happened but the corner of my thumbnail has split but the gel on top is fine. There was no crack/split when I put the gel on either.


                                                                  Ok who else was mentally saying OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH 😀

                                                                  Carmella White

                                                                    I absolutely love watching your channel I was wondering have you every did a review on acryl gel from wish

                                                                    Mo Mak

                                                                      Hahahaha ur sooo funny

                                                                      Teresa Romero

                                                                        Hi how do I buy a Electric nail file

                                                                        Light Elegance Nail Products

                                                                          Great video, Suzie!


                                                                            This was really helpful. I always get waaaay too much glue and end up having it all over underneath my nail and all around it because the glue goes everywhere. Thank you for posting. 👍😊


                                                                              What about bacteria? If you just put glue into the crack without disinfecting it first, you will trap bacteria inside or not? 🤔

                                                                              Katherine Schwarze

                                                                                This is the video I’ve been waiting for! Thank you!!!

                                                                                Helena S

                                                                                  Me: watching nail videos
                                                                                  Also me: both hands are paralysed


                                                                                    Please watch mia maples nail video!!


                                                                                      Aaaah just the thumbnail for the video gave me the willies


                                                                                        I agree with the camera man, I cringe too.


                                                                                          It is soooooo fffing painful to watch

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