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      DIY Healthy & Natural Nail Care // NO HARSH TOOLS!

      Grow your nails fast with this DIY healthy and natural nail care routine at home! ❤ SUBSCRIBE to CutePolish so you never miss a nail tutorial!

      memyself&i Keke

        Sorry but I fall in love with your hand,👍❤

        souka nails

          Great care routine


            "no harsh tools" .. then uses a METALIC cuticle remover xD

            Ashley Nebel

              Natural? Hmmm….

              Chanel Powell

                The cuticle is he sticky part all over the nail!? Mind blown.

                NattieMaddie Luv

                  My nails split and break on the side all the time, how can i help that? I use gel and dip to avoid it but they are getting too weak!

                  anthony fam

                    This was so informative I love the way you talk through each step!!! 💕



                      Chris Foreman

                        What file are you using please?

                        Mia Muñeca

                          I arrived so early I love your videos and I’m a big fan 🥰

                          T B

                            Beautiful my problem is I wash my hands to often… 😕

                            Creative Apurva Jain

                              Cutepolish be the best 👍👌👌👌

                              Tahreem Sadaf Rehman


                                Riley’s how to’s

                                  Amazing video!! 149th like 18th comment.

                                  AaruShi Kapoor

                                    wow cutepolish…its such a great video and a simple nail care routine😁i will surely practice that😍i love yaa girls💓(cutepolish)

                                    Gloria D’Souza

                                      Omg I can't believe I'm so early 😆


                                        Very lovely end result 🙂

                                        Manpreet Kaur


                                          Nellie Ann

                                            Who's here before 1 million views? 😂


                                              You mentioned two shades that you wear today. But which one is on the thumb nail?💅

                                              jacqueline caldwell

                                                Love the clean look soft and lovely!

                                                Nellie Ann

                                                  Hope you have a great day 💞💓💕♥💜💚💚💛❤💯💗💟

                                                  michaela rose

                                                    THIS IS HOW MANY PPL LOVE CUTEPOLISH
                                                    👇🏼 (im a just a youtuber tryna make some friends 💛)

                                                    Gil partin

                                                      i love your videos so much!! keep being amazing at nail art and putting effort into this channel! love you guys!

                                                      Gil partin

                                                        love this 😍😍

                                                        Rainbow slimes


                                                          Reiny Ranasinghe

                                                            I love this routine.

                                                            Mukesh Jadhav

                                                              First view first like fist comment…

                                                              K.Shalini Rao


                                                                Savage Granny’s Klawz

                                                                  hello i didnt get 1st lol! tyfs

                                                                  Hajar Bouhlal

                                                                    Hi 💕 I'm too early



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