DIY Hybrid Gel and Dual Forms to Build Pro Looking Nails!

Main DIY Hybrid Gel and Dual Forms to Build Pro Looking Nails!

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    Nail Career Education
      PolyGel/Gershion Dual Forms GOTH Nails👻

      Suzie uses Gershion Hybrid Gel and Dual Forms/Pop-its to build a set of Nails, which she then takes to a new level by Reshaping and Decorates into a …

      Nail Career Education

        If you are interested in purchasing the Gershion Polygel Kit 180ml, this kit is available at Amazon:

        de dyn

          tragic shape

          Jakob Peter Raahauge

            Yeay!! 😃
            Tisha is finally back 🎉 I hope it wont take too long b4 we see Tisha❤️ again! 🤞

            tumblrr Girlss

              What nail lamp is suzie using? What’s the strength of the lamp im a beginner and have no experience x

              Erin Pierides

                It's best to take your time with this type of gel as it's a bit tricky to get it right time should be the key

                Erin Pierides

                  It looks easy but I guess it takes practice as a beginner

                  Jessica McCleery

                    Dang Susie Great job!!!!


                      Can you show how you would do a Mehdi Petty on the feet?


                        Put clothes on…


                          Can I just say that every time your magazine comes out I'm floored by the photography? You and Cameraman have the best eyes. Just incredible. Excellent issue!


                            Doing the opposite hand for me is a pain but somehow it works better for me then working on my self with my dominant hand dont know why maybe you have an answer Suzie?


                              I get a bit nervous with these Chinese products, just too many toxic things coming out of there. I'd always thought we had better protection from toxic products in North America (like the "bursting" gel remover😮). It's so hard to tell with Amazon now.
                              *Thank you for being so honest about the struggles!

                              Kevyn Baez

                                I need to know what was used on the thumb!! 😍

                                Nina Xeon

                                  I loved that ring 😍 would love to know where to get something like that

                                  Inna Day

                                    Wow that beyonce 4 2011 run the world girls

                                    Fatima ArshadAnaya

                                      Hi Suzie, one question, Can you use the same popit plastic nails again to create more poly gel nails?


                                        that models teeth are extremely white! love this set with medieval finger claw ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        Holly Field

                                          I love that even if it is a sponsored video, Suzie still addresses certain difficulties with the product without sugarcoating it! This is why I trust her opinion so much!

                                          Patricia Gallacher

                                            Once you remove the dual forms it's underneath that is sticky not the top,you did amazing on them and gorgeous nails. When I remove the dual forms l squeeze the little sticky out bits and wiggle it l find that easier.

                                            Melinda Lipsey

                                              Gorgeous nails!!! I don't know if you watch DeniseJohn65, but she did a video where she used the dual forms to build a tip, then used the polygel and built the rest of her nail free hand, as you would acrylic.

                                              char russell

                                                kersty did a video a while back with the poppits where she tried putting a tip on first, it made a world of difference a far as the mess under the nail from the gel squishing forward. probably added a bit of strength as well, they seem a bit flimsy to me

                                                Sue Webster

                                                  This reminds me of the old days using clear form. I will have to try this system


                                                    If u let them cool down a bit 1st it's easier to pop them off

                                                    Mary Alday

                                                      I did not know you would paint over the polygel! Thanks for the tips Susie! You are so awesome!

                                                      Amanda Harker

                                                        That design is so cool! It makes me think of dragons instantly.
                                                        How would you get a coffin-shaped nail from the dual forms?

                                                        Cheryl Campbell

                                                          I do love the hybrid gel (I use happy gel by Max Estrada) it’s helped me a lot when I have to do my opposite hand. The right hand I use acrylic. By using the hybrid gel, it’s helped me with my sculpting and I get better and better. Suzie thanks so much for your help…your videos are amazing and Cameraman’s ability to get up close and at different angles is top notch!
                                                          It doesn’t matter how many times I watch your videos, I always pick up something new.
                                                          I have to ask you Suzie: can you please let us know what colour you’re wearing on your opposite hand in future videos please?
                                                          Since Halloween 🎃 is right around the corner, will you be having Grant come in and paint more pumpkins? It was hilarious 🤣 You guys kill me every time you get together 👻

                                                          Fabulous Rozy

                                                            Hi Suzie. Nicely done as always
                                                            Would like to purchase lamp, so I wish to ask, which lamp did you use in this video? Or which quality and inexpensive UV/LED lamp would you recommend to me?

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