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    Cute Girls Hairstyles

      DIY NO-HEAT Waves | Fab or Fail Hairstyles

      You guys asked for it, so this week I am following up on my previous #CGHHeatlessWaves Fab or Fail review with a DIY version of the wave makers! I tried them …

      Cute Girls Hairstyles

        How many of you would try these No-Heat Wave Makers in your hair??? ❤️'s -Mindy


          Looks frizzy

          AVRIL’S LIFE

            That end result would look great on Brooklyn or Bailey ❤️❤️😄

            Kids Hobby Lobby

              Absolutely beautiful! Awesome job! Love how the curls come out.

              Devine Tate


                Lilly Mantes

                  They look so funny when you have them on your hair

                  GamingwithIzo AJ

                    My natural n’ait literally looks like that already, I don’t know why I’m here. 😂😂


                      I saw this tool for heatless straight hair? Could you please review it?


                        I really wanna try this but I have no one to help me with this 😫

                        Jackie Twyford

                          Can you do a video explaining hair textures? And maybe include info on how your hair texture might change as you age? I used to have poker straight hair. But now I am thirty and apparently changes in my hormones have made my hair more curly!?

                          Shohina Mizrobova

                            Her: 20 inch long
                            Me: staring at my 35 inch long hair well there goes that idea.

                            Ara K

                              This is a lot of work for something that a couple braids could do?!

                              Jos.huynh 1234

                                i was wondering how long do the waves last? ❤️ love y'all

                                Sister Approved

                                  These are super cool, I want to try them💕💕💕

                                  Amanda Olsen

                                    It is quite the look when you have them all in your hair

                                    Becky C

                                      I have naturally curly hair and been trying to find a way to actually curl it because using curling iron doesn't work for me lol

                                      Valerie Shaw

                                        How long did the waves last in your hair and paisleys hair?

                                        Nicole Santandrea

                                          Hey mindy I just wanted to tell you it’s turn out good on your hair

                                          Hannah Munro

                                            Does this remind anyone else of those
                                            lalaloopsy dolls?

                                            Brianne Bennett

                                              How many hooks does it come with per pack? I noticed you had a few

                                              Anahid Trejo

                                                I love how the curls turned out❤️❤️

                                                Btw am also a small youtuber if your interested 🙃

                                                Rebecca Torresan

                                                  How long did they stay in paisleys hair

                                                  Student Noor Cheema

                                                    Can u re use them
                                                    By the way subscribe to student noor Cheema

                                                    Lyra Kapadia

                                                      It would mean the world if you responded – <3⃣

                                                      Carly Czoper

                                                        My hair is either type 1B or 1C

                                                        Karla Chavez


                                                          Lulu’s Life

                                                            The end result is almost my natural texture. Mine has a little more randomness and random curls in it.

                                                            Martha Perez

                                                              Love it love it love it! It looks so cute 🥰. Now I want it 😅

                                                              Dipexa Patel

                                                                Love it ❤️ gonna try on my straight hair

                                                                Rose A

                                                                  next time you start video don’t show the finish results 😭😭😭 pleaseeee

                                                                  Samantha Petit

                                                                    Had Bailey tried them? I have shorter hair like hers so I am wondering if it would work well with short hair? Also, how long do you leave them in for?

                                                                    Lauren Anderson

                                                                      do you think you could use bigger pieces of hair?

                                                                      Lily Michelle

                                                                        ❤️You inspired me sm to start my channel this summer! I just posted a dorm haul hopefully one day I can be as successful!

                                                                        Simran Atker

                                                                          Love watching u and ur family mindy also I had a question about the lash next door mascara, it says that it’s not available in the country I live in , Canada so I was just wondering why it says that

                                                                          Manoj M

                                                                            I loved to do them.

                                                                            Amanda Marie

                                                                              Beautiful- I have an update for you I don’t know if you remember I said I was going to see Lindsey sterling in concert the concert was last week she was amazing

                                                                              banton ward

                                                                                Paisley’s hair looked super cute!!


                                                                                  I honestly think your hair looked cuter when you did the t-shirt head flip overnight curls and that was A LOT less work than this for a similar outcome.

                                                                                  Cassie Lynn

                                                                                    If these were lined with silk on the inside it would be less frizzy for certain hair types. Or a fabric that both smoothies and soaks up excess water. ☺️

                                                                                    BRAVE HEART

                                                                                      Its better on Paisley's hair

                                                                                      Jasmine Elanor

                                                                                        am i going insane or did they not do a video with this kind of product a few months ago?? i’m pretty sure the wave formers were yellow and blue and it wasn’t the video with paisley? i’m genuinely so baffled i remember it so clearly but cannot find it anywhere

                                                                                        Noel Chacon

                                                                                          How many wave formers did you use in all? Also love you and have been watching for probably six years💕💕💕

                                                                                          Cheyenne Marie

                                                                                            What spray bottle is that? It sprays so nicely


                                                                                              She’s so adorable ❤️ aww

                                                                                              Lindsay Olinde

                                                                                                I would have to say that these fab or fail videos really help me. I have hard to style extremely thick hair and never know what to do. Thanks you guys!

                                                                                                54Roo oo

                                                                                                  4C? 2A ?? How do I know my hair type 🤔

                                                                                                  Bianco Isle Delfino

                                                                                                    Does it work on wet hair?

                                                                                                    Michelle Marie Perez

                                                                                                      Nice curls.

                                                                                                      Arina van Baaren

                                                                                                        PLEASE DO A HOUSE TOUR!!!!!

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