DIY Pedicure at Home! *feet transformation*

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      DIY Pedicure at Home! *feet transformation*

      I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty This is how I like to do my own pedicures at home! All products are listed below. Thumbs up for more …



        Go crazy 02


          Y Rivas



              Men Donot Like Long Girls Nails and Not Long Nails in the toes …Men Hate that.

              Anabela Salinas

                You have cute ass feet girl😍

                Sammy Phillps

                  Her toes gorgeous 👣

                  Jahni Arnum

                    So you think I’m ricchhh? 🤪

                    Bernadette Potenti

                      Like like like

                      shrividya vidya

                        3:01 did u tell feets

                        Leslie Carrillo

                          what moisturizer you use for your hands they look so soft !! love you btw <3.

                          Mr Humble

                            Can I please do it for you with a massage included babe

                            Kayden Davis

                              YASSS QUEEN GET INTO ITTTT AYYYYYYYYYYY

                              Deanna Everhart

                                It feels good to get your feet done. Very relaxing.


                                  You about to get mad Foot Fetish views!!! 👣👣👣👀👀👀👀

                                  King Ace

                                    I know they super ticklish

                                    King Ace

                                      The fact that she does all these is just all the more reason for them to be kissed

                                      Ricardo Varela

                                        Idk how I ended up here. But you can say she has beautifully taken and is taking care of her feet lol

                                        Shutterbug _713

                                          9:36 Careful with the lamp! Avoid the risk of melanoma!

                                          Surfside Pizza

                                            Beutiful my I know how hook her up..thank you..

                                            Christopher Huertas

                                              ima enjoy this 😉

                                              Ray Torrez

                                                I love girls with sexy toes

                                                Gaming Mario

                                                  y'know, someone, somewhere, jerked to this

                                                  T C

                                                    Are you developing bunions?

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