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      GET THE GERSHION POLYGEL NAILS KIT HERE: ❤ SUBSCRIBE to CutePolish so you never miss a nail tutorial!


        I love this kit ❤ ive done my nails 4x already super easy to work very good for first time at home do it urself

        Nicole Angelo

          Why am I so bothered by the shade name “bean red” 😂

          Lara Kutti

            Can we use without LD lite??

            Bateman Furfur

              $69.99 in Canada. Ugh, we always get ripped off.

              Brooke Medina

                I love how thin and natural you made them look! You didn't use to much polygel which is perfect!

                pratiksha palande

                  Pretty …😘😘

                  Elizabeth McEldery

                    Anytime I press the form on my nail it pops up and creates bubbles 😩 what an I doing wrong

                    Katie Petkewich

                      It looks like an incomplete manicure though

                      Sidney Rivera

                        Can you paint over these?


                          I'm so glad you don't have those disgusting pointy nails that everyone else has nowadays

                          Zoe Baér

                            It looked to me like some of the nails were thin on the tip.

                            Nabila Bhuiyan

                              Can you please please PLEASE do a video on the poly gel nails but on someone who has terribly short bitten nails? I don’t have a beautiful nail bed, and I’m curious to see how poly gel may work on short stubby non existent nail beds! I love the outcome of how the poly gel looks like!

                              Rainah Caldwell

                                I love everything except the uv light.

                                C Tran

                                  i really want to buy this kit because i think the value is amazing, but i feel like i don't like the colors as much as the makartt one 🙁 but these look great


                                    I've got a birthday coming up. My dad always gives me a $50 bill for my birthday. I already know how i'm spending it this year! 💅💅


                                      I bought this kit several months ago and I love it!! You can do fills with the poly gel as the nails grow out just in case people are wondering

                                      Jenn Glow


                                        Arauca Imalay

                                          Definitely going to try this soon, its soo cute plus a girl could save some money !!

                                          Lynette Michele

                                            These turned out beautifully!! I think this is ideal for someone that either is growing out their nails, or wants to add length, and beauty without spending a fortune to have a salon do it when we’re 101+% capable of doing just as good of a job- if not better, ourselves, like Erin! Way to go, girl!👏🏻👏🏻😘💕💕

                                            Joslyn Alls

                                              Is this healthier than acrylics?


                                                Lol this popped up on my recommendations
                                                THE IRONY

                                                my names Erin too
                                                and my gershion polygel kit comes in on Tuesday…
                                                I got it because of the reviews and also the tube sizes


                                                  Wow thats a big kit for $40!!

                                                  Creative Cheers of Fashion Laura Flohr

                                                    I think the gel is way to transparent. You van see the naturap nail through it. I think thst does not look nice if you don’t put polish on top of it


                                                      Deciding to go with polygel nails is one of the best decisions I've ever made. They're easy and so beautiful.

                                                      Pamela Gunn

                                                        Is this a soak off polygel?


                                                          Can you refill them just like acrylics or do you need to apply a new set when it grows out

                                                          Karina Gaertner



                                                              It looks good but I think it would be better by adding white towards the tip

                                                              Giuseppina Franco

                                                                Witch lap did you use for the polygel💕


                                                                  Are you normally supposed to put regular or gel nail polish on top of this? Just wondering cuz to me, it looks odd how you can see the real yellow tip of the nail under the fake pink nail. Not hating, just genuinely curious

                                                                  rajdeep kaur

                                                                    Can you please tell us what nail UV light dryer u use? mention the name n from where u bought!
                                                                    Also please do some reviews on nail UV light dryers
                                                                    Thank you.

                                                                    The Polish Queen

                                                                      Wow what a neat kit! Those nails turned out so pretty 💜💜

                                                                      Preena Patel

                                                                        I love how this video is very thoroughly explained. Also, I love you guys so much, I watched you in 2013 as a little girl and then forgot abt this channel 🙁 but now that I’ve come across it again, I’ll be sure to never forget it
                                                                        Love you guys so so much

                                                                        Nchangwi Judith

                                                                          I wish I can lay my hands on it

                                                                          Nchangwi Judith

                                                                            New youtubers 👇

                                                                            Beverly Powers

                                                                              Everyone makes it look sooo easy and they’re nails come out so nice for their first time. I’m struggling. I’ve watched so many videos and still can’t get them to come out looking good ☹️

                                                                              gtfo hxo

                                                                                I ordered this last night, I’m super excited!


                                                                                  How long do these nails last?


                                                                                    I love this just got mine let’s do this

                                                                                    Elizabeth Vallely

                                                                                      WOW that was a great video first time I hear of these nails, looks easy than the others that are around! Thank you for showing us how to use the product and sharing! Liz x

                                                                                      Lia Charlet

                                                                                        How long did it last? 😊

                                                                                        Sadia Afrose

                                                                                          Your natural nails are just PERFECT! Wow! 😍


                                                                                            How do they come off?

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