Does Jaclyn Cosmetics Deserve A Second Chance? Highlighter Collection Review

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      Does Jaclyn Cosmetics Deserve A Second Chance? Highlighter Collection Review

      HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I’m sitting down and finally trying Jaclyn Cosmetics. The controversy surrounding her first lipstick …

      Gisselley Welly

        For me it was not the fact that her make up had stuff in it, it’s that fact that she continued to sell it after seeing those pictures, hasn’t refunded all her costumers, handled it so poorly and left then came back with an excuse rather than own up to it and apologize


          You know it’s hot when Jeffree starts sweating

          Kylie Webster

            I'm from Australia the collection is going to cost too much for me. 🤔

            Andria Palmer

              Would spend my money on a Jeffree highlighter. She’s not even on my radar, and the prices seem a bit high also.

              Robbin K Ruiz

                I’m sorry is that a iridescent Star mirror???? I NEEEEDDDDD

                Beauty and Fashion with Maja

                  Oh my God babe we have the same phone I’m so happy😍😍😍😍😍😍

                  AmemerYT Memez

                    Is it just me but I wonder how many apple items jeffree owns?(sorry just a random question)


                      Looks like a huge fenty powder but with someone elses name on it


                        WHAT THAT HAIR FOUND IN MAKEUP DO🤮🤮🤮🤮😱😱😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯🤯🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

                        Julia McKenzie

                          Wish there was a comment on the mass amount of pr packaging and how unnecessary it was for a small amount of products

                          Abbey Beam

                            Do nikitas palette!

                            Samantha Wilson

                              I love you

                              TuSol 95

                                Why does everyone keep saying “second chances”? Girl, she’s on her fourth, fifth, sixth, last I checked. But I’m glad you gave an honest review, and hopefully she truly does learn from her past mistakes. Also, she needs to stay consistent and not just come around when hocking products for sale, it’s not a good look.

                                k Bells

                                  YASSS TRENDING THE HOUSE

                                  MCKENZIE KAREN HAYNES

                                    YOURE SO FUCKING ICONIC

                                    Kel Kel

                                      Anyone else see that weird orb at 9:36???

                                      Nicole Williams

                                        It's a luminous setting powder

                                        Camie Jepson

                                          are his chest tattoos faded?

                                          Oswaldo Carito

                                            12:34 just too cute xD

                                            Mel A

                                              We gunna address how her whole box looks like riri's highlight?? 😂

                                              Caroline M.

                                                Not gonna lie, the highlight palette is stunning .


                                                  Amid all the joking, theatrics and exquisite creativity, is a keen eye, very professional and razor sharp businessman with a feel for people.

                                                  Instantly Broken

                                                    Dragon really should learn to read the room

                                                    Maria Trk

                                                      I feel like I missed something… Why is Jeffree not at Tati's PR list????

                                                      Tina Chavarria

                                                        That was the most unsure jeffee star approved products…. interesting

                                                        OnHand Productions

                                                          No. Fuck Jaclyn. Next.

                                                          Christian Zero

                                                            I like pokemon sword shield

                                                            Oaxis Entertainment

                                                              Oh noooo mmmmitch! The camera did you dirty.

                                                              Claudia Bronsteijn

                                                                Jeffree you are a beautiful person

                                                                Ellie -Mae

                                                                  Why does her PR box look like a fenty highlighter

                                                                  My Avi World

                                                                    Wait, did I miss something? Jeffree is not on Tati's PR list? I'm confused. Did something happen lmaooooo


                                                                      Me: has never worn makeup or has any desire to.

                                                                      Also me: watches this purely for the tea


                                                                        Course she deserves a second chance I think sadly she forgot that we all loved her as we were all poor and she would show us how to exfoliate her bodies with bags of sugar that cost practically nothing. I was so disappointed when her lipsticks came out though and they were $20 apiece. I thought she wouldn’t do that as most of her followers don’t have that kind of money and I thought $200 for her lipsticks was quite expensive that’s more like Lancome So yes she deserves a second chance and maybe someday after this disabled veteran can get all Jeffery Starr’s enchantments of make up and system, perhaps I can start on buying hers 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. Happy Thanksgiving Jeffery and company!!! 😘muaaahhh!!!


                                                                          Did he just say SEASON FINALE?!

                                                                          Shelby Parker

                                                                            Jeffree isn’t on the PR list for Tati Beauty? Yikes. 😬

                                                                            Ilovekitkat Ilovekitkat

                                                                              Honestly I love how Jeffree gives his honest opinion on everything. I also love how his eyeshadow palette is so good- the colours are really pigmented and so easy to apply, they go on very smoothly.

                                                                              yelena xo

                                                                                This feels like a spill tea channel now😂

                                                                                Temirbek Kairgaliev

                                                                                  Во-первых ты говоришь как мальчик во-вторых jeffree Star Я русская в-третьих короче потом скажу

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