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      Doing MEGHAN TRAINOR'S Makeup! | NikkieTutorials

      Pop princess Meghan Trainor is releasing her brand new album Treat Myself today, and to celebrate Meghan came over to the studio for a fun makeup session!



        Harold Salas

          i love these two queens so much, UGH!!! 😍😭❤️

          sam :)

            You and Meghan together is everything! She is an absolute sweetheart and you are amazing! Love you both!!

            Madi Hall

              I would love to see a Make up challenge with shuffled music so for every new color or every step you have to hit shuffle on your music and do it based on the song, whether it be the beat or lyrics, even the album art.

              Diana Maglis

                I know this is totally random, but who else absolutely LOVES Meghan’s hair

                Jennifer Villa

                  Why didn’t u put lashes on her


                    Look like Ariana Grande


                      i thought kaitlin bennet hated trans people

                      Julianne Verzo

                        I love meghan’s accent❤️❤️ Love you both😭😍 You look like sisters❤️

                        soinu foig

                          I love how enthusiastic and sweet Meghan is!! I feel like she’s just a normal person, but she’s so cute and sweet!!

                          Dominique Teca

                            Meghan is not that cute, that all make-up doesn't make too much difference,🙁 but helps improve her face, and the make up matches with her clothes and hair, that's what matter..


                              Is it just me, or does Meghan kinda look like Ariana Grande in this?


                                They're so cuteeee!

                                Bloop 11

                                  Nikki barely talked. Meghan was more entertaining lol she was trying to get conversation

                                  Ally B

                                    The makeup stain on Meghan's gorgeous sweater will forever BOTHER ME. CRIES


                                      she reminds me so much of how ariana used to look before plastic surgery omg

                                      Lynn Nguyen

                                        Dude I did not realize Meghan Trainor was so cute!! Ya'll are adorable together. 😊❤️

                                        Ire Machado

                                          When I saw the nudie patootie palette I HAD to pause the video yaaaaaaasssssssss

                                          Danielle Mayor

                                            That shirt is 205


                                              Why are they both literally so beautiful

                                              Kimberly Flores

                                                Make a full makeup just using eye shadows and consider
                                                Eye makeup:eye shadows
                                                Lips:eye shadows
                                                Contour:eye shadows

                                                bangtan trap

                                                  i don't understand why everyone hates meghan trainor look how cute and pure she is

                                                  mozaik keyz

                                                    Best duo ever💙😅


                                                      I love y'all together! Hope you collab again!!


                                                        Ewwwwww. Gross.

                                                        marguerite olivia

                                                          this is currently the most adorable video on the internet

                                                          Big Los

                                                            Hey Nick Shouldn't you be a girl too if your long lost sisters

                                                            beans cheese

                                                              Everytime I think about Meghan I think about how she married that guy from spy kids

                                                              Shigeo Guts

                                                                Meghan reminds me of Sam Sparks from Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Cute girl💕

                                                                Chloe Prewitt

                                                                  I have never really seen an actual video of Meghan but I am so pleasantly surprised by her personality. She’s so sweet and fun, it felt like watching two best friends!


                                                                    Wow this is super coool 🌼🌼🌼🌼

                                                                    Tiana Morgan

                                                                      I really wish Meghan had done James Cordon right after this (with an outfit change obvi)

                                                                      Mark Kevin Cubillejo

                                                                        i love you @nikkietutorials.!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

                                                                        Tiana Morgan

                                                                          Meghan Trainor being in love with Nikkie for 15 minutes straight

                                                                          Aaliyah Alicia

                                                                            who am i getting her confused with? i thought she was a comedian??

                                                                            First name Last name

                                                                              She's sooooo cute!

                                                                              Scarlett Robinson

                                                                                BOTH OF THEM ARE SOOOO FUCKIN BEAUTIFUL OMG!!!!!!!

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