DOLLSKILL x GOOD LUCK TROLLS HAUL & TRY ON 2019!!! *i'm so confused*

Main DOLLSKILL x GOOD LUCK TROLLS HAUL & TRY ON 2019!!! *i'm so confused*

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    Pretty Pastel Please
      DOLLSKILL x GOOD LUCK TROLLS HAUL & TRY ON 2019!!! *i'm so confused*


      Frances Stewart

        *Archie having separation anxiety for 13 min straight* 😂😂

        Audrey Peralta

          holy shit alex, you look so cute in the intro ahhhhhh. my bi heart is screaming. this made my day

          Lauryn Iti

            oh my god i love archie

            Taz Clark

              Your hair looks so good in this. Shit

              Mary Darski

                The dress looks so good on you!

                Fatimah Ibrahim

                  You could probably get away with wearing the clear plastic outfit at a beach on top of a bikini?


                    The plastic set may be questionable, but you still looked great in it. Maybe it's just a little treat for Daniel?

                    Alexandra Flores

                      That dress is so cute omg i don’t care for trolls at all but i might just buy it

                      Haylee Korecky

                        Get Sam to sew in some pink fabric or white fabric into the skirt & too so it isn’t transparent!


                          Any company who’s return policy is store credit only is shit in my book 📖


                            I think the clear skirt over bike shorts would be kinda cute

                            agape R2

                              You could layer the plastic over the dress

                              Nancy Dewar

                                Or even the whole set over that dress too could work as a major look

                                Nancy Dewar

                                  That plastic top over the dress wasn’t that bad

                                  Nancy Dewar

                                    I almost was feelin the dress with the mess top if u have a mesh top without a pattern in ur stash I’d pair that up for a look


                                      I think shorts or leggings under the skirt and a strapless bra, bralette or bikini top under the top

                                      Evie Watson

                                        With the clear top you could stitch some material into the boob area then it covers any parts of that area you don’t want to see 😂😂❤️❤️

                                        Payton Foster

                                          Archie literally has an Australian accent😂

                                          Forest Elf

                                            With that clear troll set you can wear hot pink swim suit underneath

                                            Narutoismylover 22

                                              I would wear a the trolls dress with a solid color mesh top 😌 everything is so cute tho(except the clear pieces) I might have to spend some money after all

                                              Joséphine Vos

                                                The clear set maybe over biker shorts and a mesh shirt ?

                                                Luisa Velasquez

                                                    Archie is my dog’s favorite YouTuber 🥰


                                                      the clear top would be so cute without the furry bits and with some star or heart shaped pasties!

                                                      Br00k3yyy Hubbard

                                                        I just almost pissed myself laughing at that last one. You're a beautiful soul, mate.

                                                        The Lovely Mel Chan

                                                          I think you need to set some boundaries with Archie… no animal or child should be allowed to run around do whatever they want.
                                                          Love the troll dress!

                                                          Amber Levy

                                                            I love the dress with the plastic top added, it looks great on you! And I love your hair!! 😊


                                                              Archie's talking was so on point for this video?? My birds love Archie! They learned to say "wow" and "whatareyoudoing!?" from him!

                                                              Ceci Awesome One

                                                                I would wear the translucent skirt 9ver a pair of leggings maybe?

                                                                nathaly garcia

                                                                  So i recently discovered you and well I think I’ve seen every single video!! also I usually hate long ass videos but with yours like time flies omg love you and archie❤️

                                                                  laura mcintyre

                                                                    Try the clear top and skirt over a boobtube body suit

                                                                    Janine Morris

                                                                      I loved the dress, it was very pretty on you. Now…the clear set outfit….. you have a few options. 1. You could wear it around Daniel for those….special times in the bedroom. 2. Find clothes you can wear under it. and 3. Get some pink fabric and get Sam to sew the material inside of it. He can also record that for one of his videos. Which I like option 3 a lot, but that's just me.

                                                                      Megs K

                                                                        haven’t watched the whole video yet but im in love with your hair 😭😍

                                                                        Jill Harrington

                                                                          It is almost my birthday and I would love it if you shouted me out and pinned my comment!
                                                                          Like so Alex can see!

                                                                          Jessica H

                                                                            So i was literally so fricking bummed to see the stuff i wanted only came in one size which was a small.. Is this normal fie dollskill? Ive never shopped with them before and probs wont go back on the site!! Still loved the video!

                                                                            Audrey Froelich

                                                                              I ADORE your hair and makeup in this video!!! 😍😍😍


                                                                                The clothes look really cute on you. Also, I just want to give Archie all the snuggles in the world.

                                                                                Jessica H

                                                                                  That's some vibrant hairrrr!! Im digging it and the brows! You look amazing!


                                                                                    You're supposed to wear something like a simple black or white dress over the clear stuff. Or a shoulder less top under it and a skirt under as well. How do you not know this?

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