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    Wayne Goss

      Chalky? Powdery? Are these dose of colors highlighters really worth it? LINKS US UK SHOP WAYNE GOSS MAKEUP …

      Aaima Shah

        Straight to the point👏👏👏…Outstanding as Always…luv ya

        Jenn Lecher

          Wayne! You HAVE TO get your hands on their Block Party Shadows!!! You will not believe how SPECTACULAR this formula is… Their shimmer shadows are like nothing you've ever tried before. There's a reason EVERYONE was talking about the Friendcation palette Desk and Katy did with Dose of Colors and it's that eyeshadow formulation. Even if you just get the Friendcation palette to try them out, you will call in LOVE! 💋

          Fairy Cindy

            you should writte a book, I will definitly buy it if you would writte it

            Jeanne Starks

              I don't remember seeing these highlighters, but I'll definitely check them out now. I LOVE their lip glosses/liquid lips! They are so affordable, and have some really great products.
              Speaking of REALLY great products; When will your eye brush set be re-stocked on Beautylish!? I am on an email alert, but I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER! I'm dying to own them, and I'm waiting to buy the #13 fan brush, so I can purchase them all at once…I'll probably end up loving them so much, going on what my most trusted beauty influencers have said, that I'll end up owning EVERY Wayne Goss brush in existence! They absolutely RAVE about your brushes! Your brushes are the standard by which every other brush is judged…So, when!? Please! 🙏❤️

              The Merz

                Thanks Wayne! Sometimes it's hard to not want the wrong tone. They are all so pretty!!!

                J Jadot

                  Thank you ✨💯✨

                  Nickie L

                    Loved the info on the light reflect!!💄💄😁😁

                    Amy Mandeville

                      You sound like you're still sick. I hope you feel better soon! Thank you for putting out such great, short and to the point videos.

                      Lindsey Luckett

                        Love how you teach us how to work with our skin tones and what looks best on them. Also love the no nonsense, professional approach you have with your videos! Can’t believe I just discovered you!! Thanks so much!

                        Katie Cull

                          Number 2 cracks me up….. the too faced puss powder thing shoulda been NUMBeR 2!!! Love you Wayne!


                            Can’t get on board with the brand. It should be Dose of Color, not Dose of Colors.

                            Belle Lopez

                              Hot Damn! This video is the most concise how-to in choosing highlights. I bought a few highlighters that did NOT show up on my skin but great on everyone else. Danke! 👍👍

                              Carla Gonzalez

                                OMG! I am so in love with you. Come to MADRID !!! ☺️ Love your videos!!!!!


                                  I’ve hit pan on the Gold is the New Black. I always gift it. I absolutely love it!!!! I love all of their highlighters. I own almost all of them. The ones from the DesixKaty collar are amazing, as well.

                                  Anastasia Bananastasia

                                    i love ur doing reviews i will watch all of them! c:

                                    Carrie Mroczkowski

                                      Yesss! 🤩Gorgeous🤩
                                      Thanks, doll🍃🌸.

                                      Megha Aggarwal

                                        The only YouTuber I have notifications on for. ❤️

                                        Kaitlin Beste

                                          Mnnn I still think they're dry I've let go of mine

                                          Marla Robinson

                                            I usually love products from Dose of Colors.

                                            Sofia Valadez

                                              I'm still waiting for your makeup collection! When is it coming out?

                                              Samantha Pandolph

                                                Wink back to u my friend Mr Wayne Goss….❤❤


                                                  You miss a good number 2?
                                                  Eat more fibre… 😀

                                                  Love you and your work

                                                  Lisa Rene Going Gray and Freaking out about it

                                                    first one… gorgeous!! 2nd one…. gorgeous!! 3rd color… gorgeous!! 4th one…. gorgeous!!!

                                                    Shannel Williams

                                                      You’re so amazing Wayne Goss Just delicious darling. I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts and talents to us . ❤️💋🎨💄

                                                      Lori Abercrombie

                                                        That's absolutely fascinating!! Thank you!

                                                        Tamber Grable

                                                          Love you! Thanks so much for all you've taught me over the many years I have been watching!

                                                          Sherrelyn N

                                                            The first time I learned about the dark shadow when light isn’t directly facing the highlighter was you but seems like everyone is sharing that tidbit now. Thanks for being the first to share many important tips

                                                            Lana Letien

                                                              Love your videos,you really help older women on what to use and what not to wear.

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