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      Drag Queen Styles An Introvert For A Week

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      Rachel Frumkin

        Everybody needs a Fairy Dragmother in their life. Jonnie did such a good job!

        Justine & Musical Theatre

          Next: Drag King styles an introvert

          Yuanyue zheng

            More beauty bogus plsss

            Taylor Macko

              I really liked that black and white jumpsuit!!!

              Daily Runway

                This video is amazing, so funny!!!

                lilly flower

                  Why is nobody talking about the queen's second look?? Looking like a vampire prince

                  Tala Rushdi

                    I LOVE THIS

                    Lili E

                      Jonnie is beautiful 😍

                      Melissa Gomez

                        I'm an introvert and the way that girl described herself seems less "introverted" and "I'm depressed and these are warning signs."

                        Sukriti Kiran

                          Johnny actually did a very good job. Love from India..


                            I want a Fairy DragMother

                            Genevieve Collins

                              I appreciated this video so much.


                                SHE'S A CUTIE

                                Madame Raven

                                  BERNIE! !!!!!!

                                  Madame Raven

                                    OMG! Johnny looks like the original Barbie doll. How cute is that?!

                                    Maupali Khan

                                      I love this video. I like dressing up but I am also an introvert and sometimes that feels like an clash in my mind, I know how much effort it would have taken you to 'fake' the confidence. I am so happy that Libby got Jonnie. This video made me really really happy. 😭

                                      Eena B

                                        Outfit 3 and 4 are both my personality


                                          I own fewer shoes than Libby…


                                            Wow, you Queen made an amazing work! Loved every single outfit!

                                            Mary McRickard

                                              Damn! HER LEGS ARE AMAZING. And eyebrows. I wanna see more of this girl! I feel I can really relate to her.


                                                Seriously cat calling is not a big deal. I actually like it

                                                Flor Pusnar

                                                  Girl, you are so beautiful and adorable! And looked amazing in every look. I stan πŸ’–

                                                  kool Kiwi

                                                    She didn't wear the green one!!!

                                                    Michelle McCann

                                                      Jonnie in the second half is giving me big Joan Cusack vibes, and I believe we need more – MORE!

                                                      Danielle Mendoja

                                                        This should be a series

                                                        leah lucas

                                                          His lips are small and beautiful like a dolls! What a gorgeous person. Also she looked really good in those outfits

                                                          Alice inWonderland.

                                                            Johny i love you! but libby thats such a double standart not liking it when men notice you but liking it when woman do,.

                                                            Shannon Dean

                                                              wow what a fun asos commercial . . . . . .


                                                                Keep this going

                                                                ClumsyCutie G

                                                                  I wonder if she has to pay for it?

                                                                  LaShawna Blanton

                                                                    Love it! She's so cute, love her style!

                                                                    Bunny Boop

                                                                      This entire video concept is FIRRRRE πŸ”₯ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘

                                                                      Kylie McCarthy

                                                                        Can Johnny do a regular fairy drag mother show?? This was so fun to watch!

                                                                        Risa Landreth

                                                                          Would love to see more videos like this! Loveee the Queen & introvert and how empowering the clothes end up making her feel

                                                                          Kelly Bates

                                                                            libby looks so beautiful in all these outfits! loving the confidence and the energy in this video :))

                                                                            Crane S

                                                                              More like this please! Call the series Fairy Drag Mother!


                                                                                THIS is a great video! Not the lipstick disaster one.

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