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      DRUGSTORE Holiday Makeup Tutorial | NikkieTutorials

      Wanna look flawless for the holidays but are on a budget? THIS IS THE VIDEO FOR YOU!!! Today I’ll be showing you how to create a naughty cat-eye makeup …


        who is loving that liner???

        Jade Welch

          Oh wow I absolutely LOVE that back ground!! It’s a skull, yet still quite beautiful.

          short nails designs

            Counsiler n.10 or n. Tan?

            Nikki y

              So sad you didn't use 'stout' (=nauthy) as the dutch word of today 😝

              Paige Larson

                Concealer was too dark otherwise I'm impressed

                15 teen

                  **You need skill to make it work
                  Not high end products**

                  N َ

                    where is the prime?????? and why ur concealer is waaay darker than the foundation..
                    I loved the eye look tho

                    Judyangieli Ramos

                      Yessss it was about timeeee to get Drugstore here

                      Astrids verden Christensen

                        Blush The nose no

                        Iris Keller

                          So happy to see your appearance in the show " glow up" Congrats on all your achievements. Can't wait to see what you do in 2020. Happy holidays

                          Sew Miri

                            Omg I love this look!!

                            Maxime Fortin

                              Omg I wanna know what that blush brush is! Pretty pleeease😍 i freaking love you❤️

                              Nadine Buckman

                                If I don’t do a winged liner. Even subtle. I don’t feel finished unless I have a dark, clean line on my upper lid! My go to is Maybelline Line Stiletto!! It’s been my go to since it was Maybelline Express Liner 20 years ago! It has a felt tip but unlike pens that collect product these days, it has product in the base and you just shake it and more liquid liner goes on the tip. It is FABULOOOOUS!!

                                Tina Emini

                                  Lovee Maybelline 100% 🙌🏼

                                  Emmy Livingston

                                    Can I just say that you really look like Mama Tutorials in this video!😍


                                      Nikkie: Drugstore tutorial

                                      Also Nikkie: Proceeds to highlight with her ridiculously priced Jaclyn Hill beam highlight brush and Fenty Beauty mirror


                                      Maria Rachko

                                        I always need mascara. I feel naked wo it lol. I'm a nice girl lol. Going to to b a good girl this year


                                          I decided to bring some drama 😂

                                          Shannon Roy

                                            Gorgeous as always!!

                                            Maya Luna

                                              honey maybelline doesnt have a light enough concealer shade we need to admit it

                                              Elise van Tol

                                                Excuse me you didn’t use a primer??😳😂

                                                Danielle Meservey

                                                  Mascara makes me feel complete

                                                  Alexis Mendez

                                                    Girl you look like you losin weight i can tell by your pretty face! 👀

                                                    Eudoxia Von D

                                                      shame to all those peeps how now gone search a dutch kattenoog on google and end up confussed XD

                                                      Jenna Hamilton

                                                        No bronzer or contour??!! That’s a sin!

                                                        Judy Gebhardt

                                                          Would love to see you review Scott Barnes new pallets, specially the contour and blush ones.

                                                          2 Married Pandas

                                                            that’s all I can say.

                                                            Genuine Ginger

                                                              Wtf… this looks more like "nice" and the actual "nice" makeup looks more "naughty".. Get what I'm saying? LOL!

                                                              Angelique Fisher

                                                                ✨ ✨✨✨

                                                                angel smith

                                                                  Love that liner❤️

                                                                  Cody Stroud

                                                                    Is she still working with Marc Jacobs?

                                                                    Old Wolf

                                                                      love that background

                                                                      Christian Solis

                                                                        The Concealer 😂

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