Drugstore Makeup DUPES … Save your Cash!!!

Main Drugstore Makeup DUPES … Save your Cash!!!

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      Drugstore Makeup DUPES ... Save your Cash!!!

      (PRODUCT LINKS IN DESCRIPTION) Sharing all my thoughts on the New O-face Satin Lipstick dupe for NARS and a ton of other …

      Sage Beauty

        Brow lamination in great! You would be a good candidate for it.

        Melissa Chetty

          Gosh really NOW words can not describe how I feel about Tati and her videos ….. Please keep them coming, I'm on UTube just for her😸

          Stephanie Fox

            Thank you Tati.

            TEE EFF

              Does anyone else remember when elf started out, ALL their products were $1 to $3 ?? It was like their thing. That didn’t last long lol

              Brandi Wagner

                The phrase wa wa wa makes me think of the character Chachi from Happy Days and then Joanie Loves Chachi…he said it lol

                Ann McCourt

                  Tati , have you tried the trigwell puff from tik tok shop?

                  Maria Dolores T. S

                    Don't laminate your eyebrows. I did it and all the skin in that area was dry and flaky for 10 days

                    Billie Comeaux

                      You should try the ELF Wow Brow. My brows are very pale on the tail, and I actually have brows after 2 coats.

                      Amber Ford

                        aren't your blendables washable. I know you need to be gentle with them but won't they last for a while if you just gently wash them. Maybe even a face wash product would work. I don't know, you know better you invented them in a way

                        Matilda Johansson

                          Keep up the good work Tati 🙏🏼✨ Essence has a very similar powder puff, smaller than Tati beauty but it's pretty good 👍🏼 Try that!

                          Francis Taylor Nightingale

                            In love with this! Thank you for showing! If you're up for a laugh, Jhonny Ross makes the best comedian sketches all regarding names of make up items that are getting weirder everyday! XD


                              Sooo this was posted with the wrong title? The title is for the upcoming video you referred to in this video?

                              Brittany Perala

                                I love what you did with the eyes!! Haven’t seen you do something like the cat eye in awhile. Personally. ❤ Love it!
                                I didn’t think the wing looked jarring. Without the lash. You could have just did some simple mascara & I still think you were rockin’ it. But your the Pro! You know!

                                Alexandria Cosentino

                                  Wish you still sold blendables

                                  Gina Lola

                                    I beg you to place your contour and blush higher! Please try it!’

                                    Luci Moon

                                      Not loving the clickbait

                                      Alexandria Cosentino

                                        You know what would be a really fun video ? Tati through the years . Since the beginning. Mentioning different makeup u have tried since day you began , your different filming spaces, just clips from beginning to you now. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Love

                                        C W

                                          “I said what I said!” Too funny!


                                            What is the beautiful blue brush that you often use for your eyeshadow.??

                                            Farisa Zaman

                                              I don't wear as much makeup anymore as it ain't truly me but watching your videos is therapy, lysm Tati❤️

                                              Melissa Griffith

                                                I use the Sephora brand puff they have for $5. It's not the Blendiful, but it's pretty decent for the price!

                                                Gina G

                                                  Tati can you please recommend some less expensive good skin care? I can't afford what you use honey though I wish I could. I'm in my late 50's and have been lucky all my life with great skin but now I have some dry patches and bags under the eyes. HELP 🙏

                                                  HudsonTwins Entertainment

                                                    Tati Sephora collection $5 puffs looks the exact same as your blendaful !!! Please try it out and let us know. Ive been using mine and didnt think to use it for liquid

                                                    C C

                                                      Tati I loved what you did! I'm gonna try to incorporate the same things you did to see how it works for me!!! Awesome 👌

                                                      Nesta Jenkins

                                                        Red nail polish is cute on you


                                                          Yes it’s call cosmetic pigmentation . I’ve have my brows done for 20 years . Just make sure you choose someone who knows what they are doing. Board certified. I highly recommend.

                                                          Kasey Smith

                                                            Excuse me while I go buy one of everything you just used. This looks sooo good!!!

                                                            Caitlin Stone

                                                              What an absolutely gorgeous look Tati! Your videos always get me in the mood to play with makeup again ❤

                                                              Grace Boggs

                                                                Hey Tati! Love these videos you’ve been doing recently! I was lucky enough to get my hands on a blendiful when Tati Beauty came out.. the new Sephora Collection puff might be a good alternative as it’s the same fuzzy/soft material, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 😊

                                                                Kasey Smith

                                                                  Brow lamination is basically hair relaxer for your brows. You’re gonna wake up and they may look totally crazy & out of place! It’s important to use a gel so you can give them the shape you want. You have to style them to get that fluffier look, or else they may just flop all over bc they no longer have any structure.

                                                                  Since we shed brow hairs fairly frequently, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the health of your brow hairs – just don’t do it too often and you’ll be good!

                                                                  Melissa Coulter

                                                                    Tati why can’t you just start a new company???!!! I need your shadows and a freaking puff woman!!! We ALL do!!!

                                                                    Jovana Kocić

                                                                      I do the Brow Lamination procedure every day on 7-9 clients, and I feel you could like it but let them know you want them more diagonal than straight up (you can style them after too, but it helps if they're laminated in that direction)
                                                                      Also, if you can ask for the Mayamy brand, it's the best for softer hairs like yours. Or just come to Macedonia and we'll gladly do it ☺️

                                                                      Bernice Suggs

                                                                        I actually still have a sealed brand new Tati blendiful puff❤️


                                                                          I love love the O Face lipsticks, they stay on so well, even through eating and drinking and if you blot they are almost transfer proof but still keep their color.

                                                                          Danielle Johnson

                                                                            I thought the yellow/ golden shimmer looked great! Lol I think it was just out of your typical zone, but really, looked beautiful and brought warmth to your eyes! ❤ I just freakin love you and your videos. Thank you Tati! 🥰

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