Drugstore Makeup FAILS … Save Your Money!

Main Drugstore Makeup FAILS … Save Your Money!

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      Drugstore Makeup FAILS ... Save Your Money!

      I hope you enjoy this Drugstore Makeup Fails that was prefilmed a few weeks ago. I promise that I’ll be back to my regular videos again soon. Thank you so …

      Melissa Neal

        I LOVE ColourPop! I have Natasha D and Viseart palettes that I love but I have to say that I love my ColourPop ones just as much!!! They are so amazing and the price is unbeatable. 😍😘πŸ₯°β™₯️Love seeing you again too!!!

        Laura Jenei

          YESS! Updated Essence line review…

          Galileo Galileila

            This is the Tati we love!!!

            Lydia Barry

              Forgot to read the ingredients, bought a kheils moisturiser… second ingredient alcohol 😫

              Amber LeMay

                I MISS YOU

                Shelbie Jordan

                  Am I the only one who ever had tried hard candy several times and their products NEVER work?? I’d like to try their lips but I’m scared lol

                  Madison L

                    We love you and will take prefilmed videos over no Tati 😍😩😭 We support you and know you are a sweet and genuine girl


                      "So much fun because we're gonna talk crap about products."
                      She really enjoys talking carp, doesn't she?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

                      MK panda

                        Yess updated essence reviewww

                        Amber Pitcher

                          Please make a best and worst of Essence! They stopped selling the buttersticks where I live and its so sad, they were sooo good :'-(

                          Juulia Jokelainen

                            Make Scott Barnes do a full face of makeup using only BAD products!!

                            Wendy Goering-Jensen

                              Love to you Tati. I’m dying for a skin care video. My skin is so dry it peels. It’s so embarrassing. HELP

                              Khay Yasmin


                                Hayley Amor

                                  I'm going to need a Kylie Skin review up in here Tati!! Thank youuuu xxxx

                                  Aavani Joshy

                                    Yess please please do a updated for essence products πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’–

                                    Crystal Helene

                                      ❀️ πŸ’„ ❀️

                                      Jitske Beets-Postma

                                        Yea please. Een essence best and worst πŸ‘πŸ»

                                        Madeline Honig

                                          Hi Tati you should try a full face of zero waste makeup!

                                          Nicolle Font

                                            Full face of colourpop!

                                            Samiya Nadeem

                                              Drugstore skincare ?

                                              idk 359

                                                Can you please try out kjaer weis makeup? Its a super eco friendly, low waste company with refills. Although it is quite pricy. Not a lot of youtubers talk about them and I would love to hear your review!

                                                Samiya Nadeem

                                                  She looks and sounds so much happier 😁

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