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    Wayne Goss

      Drunk Elephant just dropped the F-Balm. What is it? And do you really need 5 pumps? UK US SHOP WAYNE GOSS …

      Erica Graziano

        So it took a lil while but I have all the products now and am finally trying this combo tonight!!! I started with the TLC baby facial and eye cream and absolutely fell in love with the brand so I’m excited to c how this cocktail works!!! 💪💪💪

        Barbara Gierc

          Too expensive for my purse strings.

          Gail Carter

            Thank you!!

            D E

              Wow people seem to love Wayne but hate Drunk Elephant! I guess Karma catches up with you…..

              Cyn Dell

                Drunk Elephant has changed my skin, I’m so happy I made the change. The F Balm I’ve been using for a week- I agree 4-5 pumps is insane!!!! I do my retinol/tlc/lala cocktail and I then tap in 1-2 pumps of F Balm over the top!
                Super soft skin, I’m really happy with it!

                Carol C.

                  Blam? Lol i like the name but the price is tooo pricey!! I could never afford that! I have heard either love from the people with P.R but the general public that doesn't make big bucks doesn't like it hmmm?

                  Chloe Lisette

                    i’m currently upping my Retin-A to .05% and my skin is a cracked desert canyon. Is this strong enough to help you think? Or need to find even stronger?

                    not guilty

                      Overpriced junk.


                        I started using Peter Thomas Roth vitamin C duo about 3 months ago. The potent c serum and moisturizer. And OMG OMG…. my skin as never been so bright, smooth and silky. Highly recommend!

                        Josie E.

                          Just ordered this one. I can’t wait to get it. Love the cocktail


                            I wasn’t sure about this product but you have piqued my interest in it for sure. I do love a ceramide!

                            Britt Conester

                              This product is basically a thick serum looking at the ingredients and their order. It most likely will need a thick emollient layer over it to hydrate dry skin types- otherwise dry skin will be tight and dehydrated again by morning. Which makes it…not a mask. Their ceramide/Hyaluronic serum is essentially just a better version of this “mask”. It also has corn oil in it, which is an odd choice as its comedogenic and known to be a pretty cheap and “dirty” additive for skincare (I’ve worked in product development, including in formulation, for prestige skincare companies for 8 years to provide a source!).

                              Dolsie Mercado


                                Jules of Wisdom

                                  Let's see what Hyram thinks. 😉

                                  Emma Shaw

                                    Hi Wayne I love your videos so much: I agree with you I have found DE amazing and worth every penny in my book. It has really transformed my skin 😀

                                    Donna Borooah

                                      Hey Wayne… I’m surprised you like this. It has lots of very emollient and heavy oils and seed butters! Interested to see how you get on with it.


                                        I'm worried about you mixing retinol with glycolic acid and putting that around your eyes and mouth, that can be super irritating and cause you problems down the road! I watch Dr. Dray, James Welsh and Hyram on YT and trust and recommend all three of them (especially Dr. Dray, she's a board-certified dermatologist in the US)

                                        Kate Donovan Katemakeuplooks

                                          This is interesting. I’ve always thought that you shouldn’t mix retinol and BHA/AHA so I’ve been rotating them in my routine: retinol one night, BHA the next and so on (alternating AHA and Vitamin C in my morning routine). Definitely going to try mixing and then buffering with facial oil and a rich night cream. Great idea, Wayne , thanks very much for this! I will give the Drunk Elephant a go when I finish my current products.
                                          Hope you’re having a great 2020 so far!
                                          Lots of love from Munich,
                                          Katemakeuplooks xx 💋 💋💄


                                            Cant wait to get a sample of this @sephora! My skin is so dry and flaky right now. Need this!

                                            jama newman

                                              Yes I just got it in the mail today I was super excited for this and no I will not be using four or five pumps LOL I'm only going to use it maybe three times a week and only use one to two pumps but I'm super thrilled to have it I absolutely love drunk elephant have everything in their line almost and it has just changed my skin for the absolute best!!!!! So good! 🙌💙🐘💙

                                              Brenda Ball

                                                Wayne do you ever review Guerlain cosmetics. Would love to hear your thoughts 💕


                                                  You should consider watching Dr Dray.

                                                  Para K

                                                    Caroline Hirons is going to have a heart attack

                                                    Kerry Defeo

                                                      I love everything drunk elephant I was so excited to get this.

                                                      Merilee Giannantonio

                                                        Hey Wayne, ty for this video❣️
                                                        I use C-firma, Vitamin C, protini & their retinol. This cocktail looks delicious and I will definitely be trying it!

                                                        J Cav

                                                          Thank you! I wasn’t clear on all the products you added but ill watch again. I just wanted to thank you for all your knowledge. I just turned 62 and am a new widow. I have had fun learning new ways to do my makeup. I think you are such a lovely human being and I truly appreciate you.


                                                            I love the way you mix products together nice one Wayne 👍😘💖

                                                            Melanie Pendleton

                                                              That’s exactly how I’m using it!!! I agree 4 to 5 pumps is WAY to much…

                                                              Steve Daichi Ishimatsu

                                                                Can you make me a skincare routine I have normal skin, I sometimes get breakouts one in a while, i have hyperpigmentation, sun spots, uneven skin tone, acne scars, dullness. I am 24

                                                                Misty Parsons

                                                                  Always enjoy seeing your little cocktail recipes..definitely a great way to save product!! Thank you for sharing this with us. Love you, Wayne!!❤️😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


                                                                    I love DRunk Elephant. I’ll definitely have to try it your way. Thanks for the tip. 😍

                                                                    Alex V

                                                                      I literally just bought niacinamide because DE didn’t have it. I have every product because it does work with my skin really well.

                                                                      Julia Danilidi

                                                                        You say a lot of lies

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