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    Alex Centomo

      I dyed my hair pink and we drove to NYC! Follow me on instagram: SPRING TRY-ON HAUL: …

      HL N.

        The way dan says boo boo is just so funny I can’t

        Laura Mosig

          Love the mix of the two of you vlogging (and every part with Boo 😊) ❤️

          Rennie Alli

            Yay weekly vlog and walk scene with Boo Bear

            Megan Arntz

              What brand was the hair dye!?! I’ve always wanted to do silver, but not permanently.
              In my life I’ve been many shades of blonde, pink, and purple!
              Obsessed with how real your vlogs are <3

              Delgermaa Bayarmaa

                Who is Tresha?

                Océane Provencher

                  big love for the old montréal , love your vlog 🙂

                  Courtney Gallery

                    I thought Airbnb’s were illegal in NYC? I am heading there this summer and was bummed out when I heard this news.


                      I really love your videos and insta lately! Always loved you but I feel like they are more vintage and authentic then before. I feel like I see your ‘artist’ side, and like I know your soul better ☺️ also, LOVE boo & Dan

                      Isabel Zarate

                        Hi Alex,
                        I think you're so cool. Hey, where did you get that cute white top your wearing from?

                        Dan and Liv

                          Please watch my husband and I’s Dairy Queen Mukbang!! 💜 I think you will enjoy it! 😂😊

                          Taylor V

                            Where is your next trip? 🙂

                            Amanda Freitas

                              Love your hair I always wanted to try pink, what brand did you use? Also can't wait for winter to end, from Montreal also ☺

                              Janae Toval

                                Hey girl! Love your bangs!! ❤️Please do a video about how you style them. I’m thinking of getting bangs too but nervous 😬 since I have curly/wavy hair like you!

                                Ariel Alena

                                  YOUR PINK HAIR IS SO CUTE OH MY GOSH 💓✨

                                  Michelle Karas

                                    The intro is so artsy!!! I love it! Also this pink hair on u looks GOOD. Like wow. 😍🤩 I lowkey wanna dye my hair pink now

                                    Maggie Hasper

                                      So cuteeeeee

                                      Sarah MULLARKEY

                                        The sound of Dan walking was like nails on a chalkboard ahhh! Haha freezing snow and boots is a bad mix 😂


                                          I love that dans sister is so dry haha, her humor is funny ☺️

                                          Emilie Viel

                                            Pink looks good on you! 😊
                                            I have used box dye once in my life and it was a huge fail 😂. The color I picked was too close to my natural color, so nobody noticed a difference 😭😂

                                            TOWANDA the STYLIST

                                              Loving this color on you 😍❤️ My Favorite color is pink

                                              Laura Rivera

                                                You totally rock the pink hair! And I really like how you vlog! It feels like watching a home video if that makes sense. 😊

                                                Abigail Haller

                                                  Yikes -19 degrees still! It’s in the pluses now in Central Alberta!

                                                  Laura Abreu

                                                    Why does Dan's sister remind me of Bella from Twilight??????????????????


                                                      What’s the name of the hair product you used ?

                                                      Jordan Cardinale

                                                        Wtf was that asmr in the beginning 🤢


                                                          It’s freezing there because in Australia we have 30oC days, even though it’s autumn hahaha, sorry!


                                                            Cuutteeeee; love the pink!

                                                            Hannah Renee

                                                              Who is Trisha is my question? Lol


                                                                Is every youtuber dying their hair pink now also i died when you said “youre so cute” to dan and he tries to fit the whole sandwich in his mouth

                                                                gabriella fernandez

                                                                  hair tutorial PLSSS😭

                                                                  Richelle Heina

                                                                    I love intermittent fasting! I actually already did it before i started doing it on purpose because i work really early and dont have time to eat + i get lazy instantly when i eat so i prefer to work als long as possible without eating .. also love the pink hair its so fun

                                                                    Emily Stevens

                                                                      Check out Kristin Ess! She has hair colors that last for like 6-10 washes! She has a rose gold and a lavender 💅🏼🧜🏼‍♀️😍

                                                                      Emily Stevens

                                                                        I wish I wasn’t so triggered when people drink/eat loudly 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭 love u guyssss ❣️

                                                                        Kathryn Jesson

                                                                          Looove the new kind of style of the vlog! You guys also seem so happy and it's infectious! <3

                                                                          Emilie Cain

                                                                            Happy Montrealer here cause it's 5 degrees today!! Can't take anymore of this cold weather!!

                                                                            Savanna Murindagomo

                                                                              i’ve never been this early and i’m excited!

                                                                              Susan Salvatore

                                                                                lol, I see you 😉 ASMR'ing that ish. Love it! haha


                                                                                  The sound of snow when Dan is walking boo I love it it the best sound ever !! Maybe I am weird 😂

                                                                                  Rokiaa Elgabry

                                                                                    Dan is a wonderful husband.. I wish you two all the best♥️


                                                                                      I’ve tried this product but my hair was so dry after 😕 but you look so pretty 😍

                                                                                      Cassie Downey

                                                                                        What hair product did you use to get your hair pink?

                                                                                        Katja Vestergaard

                                                                                          You look so cute with the pink! 💟

                                                                                          Corey Chatman

                                                                                            Love your hair and your outfit. Thanks guys.

                                                                                            Samira Yusuf

                                                                                              Love your pink hair

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