Eating only BLACK FOOD for 24 hours *it was unique*

Main Eating only BLACK FOOD for 24 hours *it was unique*

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    Tara Michelle
      Eating only BLACK FOOD for 24 hours *it was unique*

      THIS WAS A WEIRD CHALLENGE. I ate only black colored foods for 24 hours, the whole day. It was so unique… and I was SHOCKED at how I found the dinner!

      Yarden !

        Can you do this challenge with only green food? Or an only black foods eating out like at restaurants vid?

        Sarah Sodoma

          +Tara Michelle girl you should do the same Challenge with a different color and see what happens!!

          ALI BUZZELLI

            charcoal pancakes sounds interesting haha

            Cathy’s Life

              do another one w/ another color!

              Vanessa Coelho

                Lmao I love Tara 😂😂❤️

                Brittany W

                  Do rainbow foods

                  Chandra Burgess

                    I would have put food coloring in the pancakes to make them black! No after taste!

                    angelica gonzales

                      When you were eating your black rice you should have added some black beans!!!

                      Maria & Agripina

                        Use the black salt for margaritas !!

                        S Mi

                          It’s fun but you shouldn’t waste food. It’s not comfortable for me to watch someone buying foods for just insulting.

                          Joanna Chiang

                            I like black rice because I am used to it and I grew up with healthy rice in my family

                            Ashli J

                              Ok I like black rice it is bomb..😂 not sure about that garlic sauce though.

                              Cheng Ronald

                                Black rice is actually super tasty… I would say I wouldnt eat black rice like that even though I'm a Chinese. Try to cook it with water, cane sugar, and some coconut milk, it's super good as a dessert!!!

                                Bekka Dowland

                                  Can you please do another video like this 😂 I was highly entertained

                                  Lola Salazar

                                    Just put black food dye on stuff I would want to eat done.

                                    Natasha h

                                      Lol this was so funny!!


                                        I really did enjoy this! And yes black noodles is one of my fave korean dishes to eat! LOL

                                        Rachna M

                                          This is so unique


                                            could have made the rice with black lentils or black beans and then just seasoned it, also blackberries are a good snack could have added to pancakes…also oreos! 🙂

                                            Jasmine Garcia

                                              🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣 your face when you poured the sauce into the noodles

                                              Caitlin Johnson

                                                I loved this. Who knew there were so many black foods?!

                                                Erika Poirier

                                                  Hey Tara, i really love your channel girl is the best 😃💖💖

                                                  Zane Shatnawi

                                                    Obssessseeeedd with your videos

                                                    Andrea Belan

                                                      I love the way you say pasta😆💕

                                                      Kathy Cooper

                                                        Very interesting. I don't know if I could of done it.

                                                        Molly Rose

                                                          Where did you get the white heart sweater?

                                                          Caroline B

                                                            You’re from Toronto and you don’t even use real Canadian maple syrup!! 😱🇨🇦

                                                            maxine chan

                                                              I tried Black rice and didn’t like it

                                                              Allynah Lomeli

                                                                Eat only yellow food for a day

                                                                Eat only red food for a day

                                                                Jenavive Furtado

                                                                  The intro song you had reminds me of Sierra furtado

                                                                  Sierra Jordyn

                                                                    “PAAAAAASTA” hahaha love u

                                                                    Zurina Haston

                                                                      I’ve been kind of obsessed with watching these videos and was so pleasantly surprised to see this in my inbox!!

                                                                      Emma Mackey

                                                                        Butter is not black 😂😂 lmao

                                                                        Misbah Khan

                                                                          Those noodles looked good 😍

                                                                          Abby Lunzmann

                                                                            you are literally my favorite youtuber i love you❤️❤️

                                                                            emily mary

                                                                              oooh definitely would try to eat the black rice since it’s just.. rice lol. 😂

                                                                              Candela Mendez

                                                                                I thought you will eat more. I think you ate more but didn’t show. Like you should have drinked Coca-Cola or something else haha. Looks poor

                                                                                Vanessa Leung

                                                                                  I’ve eaten like octopus ink rice before in Hong Kong and it’s really good

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