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      Eminem's Strict Rules For Parenting Hailie Jade Mathers

      This Is How Eminem Raised Him Daughters And How His Music Affected Them Growing Up. Subscribe to our channel: …

      Guylian Viaene


        👇(small creator btw)

        M Harris TJ

          Cuz I'm Hailey Jade , yes I'm the real Jade, all you other Hailey Jade's are just imatating, so won't the real Jade please stand up, please stand up , please stand up

          Jeyar Chardy

            Damn just imagine adopting your ex wife's kid from another man and raising it like a queen. This is the reason why this man deserves every drop of respect in this world

            Zara L1

              Imagine Eminem actually being your dad ! Like nobody’s messing with ya 🔥


                She is beautiful now 😍

                Angel__ B

                  Eminem is amazing ❤

                  Sicily Costa

                    Hailey literally looks like Em in full contour makeup.

                    Joseph Walsh

                      Say what you want, the man has good morals, values and good parenting skills in his personal life ..

                      Priskila Rossy Ratnasari

                        He has beautiful and intelligent daughters! Thanks for her father who encouraged her to continue her study!!!

                        Arlene Bondoc

                          Aww 🥰What a great daddy! 💯

                          Nirmal Hriday

                            MGK is a dipshit

                            Adonis starlink

                              Em help me when i had hard times his music really help me gbh

                              PTL FG2

                                Em don’t need level of education. He is the master of dictionary and his rhyming scheme is on different level. There is only one Slim Shady

                                Karuna Nelson

                                  How dare they ghost Hailie on Instagram! !!!

                                  Karuna Nelson

                                    Good on you Eminem.

                                    Patricia Saluti

                                      You can tell he’s a good father. Great Dad.


                                        I’m the same age as Eminem. I remember when Hailey was the little girl on his videos. Now, she’s a grown college-graduate woman. I’m old! 👵🏼

                                        Lil Tay

                                          shes my homegirl !

                                          Liesa De Groote


                                            laylow x

                                              y’all been talkin about this girl for like 20 years can y’all give it up. she’s a grown woman not a little girl

                                              RHIANNA VLOGS

                                                Did u know that he’s autistic

                                                Rayane Meghni

                                                  Instead of doing videos about girl bands feuds … doing one about gg who genuinely like each other would be a great idea … Little Mix are just so underrated and their friendship is heartwarming …

                                                  Kleo Leonard

                                                    early comment

                                                    Gewigsverlies Dietilies

                                                      WHO ALWAYS WATCH BUT NEVER TRY


                                                        0.33 views 82037389 likes YoUtuBE iS dRunK

                                                        Brittanii Starzz

                                                          Hailie has grown up to become a very beautiful & mature young lady! I hope she has all the success she wishes for!


                                                            I know he’s trying to save face with his non-bio children, but we all know he loves Hailie the most. And I love Em but I wonder how he explains some of his misogynistic lyrics to Hailie.

                                                            Walkin’ Tall

                                                              Eminem may not have finished school, but he aint no dummy. He used to study dictionaries, and thesaurus' to expand his verbal skills for rapping.

                                                              WhAt Is It AnYmOrE

                                                                Eminem !! Not early😂

                                                                Matt Cruse

                                                                  Listen to "headlights" explicit on Spotify by eminem and nate ruess.
                                                                  Now listen carefully to the ending chorus when Nate Ruess sings, listen carefully to the words he said.
                                                                  That shows Eminem s love for his children as well as his confidence.

                                                                  Elly KindredZombie

                                                                    She should follow her dreams that's what she should do and I wish her every happiness

                                                                    foufa mess

                                                                      Finally diferent subject to talk about rather than the kardashian

                                                                      Laila Shryock

                                                                        He's a good looking guy. I like him

                                                                        Chairman Meow

                                                                          His fuckin beard is weird 😏


                                                                            I wish I had a daughter like Hailey thing is i never will be a father is a terrible feeling I would never wish someone the same fate I have right now


                                                                              Wow eminem is a awesome and cool father

                                                                              dustyyx roses

                                                                                i guess you could say i’m early……………….

                                                                                Yo Dark

                                                                                  I think the world will be her oyster.
                                                                                  She is academically prepared to go any route she wants. But she would fair better in Editorial/ Fashion – Makeup
                                                                                  Either way, with her dad beside her guiding her way she will make her mark in this world.

                                                                                  Mebarki Imad

                                                                                    10th 🤟🏻

                                                                                    Iceleya Square

                                                                                      I LOVEEEE "Eminem" he's the 🐐!!

                                                                                      Keonde Quarterman

                                                                                        Nobody ain't do rap battle with Eminem! He's a genius

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