Emotional Mother Brings Figurine of Daughter to the Appointment | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

Main Emotional Mother Brings Figurine of Daughter to the Appointment | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Emotional Mother Brings Figurine of Daughter to the Appointment | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

      Debbie is feeling emotional about her daughter’s wedding and wants the bridesmaids to wear the same colour as the ballet dress her daughter used to wear.

      Mia Shepherd

        Can the mum flippin shut up, this day is meant to be all about her daughter and she's there saying she should take the advice of her mother.


          Creepy. Very. Creepy.



            Laura Hinson

              What Would mom have done if pink wasn’t even her wedding colors

              Ani Dadron

                This mother needs therapy.

                Cat Lockhart

                  Who's wedding is this ? Mommies looking what she wants not what her daughter wants.

                  w m

                    Everyone keeps criticizing the mom and yes maybe she’s a bit much but she’s just sad to see her little girl all grow up. I wish my mom was still here with me

                    Alexandria Winchester

                      Lmao love the pole 😂


                        I'm surprised the bride is only moving 2.5 hours away….I'd be running further than that to get away from that emotional stranglehold. Using tears to manipulate people, especially your daughter, is disgusting.

                        Laurymar T.

                          2:40 Me when I take a test.


                            She beats every mexican, indian, jewish moms

                            Ebony Govender

                              The mum is adorable! 🥰

                              Marie Hartmann

                                How embarrasing! I feel sorry for Sarah.

                                Lima Bean

                                  Why is the Mum so upset she's getting married and moving she's not dying

                                  Eva H

                                    Mom needs a fuckin therapist lmao

                                    Jayden Abraham

                                      The moms so worried about seeing her little girl in the pink but the bride is wearing a wedding gown obviously

                                      Caroline Abbott

                                        I'm so glad my mom didn't treat me like a dress up doll when I was a little kid. I wore what I wanted to and I HATED pink

                                        Trisha George

                                          That mom DEFINITELY has empty nest syndrome

                                          Hayley Wilson

                                            To mom: as Elsa would say, "LET IT GO" and she's moving 2.5 hours away? Seriously that is not far at all. You're literally smothering her

                                            Norm Rayos

                                              Yeah cuz that’s not creepy at all….

                                              Edward James

                                                I'm so glad that the daughter is moving away, but I have a feeling the mom is going to be there every weekend…lol! Just let go!!!


                                                  her mom is creepy as fuck

                                                  Sophie Xoxo

                                                    Why is everything one shoulder 🤢🤢

                                                    Sophie Xoxo

                                                      This is so weird

                                                      Some Toast

                                                        What is with crazy, old, southern, white bitches and pink? My god

                                                        Laley Pops

                                                          Moving 2.5 hours away from that mother wouldn't be far enough for me, lol.

                                                          layne smith

                                                            Guys tbh this is normal for moms to act like she does in the deep south like i dont see anything wrong with this

                                                            Kylijordan Bisquera

                                                              She acting like the bride is the one who is going to wear the dress like ???

                                                              Neiley-Joy Forkah-Musoro

                                                                Seriously. No one else is going to talk about the weird shaking screen?


                                                                  No wonder the daughter and husband are moving Two hours away from her

                                                                  Joanna Tryc

                                                                    Mom: l love this dress
                                                                    Bride: l hate it
                                                                    Mom: BITCH WTF?!

                                                                    Sharna West

                                                                      Emotionally controlling mums are the WORST! You've had your wedding, let your daughter have hers!

                                                                      Leah Ginsburg

                                                                        Love this show so much

                                                                        Danille Bracamonte

                                                                          All i can say is HER WEDDING HER CHOICE

                                                                          Dee McGee

                                                                            I don't even know what to say.

                                                                            S Lantos

                                                                              seriously … that mom tho … the emotional maturity of a 3 year old "PINK PINK PINK!!!"


                                                                                This mom is manipulating people with her tears. You had your wedding. Your daughter only chose pink because you wanted it and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Sheim on you.

                                                                                Bonnie Over the Ocean

                                                                                  Y'all mama is just weird tf is up w her

                                                                                  h Francis

                                                                                    this crazy ass old bitch needs to be committed – in this day and age, just fucking barking

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