ESCAPE to the Snow! Skiing in Courchevel! ~ Freddy My Love Travel Diaries

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    Freddy My Love
      ESCAPE to the Snow! Skiing in Courchevel! ~ Freddy My Love Travel Diaries

      My first time skiing, in the fabulous Courchevel! See how I get on! Clothes linked below!! *affiliate links used, and some items were either gifted or bought with …

      Spiritual Spice

        I really want to know what you think of the pillow bag trend

        Irene Clark

          Josie was hilarious in this clip .love the clothes👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

          Gill Sargisson

            Wow! You're a natural at ski-ing Freddy, well done ✅ xx

            D S

              Freddy I hope your leg is okay! Kudos too you for getting out there, learning to ski! No Way! Would I even try!

              kirsty grace

                what was the place called you stayed at? 😊


                  Omg snow looks so good on you like literally

                  Victoria Taylor

                    What song is used in the beginning? I can’t find it ☹️

                    Lara Leninger

                      you were doing really great for a beginner ! I never considered skiing in France, but this looks really beautiful . Thanks for sharing. Looks like you are having fun which is the main point anyway. Greetings from Germany

                      Ecclesia xxi

                        What's wrong with wearing fur? As long as it's not only killed for the fur and then dumped (that I'd understand), but as long as the meat etc. is not wasted, I guess that would be the main point.

                        Sofia C

                          I couldn't stop smiling during the video! Your vlogs are magic

                          Johanna Wi

                            Oh Freddy I really love your videos☺️🥰 You are such an inspiration!! Can you please tell me what the massage is called you were talking about?🤗

                            Antonio Gomes

                              2:58 lmao Josie having mostly go-to neutrals in your wardrobe… has proven to be your undoing.

                              Soezie M

                                You and Josie always crack me up haha you guys are so funny.

                                Aleksandra Zac.

                                  Where is #sponsored? honestly ,i don't mind it . But Josie mentioned that brand send you or maybe just her and you ware extra ?. i think that it valid information . unless you did pay for this trip…

                                  Denisa Dellinger

                                    Oh Freddie! I grew up near several ski resorts in the mountains of North Carolina. I tried skiing when I was in high school. It was just a bad experience. I had a lesson and really wasn't ready to go down the hill but rode up anyway and couldn't get down. An instructor had to ride me down while I held on from behind him. Never went back. This place is really beautiful and you are braver and far more adept at it than I was. This all looked like it was so much fun.

                                    Susan Woodward


                                      Kelsey M

                                        I’m confused. She buys designer handbags which hare made of leather. So what’s the big deal with fur? At least with fur the animals got to keep their skin lmao.

                                        Monia P

                                          This makes me wanna try skiing!! Amazing!

                                          Yvonne Smith

                                            That was so fun to watch! You did so great for your first time! I hope your knee feels better.

                                            Madison Herries

                                              What a amazing trip! Thanks for taking us along.

                                              Sumayya Islam

                                                Maybe I missed it since I just discovered your channel but can you do a outfit look book for different body shapes. Inverted triangle body shape is so hard to dress in a delicate way when there's a big difference between upper and lower .

                                                Mucha Amazing

                                                  I cannot believe this I’m going to a place that’s right next to there calf Latanie in 2 weeks uhhhhhhh u can litterally take a 20 minut sky to corchevel

                                                  Sarah onwater

                                                    Please do your on the slopes skincare and makeup tutorial 👍

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