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    Allana Davison


      I K

        You are so awasome, don't listen to that woman, you have such a fun personality, i could watch absolutely anything from you.

        Sarah Sdm

          Love your nail color so different 💚

          Denise Rodriguez

            Don’t pay any mind to negative comments. You’re one of the most authentic YouTubers out there. I love your channel & the content you provide. Don’t change Lan 🙂 btw, kudos on trying out Barry’s. You inspire me to workout!


              i dont really care for cats but seriously Meryl is the cutest ever!!!

              Eda Savaseri

                Looking at the comments here, I see you have a great community here, loving and supportive. That takes charisma dear. And there’s no one like you on Youtube believe me if there was I would know it. 😂 So maybe that lady who commented maybe has a different taste now than before. Allana you’re the best. Concentrate on the good and the positive. We love you. 😇💕🥳


                  Honestly? Your content gets better and better throughout the years! The charisma and authenticity still the same, better package only (more professional). Don't let haters (even the ones who seem constructive) get you down. Best wishes from Poland! 😘


                    I'm into the music in this vlog

                    J P

                      Love love this vlog 😍😍😍

                      T M

                        I really really enjoyed watching this!!!! I love your real life content

                        Robyn 112

                          You are oozing CHARISMA in this vlog! 🥰 You’re beautiful inside and out! P.S. Love the Smokey eye on you! 😍 xxx

                          Jaisha. K

                            LAN do a vid of just breakfast cz damn those eggs looked yum

                            Liz Rock

                              This vlog was soooooo charismatic lol😂😂 love ya lan💗

                              Caroline C.

                                The editing of this video is unreal !! So good

                                Stella Bella

                                  Your skin looks amazing. I

                                  Jacquelyn Spence

                                    I’ve been subscribed for years and as much as I’ve enjoyed your past content, I genuinely think your videos are better than ever. I’m sorry to hear people are being discouraging, but try to keep in mind that the majority of your viewers think you’re amazing 😉

                                    Stella Bella

                                      Lol, I started following her recently because I found her refreshingly charismatic and relaxed. Her personality isn’t the over the rope fake personalities that a lot of youtubers have adopted to try to superficially engage their audience. It makes it worse when youtubers feel they have to perform for their channel instead of just being themselves
                                      I prefer the chill vibe and that’s probably why she reminds me of my friends.


                                        Aww Meryl…she’s so cute 🥰

                                        Lily Wang

                                          Sometimes it only takes one person who’s having a bad day to take you down with them. You do you:). You’re amazing I’m sure you know already but for the days you forget , let us remind you X. Lots of love !

                                          B FOR BALANCE

                                            ahahah sorry but this makes me laugh… I mean lacking on authenticity and charisma? really? you're nothing but freaking authentic in every single moment, regardless! here and on instagram as well! we love ya!


                                              Talk about “get cracking” 🥚 😬😬😂🤪🍸🍸. That’s me. I drop everything at least twice. You’re awesome. 😘😘😘

                                              Aimee Galeana

                                                The reason why I’ve been subscribed for so long with you is bc of your authentic and charismatic videos ❤️ you are so funny and so creative. You’re one of my fave 😍


                                                  Love it! And ur spot on about the sunshine! It's made such a difference in my mood & energy level the past few days!

                                                  Alexandra St.Clair

                                                    Ohhjhmergawwd eff that lady 🙄🙃🙄🙃 I think your content is amazballs. Lurve you.

                                                    Tamara Pacheco

                                                      Which city do you live in? It looks so lovely 🙂 I wish I was so productive lol


                                                        your coffee shop make up was beautiful, not too much.

                                                        Victoria Hulsey

                                                          Your STRUT is truly powerful

                                                          Marie Ann Altuve

                                                            Take a shot every time Meryl meows

                                                            Nitzan Bachar

                                                              Lol I'm nitzan too (diff spelling but same) and it's so funny hearing you saying my name 😂

                                                              Nicol Lopez

                                                                I found this vlog both highly creative and quite charismatic 😉 love you allana!!

                                                                beks mayers

                                                                  Meryl’s subtitles are all I care about until the end of time okay tysm

                                                                  Mindy Smith

                                                                    That editing though.

                                                                    Ps – you’re amazing and I love your content!

                                                                    Maureen Roque

                                                                      Meryl stealing the scene [meow]


                                                                        I freaking love Meryl

                                                                        B K

                                                                          Damn if I did Barry's and a cycle class.. my bank account as a broke college kid would be weeeeepin.. das expensiveeee


                                                                            Pulease you are actually my number 1 Youtuber because you are so relatable, funny and charismatic! Luvs 😍😙

                                                                            Rahnuma Nawrin

                                                                              One of the most authentic and beautifully edited vlogs I've ever seen. ♥️👏🏼

                                                                              Hajer Mirwali

                                                                                It might be because I’m high but this is my fav vlog of yours

                                                                                Sara Silva

                                                                                  You should do a day in your cats life. She’s fabulous

                                                                                  John Higgins

                                                                                    You are quite a girl…..more like you please……😋✌☝🌍👼

                                                                                    J Jadot

                                                                                      I definitely would subscribe more than once if YouTube offered that feature ✨💯✨

                                                                                      Jordan Novak

                                                                                        what?! you are one of the most genuine and authentic youtubers out there! please please please remember that your value doesn’t decrease based on someone else’s inability to see your worth 💖 thank you for always being true to yourself! we love you!!

                                                                                        Ginny Conrad

                                                                                          I think you & your content are amazing!! i can’t believe someone thinks you’re not creative and honest. loved this vlog!

                                                                                          Christine O

                                                                                            You're SO authentic and charismatic. And beautiful. And funny as hell. You know even if you look like peaches, smell like peaches and taste like peaches. Not everyone is going to like peaches. ❤️🍑

                                                                                            PriyaDarsini Mj

                                                                                              That "person" is allowed to have/say all the opinions she wants. Doesn't mean you have to listen GURL. You are beautiful inside and out. Your subscribers would agree with me. I love your content. Don't let one person's comment bring you down. Not worth it. I hope you read this. I hope this brings joy to you. Lots of love GURL ❤️

                                                                                              Hannah Willard

                                                                                                Sad meowryls translator was on vacation, but let’s be real she’s such a diva I would need a vacation too 😂😂

                                                                                                Nea Horton

                                                                                                  Poor Meryl…MOM MOM MOM MOM ROFL

                                                                                                  Abby Sheppler

                                                                                                    your cat is so cute. My family has a cat thats is a tuxedo cat. my family had the cat since my I was was in first grade and my family still have the cat.

                                                                                                    Gabby Baez

                                                                                                      There’s always going to be people with negative things to say to ruin your day/positivity… don’t let them the power to do that, to take that from you. You are a very authentic and charismatic powerful woman! 🌹love ya

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