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      EVERYTHING that’s NEW at the DRUGSTORE ...

      Full face of Drugstore Makeup tested, so much of it took my breath away and some items I will never use again. xo’s ~ Tati SAVE w/ HALO DISCOUNT …


        You have gone darker I have gone blonde platinum blonde the only one that suits me and I love


          Tati can you please go back to listing all the products in the description box?? When I’m shopping I like to go back and reference the products so I can try them!! PLEASE and thank you!!!

          Sophie Carlier

            Beautiful turtleneck sweater! 🙂


              Tati don’t feel weird we ALL do that face when putting on lipsticks! 😂😂😂

              April Delgado

                Hey tati can I buy one of your palettes that are behind you in this video? Please please your still sold out 😭 I just want your eyeshadow palette lol

                Steffi Cofefe

                  Yep, I'd spin the wheel again in so many ways…

                  Lateefa. H

                    Wow, loved it so much

                    Gunn Sandal

                      You should do “not breaking hearts for fame and money for 24 hrs”

                      SarahRose Girl

                        For the love of god just get a headband

                        Holly Bridson

                          I adore that sapphire colour Tati is wearing 😍 such a good colour for her and makes her eyes pop!

                          Valdete Kadriu


                            Minutes Of Us #HKZ #FamilyVlog

                              Me trying to fight hoarding make up too 😭😭

                              Siwei Song

                                Anyone knows what blush/bronzer brush she was using?


                                  Wow! That eye shadow is beautiful. It really makes your eyes pop. 🙂

                                  Stacy Shepherd

                                    Hello! Tati i was just wondering if i should start my own YouTube channel. I dont see aboriginal makeup artist from Canada??

                                    Exequiel Pérez

                                      TRY Scott's eye pallettes!

                                      Vanessa Lopez

                                        Beautiful formulas and beautiful makeup!! Love this look, it’s so fresh ❤️

                                        Caitlin Brown

                                          I really like that foundation. Even on my oily and problematic skin it sinks in so nicely and doesn't break up.

                                          the power within

                                            Just here to send you some love( ^ω^ )

                                            Angie Middleton

                                              Pretty eye look Tati!


                                                Love physicians formula but that packaging is so big and plastic they remind me of kids kit makeup. Sucks cause I kno how good their face products are love their mattes and butter highlighters

                                                im_ gibby

                                                  CONGRATS ON 9 MILL! been here since 10.

                                                  Brissy girl

                                                    Would never buy from cat rice again, 3 brow pens I received were empty and customer service will not reply to my multiple emails, worst customer service ever

                                                    Zzz S

                                                      What's your hair color?
                                                      I love it!

                                                      Blue ringed Octopus

                                                        Duct tape to tape your mouth closed.

                                                        Jessica Brasher

                                                          Tati, I know you do things out of order, however I was wondering why concealer before foundation??? Is there a benefit to that? Thank you. Btw, I never miss a video, love them!!

                                                          Maddy Johnsen
                                                            alexa vazquez

                                                              Can we get a skincare routine? Cuz your skin is flawless! 😍

                                                              Sarah Blurton

                                                                Welcome back to Seattle! Great weather huh? 💋


                                                                  I NEED that foundation…. WOW! It looks amazing on you!


                                                                    I love the Mari Kondo reference because that is the EXACT reason her method doesn't work for me!

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