Everything The Kardashians Took Away From Jordyn Woods Post Scandal

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      Everything The Kardashians Took Away From Jordyn Woods Post Scandal

      Jordyn Woods life after Tristan Thompson affair. Subscribe to our channel: While the Kardashian family has no shortage of fans, there are …

      Anna Loke

        jordyn is ugly

        Chocolate Bunny

          On top!
          She is doing the same thing they did. I stand behind her.

          Olivia Devlin

            She knew that she would hurt khloe, and didn’t care.i wouldn’t have her anywhere near my family. And I bet she’ll sell a lot of secrets that the Kardashian’s have as we all have .shell make money out of this wait and see. Dirty money.

            fariha choudhury

              Kardashian Karma

              Eve Vargas

                Tristan is an sob but we expect more from women. F both of them honestly

                Lajoy Coleman

                  Who gives a damn

                  V D

                    Kylie wants her teeth back

                    Naire89 Skylah16 Paradise

                      Shes better off without them anyways and sexier then all them fake Kardashians


                        All the aspiring MUAs are finna buy the discounted lipkits

                        sharon shaefe

                          Publicity all the way 💁

                          S S

                            We all are fool's, Kardashian/Jenna's are laughing at all the people who have made them rich. Not only have and do they liar but they are scammers, because the world has lost all values of the meaning of life.
                            If they cared about any of us or human race, they would give those low class house to the thousands of people who are in the cold.
                            Maybe they should actually trade lives with some of the homeless and see how long they would last. We all can be something, unfortunately corruption and unfairness to those who aren't born rich suffer. We all are watching American citizen die in front of our eyes because the greedy, malicious ways of the world.
                            Everything has a cure but we rather spend our minds on the Kardashians.
                            Do something like Martin Luther or JFK,? But the world doesn't truly understand whst they satisfied for us to be free, but we all need to rethink why we can't use the power of our minds to actually save the human race because we don't start seeing the purpose of life soon, then evil will win, and the God or not you believe in will wipe it all out just to show us the message of life and it's ././/////////./

                            kayla francis

                              What an idiot!!! She played herself

                              Porchea Latrice

                                Honestly, for ppl to think this is hype for the show it’s crazy. Even if she didn’t do it. They taking real precautions to effect her.

                                Cutie Mushroom

                                  she lost him the way she got him💀


                                    Khloe is back with Tristan


                                      Jordyn doesn't need anything from theKardashians.She is part of Will Smiths family.




                                          geez she didn't tweet that!!! wtf
                                          who are your sources


                                            This dummy would let those perks go for a man, really!


                                              Omg yall check your facts before you do your videos. The price of Jordyn’s lip kit WAS NOT reduced after the drama. All of them were on sale for some time before the drama and now the prices of the lip kits are back to $27. Jordyn’s including. I’m unsubscribing because I don’t know how many times I’ve believed in something you guys have said but hadn’t even checked if it was true

                                              Majo Teran

                                                The kardashian-Jenner fam will destroy her life if they want to…

                                                Meme Cakes

                                                  Trash family 🤮

                                                  Saar Tje

                                                    pfff who cares about these plastic bimbo's?! throw them off a bridge….


                                                      It is faaaaaaakeee – a full-hearted publicity stunt😘

                                                      Kelseay Productions

                                                        The Jordy Lip Kit was on sale a month before the rumors and along with other lip kits.

                                                        Dan M

                                                          She did her self wrong 😭😭😭😂


                                                            I am sure Jordyn gave them something too. In my opinion, I have no doubt they were copying from her and Kylie was literally sucking up her essence to the point that Jordyn was being emotionally drained.

                                                            Luci Van Loon

                                                              Be. Strong Kylie. You can never trust her

                                                              is hah

                                                                they all just wanted mixed babies for their benefit like pets. anybody ever think of that.🤔

                                                                is hah

                                                                  honestly why are they trying to make the whole world hate her? who cares. do we know when shaquan from down the block cheats with daqwaun…no so who cares. they are just embarrassed trying to save face.

                                                                  Movies Arena1
                                                                    Estella Maxwell

                                                                      She was soo drunk. She thought she was making out with Kanye.😂

                                                                      Movies Arena1

                                                                        The Talko is my latest TV…I don't have to watch news..lol

                                                                        Age Of The Witch

                                                                          She gave her a car , so she took her Bf , that just goes to prove you should not be this nice for friends who only like you for you fam or 💰. It never ends well!

                                                                          I’m Hungry

                                                                            Honestly the blame should be on Tristan too.

                                                                            Mike Ken

                                                                              Jorydan is all that

                                                                              Al-Shaheed Mason

                                                                                She dont care about not modeling khole fake clothes

                                                                                Al-Shaheed Mason

                                                                                  She has money they aint take nothing from her jordyn ir getting book

                                                                                  Elena Ascia

                                                                                    The screen at 3:32 is FAKEE

                                                                                    Imani B.

                                                                                      This sh*t is so stupid and played out. This sh*t happens to everyone!! why is everyone making a big deal about this?? People cheat everyday. People lose friends everyday. At least half of the Kardashian sisters stole somebody man at some point in their lives. Thank you, next. Am I the only one who could care less? Like wtf

                                                                                      Monica Hosch

                                                                                        Jordi Woods gets everything she deserves losing everything getting nothing I believe what goes around comes around what you did to Chloe wasn't right so she should lose everything


                                                                                          Jordan hold this super L


                                                                                            I still think it's all propaganda for new season KUWTK.


                                                                                              Washing dishes while this video played and had to dry my hands to say: worst journalism ever!!!

                                                                                              1) the Jordyn lip kit was already on sale

                                                                                              But most importantly

                                                                                              Kim and Malika weren't lip syncing to a Brandi song, you knobs. They were lip syncing to don't mess with my man by Nivea. Was a huge hit when I was in high school in 2002… You're probably 20 year old journalists who were in pre school at the time so I'll cut you some slack.

                                                                                              Natasha Jackson

                                                                                                Kim Kardashian Khloe Kardashian and Karlie Jenner don't have the right to talk about anyone when they didn't slept with the most men around the world so if Jordyn woods did what she did is her business let the best woman win she ain't the only one around here is screwing everybody man until they became what they want to become because if it wasn't for Kanye West Kim Kardashian probably will still give everybody out there in the business her pussy so bad for back off of Jordyn woods I guess you told Khloe Kardashian yoplait pussy you just got f***


                                                                                                  Jordan gonna be alright her family has money the girls is not homeless

                                                                                                  Natasha Jackson

                                                                                                    Kim Kardashian is one of the biggest hoes out of the Kardashians so she don't have no right to say anything about Jordyn woods cheating because how many dicks has she didn't had in her mouth and her vagina that don't make her look like a woman that make her like a w** and it's not a good look on her daughter since you have no room to talk about no one

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