EXTREME MAKEUP DECLUTTER *crazy before & after!*

Main EXTREME MAKEUP DECLUTTER *crazy before & after!*

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    Tara Michelle
      EXTREME MAKEUP ORGANIZATION *crazy before & after!*

      I’ve been doing some MAJOR cleaning and it was time to go through my ridiculously huge makeup collection and finaaallyyy declutter & organize it!!! Make sure …

      Tara Michelle

        WHO LOVES CLEANING VIDEOS?! also this one is super long so I hope you guys are lovinggggg!!!

        May Lifestyle

          I hope you wiped the drawers before reorganizing 😂💕

          Renata Stav

            I could watch cleaning and decluttering videos all day. They're so satisfying. Lots of love from Greece Tara❤️💙🏖️


              Maintain the great job and delivering in the crowd!

              Dominician Bixtchesz

                So happy for you #TaraMichelle. Cant wait too see the #EmptyHouseTour ♥️💋💆‍♀️🥂🙏

                Mikayla Noelle

                  Omg loved seeing the declutter clips😍 it’s so satisfying to see before and afters!!


                    Sneaky fam 🙂
                    Where did you get the top you’re wearing in this video?

                    Pet_tula Rhodes

                      I can send you my address I’m a Mum of three teen girls who looove mkup , I try my best to let them have things but it gets sooo expensive please send your not wanted stuff to us lol used or not we can sterilised it 😬


                        Send me make up please 😭😭

                        Nicole Friedli

                          How do you have so much makeup 😭

                          Julia Walker

                            Lol I have the bum bum body cream that I got in a Sephora play box and I think it’s the worst smelling thing I’ve ever smelt lmao

                            Malu Luz

                              Tara!! i'm brazilian and this product ''bum bum'' means a 'cute' way to say butt in portuguese! ahaha, also the pronunciation is like ''boomboom'' i know it doesnt matter how you say it i just wanted to tell you this fact!! Cant wait for the packing + moving vlogs OMG <3


                                part of the sneaky fam 😉❤️

                                Jaque Sosa

                                  Where do you get those white shelves for your bags?? 😁

                                  Crusty Dusty

                                    Sneaky fam!!!!!!


                                      you should really donate stuff as you receive them. Like keep the stuff you want to try and donate the shades that aren’t for you. Idk it’s just a thought

                                      Dulce Hernandez

                                        these videos are so satisfying!

                                        Sherone Mcknight-linton

                                          Yes I would love to see you tackle your office since you are moving please to clean with me video please.🙏🏽😲📸📸📸📸📸📸📸😇😇😇😇😊😊😊😊😊

                                          Emily Steele

                                            Sneaky fam! 💛

                                            Chelsea key

                                              You're crazy you have crazy videos been uploaded you have a lot of videos you need to stop.

                                              Maggie Branch

                                                Hey Tara

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