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    Tara Michelle
      EXTREME SPRING CLEANING! *satisfying AF*

      CLEAN WITH ME THIS SPRING!!! I recently got such a kick to do some extreme spring cleaning that can hopefully motivate you to get rid of the crap you’re …

      Tara Michelle

        WHO LOVES A GOOD CLEANING MONTAGE?! I had such an urge this past weekend to fulllyyyyy start my spring cleaning & started with my closet/bedroom! this was yeaaaars overdue but the most satisfying thing I've done in awhile!!!! what room do you think I should clean next?!?!


          You thank your clothes for being in your life and serving you, and while it does seem a bit stupid, it's important to be grateful and will help you combat the "sad" feeling you got from getting rid of certain things. ❤️


            Been dying to do some spring cleaning too!! Waiting for my next day off work to tackle it😁😁

            Olivia Garcia

              okay but where are your jeans from!?!?!?!

              Liz M

                Omg can we talk about how her jeans are worth $248!

                Anna B

                  I literally have 4 pairs of jeans, 5 pairs of workout shorts, 3 jean shorts, and maybe 15 shirts and like 8 hoodies, and 4 pairs of shoes.

                  Patri Torres

                    You should do this for your makeup! that would be so much fun to watch

                    Alexis Easton

                      where did you get you standing rack?

                      Kenia Luna

                        I admire you because this takes a different type of energy and strength to get rid of that many clothes

                        Eva Barcenas

                          I live for these videos!!! Now I'm cleaning my closet lol


                            Sneaky fam!!!!! 💕

                            S Mi

                              I don’t know why she has to buy so much clothes even she threw them away anyway.

                              Kerani Kent

                                Complete the office! Get rid of clutter it feels good and would refresh your space

                                KRIXX OFFICIAL


                                  Jozie Herrington

                                    Wish I went shopping in your closet before you cleaned it out 😅😍

                                    Olivia Holguin

                                      Tara I love you but you have a lot of stuff and I’m very satisfied with this video. You need to do more please.

                                      Jess Salmon

                                        my kind of content

                                        jessica wise

                                          Oh yeah for sure. Maybe you can do your kitchen.

                                          Shelby Webster

                                            Do this for your whole apartment!

                                            Exactly Like Monica

                                              Woaah!!!!!! That is so satisfying!! Whenever i clean out my closet it feels as if i haven't really took out anything but this is on another level!!! Hahaha

                                              Pamela Simmerman

                                                Loveeee these type of videos!!

                                                Jaime Brooke30

                                                  Awesome job getting rid of clothes. I have a bunch to get rid of that are already sorted to be donated or given to Thred Up. I would like to see a declutter of your kitchen and office.

                                                  Claire Ozga

                                                    I've watched your channel for a while! And I love that you are one of the most realistic YouTubers in your 20s. I am so happy seeing you do you and proud of you. Keep it up girl


                                                      Love your cleaning videos – they’re so satisfying haha! It’s amazing how sometimes the most worn and most valued piece in your wardrobe is something you’ve had for many years, while other items you might splurge on now and think you’ll get a lot of wear out of only end up getting worn a couple of times. Your ‘after’ wardrobe is still bigger than my ‘before’ wardrobe. 😂 Well done, Tara!

                                                      Sucheta Das

                                                        Why do people even unlike videos? Just get tf out if you don't like it 🙄😂 BTW love you Tara!!

                                                        Charmen Suitos

                                                          YOU REALLY MOTIVATE ME TO CLEAN MY CLOSET HAHAHAHA

                                                          excuse you

                                                            i'm jelly of your neatness Tara! 😘 because i'm the organized mess type 😭🔨

                                                            Tabitha Sylvia

                                                              Can you do a trying on everything in my closet video now that you have done this???

                                                              Deborah Han

                                                                yes girl love these cleaning vids!!

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