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    Wayne Goss

      If you have trouble with eyeshadow give this a go. LINKS Wayne Goss Brushes Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Vol 2 …

      Ashley Kelly-Holden

        Thank you for a real zoom in.

        kiera lioness

          Thank you very for your helpful tips for hooded eyes

          Tanja Dorn

            I love your Videos. Greetings from Germany

            Aida Ibrahim

              Beautiful ❣️❣️❣️


                Ive followed multiple eyeshadow tutorials on youtube, some for hooded eyes some general. I remember one time the smokey eye turned out quite well, well blended and all and looked good. Until I opened my eyes and half of it disappeared 😂😭


                  i love watching your videos..wish you could do my make up!

                  Lisa Nutini

                    Don't go now. Really!

                    M F

                      I will definitely try this. It’s the opposite of what I have been doing for years. I am always trying to darken the hood so this will be different. Thank you. Ps. The makeup i am wearing in my picture is from a 50’s mother son dance. Have a wonderful Easter.


                        Lui non ha la palpebra calante e questo make up non funziona quando il problema è davvero serio.

                        A K

                          Wayne you are so brilliant!! Could you make a tutorial for deep set eyes makeup? I can never do a winged liner with my eye cavity although my eyes have beautiful shape.


                            Wayne, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! I've never been a fan of makeup or learning how to wear makeup. It always seems soooo complicated and I always got frustrated and then just gave up. Your tips, tricks, explanations and demonstrations are fun, interesting and I literally watch them multiple times. You've made me love learning how to wear make up….especially now..I'm 48 years young! Thank you for sharing your talent and expertise! Thank you from France!


                              My eyelashes are straight, and pointing kind of downwards. For some reason waterproof mascara helps with the curl. My hooded eyes really appreciated this ❤

                              Ad Ks

                                Your hair gets nice 🙂

                                Issa Exconde – Agbayani

                                  I have hooded eyes but have uneven lids. My right eye has 2-3 folds while my left eye has a very deep crease (idk if that's the right term to describe it).. Hope you could also do a tutorial for us 😔

                                  Hu Da

                                    ILove your makup but l can't understand English

                                    Hu Da

                                      Can you speak Arabic or write Arabic last the viedo pleassssse

                                      Jo Noneya

                                        Thanks Wayne….making the world beautiful 1 woman at a time!! 👍👍😊😊💁💄💅

                                        Cynthias stylemua

                                          Cheeky! 😉❤️💜


                                            There is nothing hideous on you ❤️

                                            hannah roebem

                                              When is your eyeshadow set back in stock? I am waiting forever!

                                              Carmen Franzen

                                                Wayne, your videos are the best! YOU are best! <3

                                                The Merz

                                                  Simplistic so long as a girl has Charlotte Tilbury. 😉 Hehe Enjoyed this, always looks so easy when you do it!

                                                  Najah Parvez

                                                    Why are you so gorgeous can I get a heart from you Wayne 😘

                                                    Jovana Kocić

                                                      i like to follow the outer curve of the lower lash line for eyeliner and shadow too… that way the liner is an extension of your eye!


                                                        Quick, simple, beautiful. (Definitely a Bobbi Brown type of look!) I love it, thank you!!!

                                                        Farwa Khan

                                                          Wayne is so hot! Why did he have to be gay? 😣

                                                          Naomi MUA

                                                            Use this rule a lot day to day, great for work etc … I’ll try the lash curling tip first next time though 💛

                                                            Annette’s Makeup Corner

                                                              Lol trying to be a 'beauty guru' with hooded eyes and not being able to do the looks I want to do really does suck 😂

                                                              Valery Kim

                                                                It is like asian makeup))


                                                                  You’re a gem! I started to get really worried a few years back as I started showing signs of aging around the eyes. I also have a big scar through one eyelid & brow which has affected symmetry etc & an annoying vein on my eye similar to you…ugh! I’m a mess! I love wearing makeup, especially eyeshadow, as my eyes are my only decent feature (yes, despite the scars & wrinkles my eyes are my only good feature!). So when they started to go I was worried but your tips have really helped me to continue wearing & playing with makeup & working around my flaws & tricky bits! 😂Thanks Wayne xox

                                                                  Avril Bissell

                                                                    Hi Wayne, I thoroughly enjoy your videos as it helps me be more confidence with all aspects of make up skills. Your tips are so valuable to me, as at the age of 56, I have changed my career by going to college and becoming a beauty therapist.
                                                                    I love your light heartent view as it is so refreshing.
                                                                    Keep up with your brilliant vlogs as they are inspiring
                                                                    Take care
                                                                    Avril XX

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