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    Wayne Goss

      LINKS Wayne Goss Brushes Brush 16 Large Eye Shadow Crease Brush Brush 17 Eye Shadow Crease Brush Brush …

      Buma Closet

        I’m always learning when I watch your videos. Thank you and God for the knowledge he impacted into you 💕💕💕💕


          this looks so pretty, thanks Wayne 💖


            Wonderful look super helpful for me when I apply make up to people with eyes like this 🙂

            Beauty by Anne-Chris

              Seriously nobody does tutorials quit like you, I learn so much everytime and I have been doing make up for a while. Thanks for a great one again ❤️

              Earl Grey

                I’m so jealous with Western girls, (and boys now), they have beautiful deep eyes, while my eyes aren’t deep at all, so if I ever apply eyeshadow, they would look like Being punched at 😦

                Emma S

                  Excellent as always Mr Goss any chance you could do tips for people with very round eyes as I can't seem to find anything tips of where to apply shadows to reduce the round appearance and god knows were I'm suppose to wing liner to! Any suggestions would really help round eyed people out!!!

                  Maria’s Channel

                    I use a little mirror for my make up 10+ I did these make up when I show One video of Lisa, making Marilyn Monroe dupe. I didn’t want, to be exactly like Monroe.
                    This is my video:

                    I know it’s not perfect but I like it. 😊

                    Jeff Chou

                      always lovely content, unlike some other gurus who are too busy being in drama

                      Maria’s Channel

                        Good morning!
                        It’s the Earth gravity…
                        Thank you thank you thank you for this video!!! 💕💗💕

                        Chris Lecher

                          "….but first I'm going to pick my nose!" One of many reasons why I love you so much, Wayne. You're hilarious, you're gorgeous, you love makeup, you're super smart, kind and extremely insightful. You're perfect exactly as you are.

                          Kai Arr

                            "The reason I… hold my eye up here- is because I'm old". Now thats so funny Wayne. Plus I dont think you're old.

                            marie Young

                              Thanks so much! Love the close ups. What was the dark purple shade please?

                              Chris Lecher

                                Alright Wayne, this is a great video. Now, when can we buy these gorgeous eyeshadows of yours???

                                Ernestine Williams

                                  Wayne Thank you again for showing us aging ladies that we can were colors.
                                  I have watched your older videos and this one really put it down. You are really a true gentleman.
                                  This one is a keeper for me. Really showed me. Thank you. Ern 💛
                                  And why is men get better looking than us ladies. 😊

                                  danielle king

                                    I do something similar to this just because it's the way that looks best on me. I love the dots in the crease. That will save me. I have a divot right where one would connect the top and bottom shadow, or make their wing. I can never get that to look right

                                    Désirée Ohrbeck

                                      I love your videos. Thank you so much, doing my eyeshadow in my 40s is definitely different from when I was in my 20s. Trying to learn as I go without too much frustration- you are so helpful and you make it fun, uncomplicated and unpretentious 😊

                                      Lhmcd 55

                                        Thank you I have wrinkled eyelids as well as hooded eyes. I will go and try this. The skin certainly moves. 😆

                                        Sheila Peer

                                          Thanks for this !

                                          amy 2beshh

                                            love love love🤩🤩 because ı dont know well eng but can understand ur sentence. great man😘😘 also u'r very sweet😄

                                            Space Bike Music

                                              You have a way of making it feel like you're talking just to me personally. I'm gonna do my eyes your way tomorrow. And I am thoroughly satisfied with me new Wayne Goss brushes.

                                              Lady Caroline De wymmer

                                                Thank you for a lovely informative video I don't do a lot of makeup but your vidioes are so nice and relaxing love the up beat logo

                                                Sharman Wood

                                                  Great information and demonstration! Thank you. I will try your tips tomorrow, as I have 50 year old hooded eyes. I love purple, too.

                                                  Jen Sawyer

                                                    First, love the purple…it's my favorite color. The difference between the eye you did and the eye you didn't is amazing! It looks well defined, more open, and larger. You have so much talent, and your tutorials are amazing and so easy to follow! I have just the start of a hooded eye, and would love to see how you could incorporate very bold, shimmery colors without them looking a hot mess!

                                                    Tessa Rowell

                                                      I did this exact look for a dinner date… got so many compliments!! Thanks Wayne…i really needed this!!! 🥰

                                                      Stephanie Gillis

                                                        I so wish you could show me in person how to do my eye shadow on my smallish, deep set, hooded eyes….I can watch you all day, and STILL struggle with eyeshadow, so I usually skip eyeshadow all together even though I love it.

                                                        Sai Priya Chodavarapu

                                                          Im 25 and have a super hooded eye, wonder how much worse it's gonna get as I get older 😩

                                                          shakura and the girls mazeday

                                                            Yes!..am going to try it
                                                            Thank you Wayne x

                                                            Larisa Andriychenko



                                                                you’re amazing!! thank you for your tips & tricks! love you ♥️

                                                                mararah petrah Caprah

                                                                  💖💖💖 best eye tutorial with minimum brush usage.

                                                                  Marie DC

                                                                    I need to try this. Thank you Wayne.. 💓🙏🏽 You make it seem so effortless. 😊

                                                                    Chrissy 8675309

                                                                      Thank you for the great ideas and tutorial. Have a great weekend!!!🦋

                                                                      tanyia hulen

                                                                        Love the video!! But I would really like to see the technic done on a more mature person. Your mirrors must be wonky because I don’t see age in your eyes👍

                                                                        dr. mikeska

                                                                          "I hold my eye because I'm old!" Ha ha, sorry of my life Wayne!😂😂😂😂


                                                                            1. Thanks for sure wonderful tips. My eyes look way better. 2. Can you do a brow tip for those of us who may have over plucked in the 90s and need help working with very little 🤣. Thanks hun!!

                                                                            Cynthia Boot

                                                                              You have beautiful Eyes Wayne . Thankyou for sharing all your great tips!

                                                                              Erin Mc

                                                                                Beautiful!! Love all your videos, you are so helpful… Thank You!!

                                                                                Mama Malaika

                                                                                  I can’t use eyeshadow as liner because it irritates my dry eyes. Can I do this with a gel or ink eyeliner for the same results? Thanks!! ❤️


                                                                                    Thanks a million Wayne! This is just what I needed! I also wear glasses, so this bold look is perfect for people who want the shadow to be seen. Sometimes glasses will obscure all that makeup. Again, thanks!

                                                                                    Kathleen Coomans

                                                                                      Love love the tutorial…would you consider listing the exact colours and brands you use of shadows, pencils, etc also…I know you don’t advertise but sometimes there is a particular colour or pencil I would like to know if I already have or could want to buy…

                                                                                      Nora J

                                                                                        I love your tutorials! I feel like I’m actually learning something when I watch your channel. Thank you! 🌷

                                                                                        Random Shuffle

                                                                                          I love your tutorials Wayne. I have problematic eye shape and I will do this 😉

                                                                                          Linda Olson

                                                                                            Gorgeous purple eye shadow!!! ❤️❤️
                                                                                            I’m going to be brave enough one day to wear that color myself


                                                                                              OMG!! The dot idea!!! You are the best💫, love this video, love your red 👂

                                                                                              Lisa bartelli

                                                                                                I have the old droopy eyes😫 Thanks for these reminders!

                                                                                                Amna Aslam

                                                                                                  I wish i can do my eye make up as smoothly as wayne.I always create mess


                                                                                                    Thanks, I have a very hard time doing eye makeup due to being blind in one eye. Going to try and do this look. You make it look so easy.

                                                                                                    lindsey bailes

                                                                                                      Every time I watch a video by Wayne, I learn something new. Do I have mature eyes? Yes….but probably not what this video was aiming at. That said, I will try this technique….because I try all of the techniques Wayne gives. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

                                                                                                      Di :3

                                                                                                        Wayne i really love these tutorials for hooded eyes but I still can’t completely do this, I think my eyes are particularly problematic. I can’t do push liner, I can’t do that dot in the outside corner because of the fold. I wish my eyes were like yours at least!😭 now, I have used some of these tips and your brushes and I have managed a solution that I think it works. I don’t have many options and I can’t use many colors, I can’t do smoky eyes but at least they look better😊

                                                                                                        Nancy B

                                                                                                          That little mean look he gives his red ear is adorable.

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