Fall Jackets You NEED this Season! try on haul

Main Fall Jackets You NEED this Season! try on haul

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    Alex Centomo
      Fall Jackets You NEED this Season! try on haul

      My fall jacket essentials that I think you need this season! Follow me on instagram: Open for links! Jackets in order of …

      Maren Vivien

        I love fall sooo much! And I am looking forward to see many fall themed videos on your channel haha <3

        A Prisilia

          I don’t know why I’m watching this, I live in a tropical island, I guess I just love Alex

          Kealie Skye

            Could you do a summer/spring essentials video or something? We’re just getting into the warmer weather and would love something like that πŸ’•

            Mnera Latif

              🧑🍁The coziness of this video 🍁🧑

              Manon Van Vliet

                Of course your first fall video of the year is in a gray sweater πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‰

                sara luciano

                  You looked happier in this video compared to the last few. love your hair color and style !!!!!!

                  The Bubi

                    Yesss your videos are absolutely amazing and I would looove to see more similar to this one😍😍

                    Anna Newton

                      I think an autumnal jacket with an all black outfit looks so bomb πŸ”₯πŸ’•

                      Madison Bare

                        The free people denim jacket it so cute!! What size did you get?

                        Danyelle Jones

                          Meanwhile it's 96 degrees in my neck of the woods. I get to live through you. It won't get chilly here until thanksgiving.

                          Kaitlyn Rose

                            So so cute! I’m so excited for fall!


                              You are so beautiful all the time, and especially in this video. I love this look so much πŸ™πŸΌ thank you for the fall content I’m so excited for this season


                                I love this type of video! Please do more with other items!!! πŸ™‚

                                dani 17

                                  You are one of the best Youtubers for fall content. That beautiful Canadian location is everything! So glad you are not in Florida or somewhere like that.

                                  Jennifer Em

                                    fall fashion is THE BEST 😍

                                    thesunthemoon thetruth09

                                      And can I have your jackets πŸ§₯😱

                                      thesunthemoon thetruth09

                                        Fall makes me happy too. Love your fits for fall…😍

                                        10 10

                                          You seem really healthy and happy 😊

                                          Shannon Calvert

                                            Ahh I’m so excited for fall! Glad you mentioned your Montreal travel guide, my bestie and I are coming next week and need recommendations! πŸ’—

                                            Berklee Ryann

                                              you always have the best fall fashion!!

                                              kylie duhachek

                                                I love it!! I love all things fall and your accounts are so beautiful!! πŸ‚πŸ₯°

                                                Angie C

                                                  All of the jackets are absolutely beautiful! I always come back to your videos for style advices cause yours its the best! πŸ’›

                                                  M. A.

                                                    Love your fall content! πŸ‚Even though i own too many jackets, i now have to look for an oversized one, like u wear them. Thanks, Alex πŸ˜„

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