Farmer's Bride Wants to Wear Wellies on Her Big Day | Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

Main Farmer's Bride Wants to Wear Wellies on Her Big Day | Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Farmer's Bride Wants to Wear Wellies on Her Big Day | Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

      Jilly wants a short & flirty dress that is equally as stunning as it is practical. Will Gok Wan be able to customise a dress that meets her criteria and looks good with …

      Anja Bakker


        Giga Fall

          If I find someone to marry me and need a dress I'd def go to see Gok!

          Kate RH

            Got to love Gok — suggests she puts sheep food in her pocket on a dairy farm.

            MozzafiARTo PopArt

              she should’ve stuck to her initial idea of wearing wellies BUT an ankle one in a lighter colour … && possibly blinged up a little


                For anyone else wondering Wellies are rainboots.


                  The bride is really beautiful. Her voice is so soothing, and she has great style!

                  Glenys Thomson

                    I do not like, Say Yes To The Dress! For goodness sake the marriage matters, not the damned dress. All this emotion and stuff. Doesn't matter what the dress is if the couple are not suited. Prioritizes Please!!

                    Gorgeous G

                      Goy, you are absolutely fantastic… Love this show.


                        The dress at 1:15 is gorgeous!

                        Dee Lg

                          Aww when her sister started was such a beautiful happy moment !! N i m crying with them !! Happy for the bride 🙂

                          Manue Mauricio

                            Very unique style

                            Ale Irineo

                              No shit she not skinny she not all that like other brides I seen in the show ! But the fuck in her 3 dress !!! Soon she came down the starts I cried !!! Legit !!! Hermosa !!! Studding

                              Kimi no namae wa

                                The boobs on that dress jeez


                                  SYTTD Lancashire is 100% my favourite version of this show. From what I've seen, there doesn't seem to have the bitter family drama that is shown in other versions. Gok is such a positive personality to have, makes the appointments feel relaxed, and it seems like he actual cares what the brides want and sticks to the budget. You can see he really cares about making the brides feel good about themselves. Always knew how good he was with making people feel beautiful with all the other shows he's done, he's the perfect person to have for this.

                                  Jimi MaGee

                                    Gok really adds to this programme. His main focus is the bride. She looks incredible


                                      Yeahhhh…the 2nd dress was so much better :/

                                      Anna Nestor

                                        what is the dress on the mannequin at 1:30???

                                        GR. Hollman

                                          She's Sweet

                                          Mariah Senecal-Reilly

                                            this is the best bride ever. love her and this lancashire version of SYTTD.

                                            Huzaira Farooq Siddiqui

                                              First time I've seen a short wedding dress look so good on someone.


                                                I love Gok so much ~

                                                Marcia Cardoso

                                                  The third dress is perfect! I loved it.

                                                  Smileyrie James

                                                    “You’re not happy. I can tell you’re not happy”…. unmmm I was actually very happy before you said that. The second dress was the most flattering of all. Even the first one was more flattering than the third. But as long as she’s happy

                                                    Abi Danielson

                                                      That face omg it reminds me of the Mona Lisa

                                                      Danielle Denis

                                                        The boots are ridiculous

                                                        Winter Colon

                                                          He swear he got taste. The big giant be choosing horrible dresses

                                                          nour sawli

                                                            One rich farmer

                                                            Jennifer Jessup

                                                              Gok is such a star! Love him

                                                              Victoria Nichkhun

                                                                I like this version more tbh

                                                                Kookie’s Life

                                                                  im sorry its just weird……nice dresses but like wellies wtf?

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