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    Sarahs Day
      Fat Loss & Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone // PROJECT COMEBACK ep.4

      Project comeback is well underway and today I’m stepping outside my comfort zone and introducing a new workout into my routine… KICKBOXING!! This well is …

      Gabriela Stoykova

        'My baby daddy' you're too cute! 😊

        Zena Cheong

          Sarah this is not new information but u are so cool 🥰🥰🥰



            Get Up and Move NZ

              Love watching your videos! You and Kurt are so perfect together, always make me laugh! I definitely want to try kickboxing after watching your videos! 😛

              Nino Dugla

                i can’t believe that video didn’t start with cuddling in bed😂🥰


                  Oh my word, Kurt's foot is like half of Sarah's torso, makes me nervous lol.

                  Simona Talarico

                    Go Sarah! Just had my boxing session last night – and you‘re vlog just makes me wanna go back and smash out another session!! 😍💪🏻 🥊

                    Corrinne Chapman

                      This was so good! Good on you Kurt for giving yoga a go! I can't even encourage my man to gym it with me!

                      Neve Robinson

                        Check out this Boss Mama!! Goals!!

                        Kiani De Pledge
                          Jen Humphry

                            Can you please do a little beginners video of all those poses (and others 😀 )
                            I find that SO cool, this is my new goal!!


                              How do you not get a headache having your hair pulled back so tight! 😂


                                Sarah you need to start up a Sydney yoga studio, Id be there!

                                Heather J

                                  Love seeing your fitness journey, it's so inspiring!

                                  Heather J

                                    What music did you use in your video?

                                    lady k

                                      Can you please do a yoga flow video?!

                                      Chloe Rooker

                                        "just don't hit my junk" omg i died haha <3

                                        Rachel Dodson

                                          Go Sezzy!!🙌🏻💪🏻💪🏻

                                          Annie Medosch

                                            Where’s Fox during your workouts with Kurt?

                                            Marlene Mendoza

                                              I love how Kurt knows her potential and pushes her to achieve it, I think that is beautiful 😊❤️

                                              Perla Salazar

                                                I appreciate kurt so much he seems like an awsome partner from what you show us. God bless your little family!

                                                Morgan Shamblin

                                                  Kurtle the Turtle. Yoga guru in the making.

                                                  Madz Anderson

                                                    "i want other babies" HAHAHAHAHAHHA

                                                    Moira Mangum

                                                      I literally get sad after watching your videos because then I know I have to wait a week for another one 😂

                                                      Moira Mangum

                                                        sarah you are such an inspiration to me. I have been watching you since the beginning. you, kurt, and little baby fox are so cute. I love you so much! ❤️❤️

                                                        Rachel Bong

                                                          I literally want you and Chontel Duncan to team up for something

                                                          QUEEN RAGHD

                                                            nice 💪🏼

                                                            Victoria P

                                                              Japanese jiu jitsu ? Jiu jitsu is Brazilian

                                                              NICOLE LITTLEJOHNS

                                                                Hi Sarah… you and Kurt are an incredibly supportive couple, a true rare thing in this life. So many people are benefited by having the opportunity to witness your relationship.


                                                                  Sarah do you know when you'll start uploading every 3 days again?


                                                                    I know you've mentioned that you often hold weight in your arms. My upper arms are definitely one of the biggest issues for me. I know you can't really target weight loss to one area, but do you have any tips? Your arms look amazing!!

                                                                    Amanda Pace

                                                                      Sarah is a badass

                                                                      Maya Datt

                                                                        This was so much fun to watch!! I wanna try boxing now!

                                                                        Kimmy LaPorte

                                                                          Hey Sezzy! Where did you get your pink boxing gloves? Been looking for a pair so I can box with my bf. He did jujutsu and karate as well! 😊

                                                                          Hailee Bennett

                                                                            Can you write the sequence out so we can do this at home?

                                                                            LINA ANDRADE

                                                                              Hi does your topeica protein come in sample sizes ? Love your videos!

                                                                              Melissa S

                                                                                Fire! 🙌🏼💯

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