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      FAVORITES & FAILS SWAP with Rachhloves

      Today I’m swapping my worst products of the year with my OG YouTube beauty pal Rachel for her best products of the year. Go Watch the other half of our collab …


        Hey guys, for everyone wondering why I gave Rachel a “dirty” Blendiful … We filmed two videos back to back, this video was the 2nd one of the day. Her Blendiful, was new for the first video and used for this one. xo’s

        MayMilo Lm

          Your blendiful sucks!!!…and by the way, is time of the month? You seem annoyed.


            Brow powder is my go-to! I map out my shape with a pencil and fill with powder. The one I use is in a pan, and I put it on with a brush, though. I don't like the ones with those weird applicators.

            Nichole Benton

              I'm blown away with the pur foundation!

              Hanan Hazard


                Jenna Stewart

                  Can we get an updated eyeliner favorites?

                  Andrea Janko

                    Really not sure why people had an issue with this video. I loved it

                    Jodi G

                      First video Ive watched of Tati's… Is she always this blunt and looking like she is in a bad mood? 😬


                        OMG since you’re moving to Seattle, you should totally do a collaboration with Taylor Wynn AKA thataylaa!!!

                        mmkay Kristie

                          was anyone else convinced racchloves already had a full face of makeup on!?

                          Amanda Renee

                            More collabs y’all are the same person! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                            Catherine Beardmore

                              Hi Tati. Love your videos. Can you please turn down the lighting some. I can no longer see the products or how they're performing on the skin. Thanks!

                              lily henderson

                                everyone saying tatis vibe is off… yes. shes def like those girls in high school who dont know how to hang out w people who arent in their “group”

                                Alyssa Martinez

                                  Tati bringing back the wing!

                                  Andersson G

                                    Ufff Tati’s face when she said: baby coming through! Excited voice but completely serious face. Something is off….


                                      This video felt a bit slow…

                                      K lol Yeah

                                        what I’m interested in is how Rachel uses the setting spray and then reacts to it like it’s nasty for the “first time” when in her video 4 days ago she uses it no problem??? Showing she has used it before ??

                                        Kelliann DeCarlo

                                          LOVE these two.

                                          Miss Wendy

                                            Ahhh my blendiful came in. Cant wait to use it!!! Love u tati!!!

                                            Cassandra Dennis

                                              I’m sorry Rachel, that’s your bare face? I need your secrets

                                              Sam Oli

                                                TATI IS CLEARLY JEALOUS BECAUSE SHE CAN´T GET PREGGO. KEEP IT PROFESH LADY!!


                                                  I seriously love her!

                                                  Manders Beauties

                                                    I forgot how much I love watching you two together:

                                                    S Douglas

                                                      I shall check out that pür minerals foundation.

                                                      Stacy guerr

                                                        I feel like Tati did whatever she wanted. She even behaved stuck up like she feels she's better.

                                                        garden heart

                                                          There's something really off with tati she looks pissed off for real. I feel sorry for rach she's so sweet

                                                          Natalie Byrd

                                                            Why is your vibe so off?

                                                            chanez noor

                                                              Omg!! Tati being so jealous of rachael for being pregnant soooo obvious!! Weird vibe dude!!

                                                              Mary Claire Odom

                                                                Literally my faves on Youtube!!!!!!! Love y’all !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                Rachel Frumkin

                                                                  "You'll taste it in your nightmares."


                                                                    I don't get why people critique on this video… I love their chemistry, in both of their videos.

                                                                    Brittney Dunbar

                                                                      The only thing about this video that I have to pick at is I wish Tati would have gave Rachel a new Blendiful. Other than that the video was cute 🤎

                                                                      Melissa Smith

                                                                        I'm not subscribed to Rachel's channel. I will now. Her energy is sweet & fresh. Tati seemed " off" in this video. It was uncomfortable to watch her.

                                                                        i am not funny

                                                                          i use brow powder 🙁

                                                                          Briley Blue Eyes

                                                                            OMG I loooooove RachLoves!!

                                                                            Audrey Bdr

                                                                              The look on tati’s face when Rachel showed her beautiful belly ? Like « yeah whatever » I mean I usually LOVE Tati, but this video wasn’t it.

                                                                              Gianna Marie

                                                                                tati is acting like she’s better than rachel, there’s a reason i stopped watching her


                                                                                  I usually never hear things that youtubers point out in their video, but I heard that mowing lol. It’s a sunny Saturday here in Northern California so I thought maybe it was coming from my backyard so I paused your video and nope 😂😂

                                                                                  You two did so well with this! I’ve never heard of rachloves so I’m heading over to her channel now. Thanks Tati 🥰

                                                                                  Faith G.

                                                                                    There's only 2 product links/mentioned in the video description…? Even for the loved items OR Rach's pallet..?


                                                                                      your like…one of few youtubers that use a outfit more than once.this shirt you used on jan2 video..and thats fine…it's just that A LOT o yt make a thing of not reuse any clothes…or use real furr(yucks Jstar)

                                                                                      Melania Gheorghe

                                                                                        Yes, love you both and love seing you again together.

                                                                                        Heather Shoenberger

                                                                                          I LOVE this ♡♡♡ love both of you♡♡♡


                                                                                            That was a really odd moment when Tati just got up and walked around leaving Rachel on her own. Then Tati hands her a dirty blendiful.

                                                                                            Also when she just handed Rachel the concealer and said "have fun" then didn't say another word?? Weird

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