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      FIANCE DOES MY MAKEUP IN DUTCH!!! | NikkieTutorials

      It is finally happening! I’ve been begging my fiancé Dylan to come on my channel and do my makeup for months now!!! He’s finally stepping in front of the …



        Fatima I. Ibrahim

          Without reading the title of the video I thought thats her younger brother

          ungku aqilah

            he is sooooo sweet..the first time he did your was quite good 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

            Cameron Garcia

              Nikkie’s voice reminds me of a sims character…. especially when she’s speaking Dutch it’s sounds like gibberish lol

              Hailey Camille

                It’s very different to hear all the words that are similar to English!😄I love these videos❤️

                Katty Kitty

                  Y A LL B SOO CUTE THO


                  Celia Ramos

                    okay what if your mom does half your face and dylan does the other

                    Lydia Johnson

                      You two looked like you had fun.

                      anne sison

                        I love how giddy nikki is 💕


                          I was so surprised to see how much I actually understood o.o (I'm German) I'm so glad that he tried his best and didn't intentionally mess it up like it's usually the case in these kinds of videos


                            7:26 "…that's when the Fire Nation attacked." 😅🤣

                            Kahukura Ratima

                              happy new year

                              Christian Mendoza

                                I love this I think it’s so cool she’s bilingual


                                  how in the world does dutch sounds natural on dylan but on nikkie sounds so so weird???? im so used to her english haahaha i loved this video!!!

                                  Ima Van Aerssen

                                    Like als je nl bent

                                    Esra Yildiz

                                      Wat een heerlijk mens die Dylan. “Ik moest volgende dag gewoon werkahhhhhh” 10:13 ik kan niet meer😭😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                      Vienna Goldenburg

                                        Ik verstond alles jeeeeyy

                                        Senpai Cookiez

                                          We need more! (Ben no tho)


                                            I've never seen so many cliches at the same time

                                            Channing Morgan

                                              My God! You’re both adorable. I can’t stand it! 😍


                                                5:025:06 Adorable🥴🤣🤣


                                                  the sims5 leak with new realistic graphics and subtitles

                                                  Okay Susi

                                                    he looks like 16

                                                    Alayna Schmidt

                                                      ik kan zien dat hij je erg blij maakt, ik ben zo blij voor jullie!


                                                        It’s so crazy watching this as an English/German speaker and like almost understanding some of it??

                                                        WELOVEMARVEL 3000

                                                          Damnn he's sweet

                                                          tommy sullivan

                                                            HIS LIPS ARE SO PIGMENTED!!!! WOW

                                                            FED.UZ. TV

                                                              2)напиши готова
                                                              3)и у тебя +1 подписчик

                                                              Melissa Robinson

                                                                OMGOSHHHHH HE WAS A DOLL!!!!!

                                                                Cayla !

                                                                  Why is the Dutch accent giving me Sims vibes like ik y’all hear this( NO disrespect to the DUTCH language)

                                                                  Emo_Girl_Is_A_KillJoy 04

                                                                    Nikkie: Today I am being joined by Mr.Tutorials, or my nephew or son or brother or baby.
                                                                    Me: Reads title
                                                                    Also me: sWeET HoME ALaBaMa, This was a joke for those who took it seriously

                                                                    J KZM

                                                                      Nikki fiancé more pretty than her lol

                                                                      Chloe Plunkett

                                                                        He looks 15….


                                                                          dylan, hun, it's better for you to stay in the kitchen and leave these things to your fiance 😂


                                                                            Dat is heel vet

                                                                            Alyssa Papke

                                                                              Y'all are freaking adorable together 😍😍


                                                                                8:42 nikkie mirin her man for a minute straight

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