FIRST 48 HOURS!! Body After Birth + Bringing Our Newborn Home | Baby & Puppy Meet!

Main FIRST 48 HOURS!! Body After Birth + Bringing Our Newborn Home | Baby & Puppy Meet!

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    Sarahs Day
      FIRST 48 HOURS!! Body After Birth + Bringing Our Newborn Home | Baby & Puppy Meet!

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      Liv Page

        Watching abby with fox for the first time melted my heart. I am so in love. Wow. Perfect best friends. Bubba Fox and Doggo Abby!😍 ❤️

        kloe cowan

          I think most ladies abs seperate while they are pregnant so of course they they going to be separated straight after birth, midwifes shouldn’t really assess the ab separation straightaway most of the time they come back together one their own, if they haven’t by the 6 week MHC then start to see a physiotherapist

          Kristine Kula

            I wonder if Fox has jaundice, my son did and looked a little yellowish


              Like seriously though, how much does he look like Sarah?

              Fanny Couvreur

                I’m feeling so much love for the four of you, already! 😍

                Els Vanderwaeren

                  wish you all the best 😘

                  Lucy Matthews

                    You and Kurt are killing it Sez! You are meant for parenthood ☺️ and what a legend Abbi is xx

                    Maddalyn Bloomfield

                      Your mum reminds me so much of my mum. She passed away in 2013. I sent you a photo of her on Instagram (madimary19)

                      Becca Charlotte

                        Aww he looks like a doll 😍 he is perfect 💚💚💚💚💚 also Sarah you're amazing! Xxx

                        Lila Grace

                          Don’t forget about tummy time!!! It’s very very important xxx

                          Brooklyn Rachel

                            Kurt and sezzy with a baby kind of hurt my ovaries

                            Jade Foley

                              Oh my goodness you're an actual angel 🥰 I love the honest talk and real life stuff

                              zoë wijnands

                                Omg I want a baby so bad 😍😂😭 and Abby is so cute

                                Annabel Richards

                                  OMG HES GORGEOUS ❤️❤️😍🥰

                                  Ellen Amato

                                    You’re a natural!

                                    Casey Roberta

                                      Ohhh Abby 😍💕😭 bless your lil heart!
                                      Congratulations guys! Gorgeous little family 👪 💕

                                      Dalva O’Connell

                                        Congratulations to to both!! He is adorable!! You look fantastic and of course your personality and smile brighten everyone’s day!!! Hope you heal quickly!! Women, how amazing are we!!!🥰🥰


                                          Ooh my goodness! Abby really seems like she thinks fox is her own bubba 😍😍 so so adorable!

                                          Poo Poo Face

                                            5 minutes in… And my Make up is messed up 😩😭😭😭😭😪😪😪 soooo Beautiful Thank you for sharing this special time 🎀💗♥️🙏🏽

                                            Jasmin Clasby

                                              The after birth contractions are so cruel😫 as if we haven’t gone through enough pain haha

                                              Chantel Dodd

                                                I think that Abby is going to be really protective of Fox and not let him out of her sight.❤️❤️ Luv you so much Sezzy 😊😍😊😍

                                                Maria Segovia

                                                  He is so cute and it was nice to see the reaction from Abby. Glad to see how well you are doing. Please talk more about postpartum experience

                                                  Julia Rivera

                                                    Omg sezzy, Fox is soo adorable I cant even!! And you look amazing!! And you can see how much you love being a mom!!

                                                    Adriana Murphy

                                                      He is so fricken cute I can’t deal! And you guys are crushing it, the love you have for him already is so beautiful 😍

                                                      UNI CORN

                                                        Thank you for being so real and open about everything like peeing and stuff coming out of your body. Those are the little things you ask yourself, but no one really talks about them. Also, i thought after giving birth you'd be knocked down for at least 2 weeks and can't rekally do anything, but you're running around and looking like a normal person😂❤️ anyway, I'm so so happy for your little family, all the best to you!!!

                                                        Soul Whisperer 101

                                                          Fox Ocean looks just like his dad Kurt! – he's so cute! ~ You're a Beautiful Family!

                                                          Leila Jade

                                                            Omg, i just love him!

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