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    Wayne Goss

      Thank you to EVERYONE that left such lovely message on my videos (and other peoples videos) for all all the incredible kindness you’ve all shown. It means …

      lisa benson

        You are such a blessing to all of us!

        Lisa Jurlina

          Wayne, love your work, your channel is the highlight of my evenings! Wishing you all the best for your future ventures and hoping you surround yourself with people like yourself, loving, kind and trustworthy souls❤️. Many years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I got married, and wore a fushcia lipstick, the exact colour of my bridesmaids dresses (it was the 80s!! don’t judge!!) So thrilled to see you feature one-they say if you wore a trend the first time round you really shouldn’t again (is that a polite way of saying I’m to old?) but dammit-that’s so pretty I’m pretty sure I’m gonna try it😁😳

          Andrea Motbey

            Wayne, I love watching your videos. Smart, funny and no bullshit! When I'm doing housework, cooking etc and the kids are being little monsters, I put your videos on and have a laugh and learn something. Sorry to hear of your awful experience – life seems to sling it at the best people some times. Take care of your wonderful self and sending best thoughts to you from Sydney xxx p.s. this is the first time I've ever commented on you tube but I just wanted to show my support

            Laila Saeed

              Elzabith Arden products are amaaaazing

              Pleine lune Myriam

                Thank you 🥰❤️❤️❤️

                Karina J

                  Love you Wayne!! 💗 Sometimes I just play your videos to listen to your voice! So soothing and relaxes me! 😺

                  Terese Wennerstrand

                    Wayne you are the best ❤️ much love

                    Nap & Pen

                      Glad to see you smiling , Funny fact I use to work for EA decades ago & I was about to mention also the ceramide-retinol capsules is one of the best things ever, that’s why is One of the Hero products along with the 8 Hr Cream, now idk about the cleansing oil but I will like you feedback since right now I’m using Bioderma Atoderm oil 👌🏼love the eyeshadow palette, can you do a tutorial with it please 😘❤️

                      Theresa Von Molendorff

                        So glad to see your smile

                        Anne-Marie Stone

                          I'm so glad you haven't lost your sense of humor as you always brighten my day! Every time I receive a notification of a new video from you in my inbox, I stop what I'm doing because your videos are like receiving a gift of love from the heart. That is something so endearing and special about you. Thank you for opening up and sharing troubling events as well as all the good things in your life. That is the meaning of a true friend. I will continue to keep you in my prayers so that each day gets better, happier, and more positive for you. I have your Anniversary Volumn 2 collection along with several other brushes. I absolutely love them! You have taught me so much about makeup applications and beauty. Thank you, dear Wayne, for just being you. Here is a standing ovation to an incredible man with an artistic talent/vision and a universe-size amount of kindness. Keep smiling. Best wishes to you always.

                          Kimberly Jacobson

                            Love you Wayne

                            Amanda MacKenzie

                              Seeing you so obviously delighting in spending time with us (even after all these years) is lovely to see. A statement on the eye indeed!

                              patricia oneill

                                You inspired kindness you get back what you put out wish you the best

                                Dessere Estoconing

                                  Hi!from Philippines here..!I always watch your tutorials because I find it more “educational” for me,haha!i can’t find the right word for it so..😜
                                  The thing is,there’s something in you that’s keep me go checking your chanel.Am a freelance makeup artist and am still learning so thanks to you😘..Keep it all up👍Love you.


                                    I tried the Bodyshop youth drops and it made me break out horribly, unfortunately.

                                    S Serret

                                      I think one of my favorite makeup videos are the ones when you swatch eyeshadows all over your face. Haha… They really make me happy. You're videos are charming and inspiring. You bring loveliness to the world and its reciprocated back to you. Thank you for sharing your talents. 🥰🤎💛

                                      Kellie Reeve

                                        You are such a kind and gentle soul, Wayne. How could we NOT love you??!! I never doubt that with each video you will teach me, tease me, and make me laugh. In case you hadn't noticed, I've begun automatically winking back at you at video's end hahaha!! Sending my very best hopes and wishes to you 💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜

                                        Jackie Morrell

                                          Wayne, we love you, your kindness, your humility and wonderful gentle personality.

                                          Sarah G

                                            I have always loved your videos! Short, to the point, so helpful always 😀

                                            Davina McM

                                              🌹Loved this video, glad to see a smile on your face, you are a delight Mr Goss, have a lovely day🌞
                                              “Kindness is spreading sunshine into other people's lives regardless of the weather.”


                                                I'm so glad you're talking about Elizabeth Arden. I never hear anything about them and I have enjoyed everything I have tried from them.

                                                Elizabeth &James Gordon Brennan

                                                  Elizabeth Arden should bring back there cuppachino lipstick 💄


                                                    #ICARE We love you❤️❤️❤️

                                                    Elfie Angora

                                                      Totally missed your "cathartic" video but whatever the issue I'll just say I LOVE you dearly and I think you're brilliant 😊

                                                      Shelley Smith

                                                        Oh so good to see you smiling and joking!! You're the best!


                                                          You are well loved and respected in this community because you’re such an honestly genuine person that we adore! 💜🥰 Also your forehead swatches kill me, please don’t ever change!

                                                          Bethany Schmidt

                                                            This is my favorite video ever! Just laying here watching Wayne play with new makeup! 🥰🥰🥰

                                                            Susan Antonio

                                                              I love your videos and thank you for all the recommendations.

                                                              Heather Allred

                                                                #supportwayne ❤️

                                                                Stacie S

                                                                  ❤️ You yourself are truly a lovely person.


                                                                    Hi Wayne, I love your short to the point reviews, but did you ever do one on Jackie Aina limited eyeshadow collection from ABH?

                                                                    Ma Rn

                                                                      You are so kind,best wishes and love back to you😊


                                                                        💕 great video


                                                                          Love you Wayne. You’re such an amazing person and so inspiring. I just started my channel because of you. 💜

                                                                          kaela kaela

                                                                            Sorry you have been having a bad time. You have millions of people who love you. ⭐

                                                                            Ay B

                                                                              Every night when I go to bed I turn on one of your playlists. I hope it helps. You WILL take my help! Lol! 💗

                                                                              dee Morgan

                                                                                P s. And you are such a naughty wit ..only one on you tube that makes me laugh out loud…my favorite was Mars Orgasm Deep..Laughing again

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