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    Wayne Goss

      First time trying colourpop and for the money its amazing! LINK! SHOP WAYNE GOSS MAKEUP BRUSHES HERE: …


        Bloody, bloody, bloody BRILLIANT!

        Amber Kauffman

          This skincare, highlighters everything is amazing

          Rossana Fioravanti

            colorpop is gorgeous….less expensive than other silly things and marvellous results! so dare more shades!

            Amethyst Samia

              Definitely use your finger to apply the super shock shadows. ColourPop even recommends that. I love the brand personally. They have every color you could want. The quality is good…I’ve not used the Kylie stuff and won’t, so can’t answer that. I do know that ColourPop is fantastic.

              Wendy Loves Makeup

                Love Colourpop and in paticular their eyeliner! I also love the variety, tou can get anywhere from neons to everyday wear and still afford it.

                Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot

                  Wayne, you’re lovely, just lovely! I adore you❤️

                  D Lubio

                    I literally just got my first colourpop order today and I have those lop tints. Where is the tutorial to use those to make fuller lips???

                    Modest Energy

                      There is nothing like their super shock shadows. I love KathleenLights colabs.

                      Brissy girl

                        Where are you filming, this new set up is stunning

                        Mally Flower

                          I do like some colourpop but I think they are improving their formula also. It's a bargain way tto play with makeup

                          Elizabeth Grant

                            Tbh it irks me a little that Kylie Cosmetics can sell the same products as Colourpop for double the price… It feels so dishonest.

                            Giulietta Ciambotti

                              Super Shock shadows with the fingers… YES.. no creasing on my hooded eyes. Yes, save a fortune. Don’t buy the k brands.. 😂
                              Your brand!!! Yes, please.

                              Elise Peachey

                                Always teasing with your new products! I've got some colourpop singles and some supershocks which I really like using.

                                Karen Plunkett

                                  Wayne, pretty please would you do "Trends that need to die in 2020". You didn't do it last year and I really missed having a big laugh! 😁 Please and thank you!

                                  Luba Zak

                                    I absolutely love Colourpop. I think their quality is great. I have a lot of their pallets. They do have fallout but I don’t care because I always do my eyes first.
                                    I have high end; Pat McGrath, Natasha Denona, Viseart, but I still love Colourpop as well.


                                      Too funny swatching on your face like war paint lol. You're so refreshing. No drama but also not so uptight. Really genuine. Love that about your videos. ❤


                                        Love colourpop but love this review even more! Why are you so precious!

                                        Calista KL

                                          ColourPop is one of my definite favorite brands for being affordable and great quality. I especially love all of their Disney collaborations and the KathleenLights palettes!

                                          Stephanie Graham

                                            I love ColourPop! I have several of their products. Their super-shock formula are a dream to apply without a lot of fallout. I am so glad you like them! 💜

                                            Lauren Allen

                                              I love Colourpop! They have such nice products for the price. I have the Going Coconuts palette and it’s my favorite!!! So easy to use and create a beautiful eye look.


                                                I bought the going coconuts palette. It is really nice for the price point. Nothing to write home about but I do enjoy it.

                                                Amy G

                                                  Wayne super-shocked (get it 😉) you only tried neutrals from Colourpop. Would love your feedback on one of their color palettes…also I adore their lip primer! It's fab for locking color on tight! Also their pressed glitters are supremely fun! You're just adorbs!

                                                  Linda Zerstegen

                                                    love the brand but the tax is soooo so much its 48$ to get to Holland i love their sister brand fourthray beauty too but the tax is way to much 😭

                                                    Sally Cain

                                                      PMSL Bloody B*****y, B******s!!!

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