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    Wayne Goss

      Five brilliant new products to make your face more gorgeous! Links! GOOD MOLECULES Instant Cleansing Balm IT Cosmetics UK …

      Amanda Whittaker

        You're so funny and cute.


          How can basically every product you show be the most beautiful and the prettiest ever?

          Marie Montgomery

            I got the IT cream about 2 weeks ago. I hate the Rose scent, but LOVE what it has done for my skin!

            Karla Maria Brandtzæg

              I noticed thw difference between your face and hands 😅, quite the tan 👍🏼

              Rachel Buckenham

                The pursed lip pause after ‘penetrate even deeper’ is everything


                  What was that face device called? Didn't see a link for it

                  hannah roebem

                    Hey wayne! Will the amazing foundation brush in the anniversary set vol 2 be separately sold? I would love to buy one and cannot afford the set in one go

                    deanna beck

                      Sunless tanning guru here, Isle of Paradise and Tan Luxe fade horrifically. Literal patches everywhere like I have never experienced. Tan Luxe is $59, Isle of Paradise $29. Please do a patch test on a larger surface area than normal. To apply I used exact ratios and mixed the oil with moisturizer and spatula for each body part. It's not just a waste of money, it's humiliating and there's nothing you can do but wait it out close to a week.

                      Jessica Kilburn

                        Show me a classier MUA than Wayne Goss….

                        Julia Pearson

                          I LOVE that Ignited palette, sadly it didn't love me and I had to return it. Seem to have an allergy to those hardwired shadows (the glittery ones). Sad.

                          Nicola Bleakley-Wadlow

                            The Nars palette looks beautiful. You look even more amazing lately too, whatever you’ve been doing keep it up! 😉 xx

                            Victoria Gadd

                              You are soo good x

                              J Jadot

                                Thank you, I’ve had a great experience with the Isle of Paradise tanning drops in light.

                                Natalia Petre

                                  Love you Wayne! Fortunately for you i am married!

                                  Pauline Oliveri

                                    Ok guys… how much is the radio frequency doo-dah before I have to start calling the UK?? 🤣🤣🤣

                                    Tina George

                                      Love your videos. Right to the point with a bit of humor. Something, something deeper penetration…pause*. 😉Continues on with the video. Lol!!! Love the Nars palette

                                      Choree’s Channel

                                        I LOVE my Ignited palette!!!

                                        Hannah Banana

                                          I adore you but the change in lighting is making it so difficult to see you in your full glory 😫


                                            How much is that bloody device you’re swearing by?

                                            Anthonia Farfalli

                                              i couldn't find the cleansing device, the one with cryogenic and heating properties.


                                                😲the NARS palette and the new It Confidence in a Cream! I must have. Brilliant as always Wayne.

                                                Misty Parsons

                                                  Thank you for this!! Keep being amazing!! Hope you enjoy your weekend. Love you, Wayne!!❤️😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

                                                  Genevieve Reed

                                                    Yes, I can see it😁

                                                    Kathy Webb

                                                      Wayne, I love your videos. I like that your so relaxed and down to earth. I’m working on the tutorials about make up on the eyes. I’m 66 with a lot of wrinkles around the eyes. So I need easy, simple and blending techniques.
                                                      Thank you so much can’t wait for your next video. Kathyy


                                                        I can see the colors fine on the back of your hand. Great review! 😊

                                                        Lisa Robertson

                                                          Wholesale BSCI Approved nanoSkin-C
                                                          fashion rf skin tightening machine wrinkle…
                                                          US $65.00-95.00 /Piece
                                                          0 5"- CN
                                                          Is this ther electronic product your talking about?

                                                          Farwa Khan

                                                            I wanna lock Wayne up in my sex dungeon. 😘😍💘

                                                            Jodi Purssell

                                                              L💖❤️🧡💛💚💙💜VE Jane Iredale

                                                              Nisiepie N.

                                                                Every comment is just people hitting on Wayne.

                                                                Cindy P

                                                                  I love that you admit & embrace your skin tone & coloring! Not just because it's the same as mine but yeah… because I feel so awkward & alone when all the YouTubers who ARE cool-toned act like they're neutral & warm-toned and they use foundations that totally change who they are. I don't understand this? They've made light-medium cool-tone such a taboo, therefore to hear Wayne Goss actually say it is so monumental to me! Thanks!! xo

                                                                  Nisiepie N.


                                                                    Space Bike Music

                                                                      Wayne Goss doesn't do any of the annoying things that the other beauty tubers do and that makes me happy

                                                                      Brittany Littlejohn

                                                                        Just subscribed, you’re FANTASTIC! Great work.

                                                                        Jennifer Majczan

                                                                          I was gonna buy that It Cosmetics cream but I saw that it was for mature skin so I decided to get their other cream. Dang! I’ll try that next time.

                                                                          Heather Bernard

                                                                            You brighten my day. Love your no nonsense. I just want to reach out and give you a hug.

                                                                            r s

                                                                              I love how no BS, straight to the point you are. Your videos are awesome, love your tips for improving/ correcting techniques. Thank you so much for putting these out for us!

                                                                              Pam Herald

                                                                                Sense of humor, no nonsense reviews, great recommendations, yep….you are a new favorite for me! Thanks for your videos! 🙂

                                                                                Christine Parker

                                                                                  U r the cutest!! 💋💋💋

                                                                                  Ree McLaughlin

                                                                                    I NEED that eye shadow palette


                                                                                      That nars pallette is gorgeous☆

                                                                                      Tiffany Furmage

                                                                                        handsome, kind, honest, classy=Wayne Goss xoxo…he is so refreshing


                                                                                          Benefit gets ZERO of my dollars since they donate HUGE $$$ amounts to the abortion industry (read online recent article) 100% of their brow bar $$$ goes to Planned Parenthood. 👎🏻 #knowwhereyourmoneygoes #abortionisnotbirthcontrol #notmymoney

                                                                                          Marla Robinson

                                                                                            Loved seeing you favorites

                                                                                            Leonore Gatti

                                                                                              we may not to able to understand that what you say, but how can we stop seeing you, cause you are such a pip, love lee

                                                                                              the mom she is tired

                                                                                                I'm going to be honest. I freaking love you Wayne Goss. You make me smile. You are so funny and you're just a lovely human.


                                                                                                  Try tan luxe gradual

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