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      FLAWLESS for FALL In-Depth Makeup Tutorial | NikkieTutorials

      Who doesn’t love a perfect cat eye and vampy/glittery lips for Fall? Today I’m sitting down for an in-depth makeup tutorial to ease into all the spookiness coming …



        Leni Mini Miney Moe

          This is beautiful!😍 So beautiful I actually decided to comment!

          Faizan Khan


            barsha das

              Aww I love it when Dylan kissed her, that was toooo cuteeee🙈🙈🙈


                Oh my gosh this eye look is GORGEOUS!! Ahhhh!!!!! That ombre liner is to die for! I NEED those 2 colors at least! (Yellow and bronze)… wow. You are so beautiful! Love the dark lips on your lovely lip shape ^__^

                Caro’s World

                  Herft has arrived! Grab your Dark Lipsticks Ladys and Gentleman! We are going to slaaaay

                  Emmy Quirijnen

                    Seeing all these people commenting trying to use the word herfst.. y’all are so cute lol.
                    Don’t worry even Dutch people struggle pronouncing it sometimes😇 (atleast I know I do😅)

                    Love seeing a vampy lip😍😍

                    Vidya Divya

                      YOU LOOK STUNNING

                      Tukha Tran

                        You’re so beautiful! I loved this look I am SOLD!

                        Karen Sue Pohlmeier

                          I'm living for your head band! Please, tell us where you get your hair jewelry. This look is everything and though I'm on a "no buy" I have to buy all these Marc Jacobs item's!

                          Milonde Essy

                            Show me some love and sub to my YouTube just a beginner but trying hard

                            SHAY’S WAY

                              nikkie out here slaying fall

                              Lateefa. H

                                Wow, love that so much!

                                DCS Sketttit

                                  So beautiful Nikkie 💕💕💕

                                  shahad’s planet

                                    In love with this look 🧡🍁🍂

                                    RAMONA EYES


                                      Christina Kruse

                                        My favorite thing about herfst is all the sweaters and comfy clothes all day every day!


                                          This look is absolutely gorgeous and has really got me in the fall and Halloween mood 🍂🍁🎃❤️

                                          ely Santamaria

                                            This time its all about herfst 💗💗💗💗

                                            Corie J

                                              Your makeup is absolutely beautiful ! Omg stunning !!! I'm going to try that nose highlight tip 💜

                                              little cheeto

                                                Is it just the fact that I’m high rn or are her eyebrows different in this vid

                                                Always at Your side

                                                  Looking beautiful as always and love your headband

                                                  linde callens

                                                    herfst is my favorite season!!

                                                    Reza Latib

                                                      I've been subscribed for over a year now omg!!🥰💕💕

                                                      Magenta Eréndira

                                                        Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap

                                                        Tacnical gaming

                                                          Very nice makeup



                                                            Vanessa Sins

                                                              where is that headband from?! It's so beautiful

                                                              Olya Baileys

                                                                Beautiful inside and outside✨👌Glam makeup ❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨


                                                                  Trying this nose highlight trick right now ! It looks STUNNING 😍😍😍

                                                                  Aluia Kalolo

                                                                    So stuningly beautiful x

                                                                    Martha Adame

                                                                      Nikki: talking
                                                                      Beauty blender: PAT PAT PAT PAT

                                                                      Sabrina Lugo

                                                                        This was beautiful I live to see Nikki at her best working with the lovely Moss daughter it was an iconic picture. May the lord continue to bless your heart Nikki and bless your career your such a diva queen 👸 💜🎃

                                                                        Connie Haun

                                                                          Wow gorgeousness ❤️Super talented and herfst

                                                                          Jessica Lara

                                                                            Omgsh I love this eye loookk!!

                                                                            Fflur Morris

                                                                              The dutch word of the day is “herfst”
                                                                              Me: hefstct herfstttt… I give up


                                                                                I love your copper leaf headband 😀

                                                                                Laura Palma

                                                                                  I love this kind of videos. I enjoy so much!

                                                                                  Ebru Hsaaa

                                                                                    Nikki is you tube queennnnnn king

                                                                                    Ebru Hsaaa

                                                                                      Your lip is it orjınal 🤔🤔🤔

                                                                                      karen chiavazzo

                                                                                        Nikkie: “ – and then you Netflix and Chill with your Fiancè ”
                                                                                        Me: AND I OOP

                                                                                        Melissa Canedy

                                                                                          I really like how you explained where the shadow was going and why. Too many youtube makeup artists have gotten away from doing actual tutorials and just simply sit in front of a camera and do their makeup and talk about their life. It is nice that you are going back and explaining things and still talking about life. It is good to have both.

                                                                                          Wiandri Vorster

                                                                                            Woww, there was just something about this Herfst looked that I totally loved.. 🍂🍁 – In this look Herfst whispered to Nikkie, "Herfst is proof that change is beautiful…"

                                                                                            Zeinab A.

                                                                                              Cragratz sweetie!
                                                                                              You do an astonishing job with makeup, you deserve to be famous! You are an amazing person inside and out. I really like your hand accessory or tiara. Where did you get it from I love it.

                                                                                              The final Touch

                                                                                                I love your eye makeup,


                                                                                                  i died at the huOy

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