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      Flight Attendants Share Their Horror Stories

      “It was literally the scariest moment that I’ve ever had flying.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about …

      Jen 101

        Some people are so disgusting lol


          Wow i cant imagine falling 500 feet… i hate heights

          Nazirah Najib

            that guy is pretty impressive. Doing his job eventhough its damn challenging . 👍👍👍

            Giuliana Mannella

              Oh my gosh. These poor flight attendants.

              Jillian Baer

                Do park ranger horror stories

                Fly With Stella

                  Even us Flight Attendants get scared every once in a while

                  Hayden Games

                    What happens in the air stays in the air

                    Tara Leon

                      As his telling the poop story, I’m eating Nutella…..

                      Jajajaja Pre

                        On my flight back to America, I experienced some pretty damn wild turbulence while I was in the bathroom. It was literally perfect timing. The flight was pretty steady before I took off my pants. but as soon as I took off my pants and squatted down and began peeing, the plane started shaking like crazy. (I don’t sit on public toilet seats, I usually squat down with my feet on the floor NOT ON THE TOILET SEAT) it was wild, I couldn’t even stand still, so as a result I peed all over myself.💀

                        Celeste Alcalay

                          What’s Megan’s @?

                          Lauren Campbell

                            wow that male flight attendant is an actual angel who somehow decided to be a flight attendant

                            Angel A

                              I was on a flight once where there was a lot of turbulence, but the flight attendants were still serving drinks and the next thing I knew, the plane dropped and drinks were flying and everyone screamed. It lasted a few seconds, but that was the first time I ever thought I was going to die.


                                OMG MEGAN IS MY COUSIN!!!!!!

                                Adrianna Ball


                                  Kimberly Rutherford

                                    😂 loved it

                                    Buju Pounds

                                      I hate some one who sits like that guy infront of the camera on an interview…it gives me a different vibe about that particular person …

                                      Elaine Gumenyuk

                                        I live in Vegas, haha


                                          I’m not even lying once we were flying from Canada to Dubai to meet family and stuff, I’m11 and I was carrying my 3 months old baby sister while my mom was in the washroom, the captain said everyone stay seated and put your seatbelt on and he seemed mad and in a rush, my stupid self ignored it and my baby sister literally FLEW to the other seat and I freaked out everyone was screaming for a sec I thought my baby sis died or something🥺 scariest moment I thought it was my last second on earth or smth😭😭😭😭😭❤️

                                          H-E-L-L H-A-W-K

                                            Damn, look at that etheric spiral on Megan’s right.


                                              The "Princess seat" isn't a thing

                                              ala ska

                                                There are no destinations worth the misery of Air Travel.

                                                TakiaSelen Newton

                                                  the story that Megan told happened exactly to me and since then I have never been able to go on a flight since!!!!

                                                  YouTube Zone

                                                    My dream was to be a flight attendant but here i am as a general worker


                                                      o red err

                                                      Kitti Angyal

                                                        Luckily i was just making dinner while listening to these amazing stories haga


                                                          If you wanna hear some horror/funny stories, talk to the agents in the actual airport. Lord knows what they go through

                                                          NATHALIE CUEVA

                                                            I dislike traveling on an airplane because of this reason. People can be very disgusting sometimes!!! Idk why or how they can manage to be like that, but come on it’s not that hard to be considerate and clean for a few hrs people especially on a short flight.
                                                            I’d much rather experience some turbulence or children crying and screaming for a few min than deal with people who are just absolutely rude and gross!

                                                            h o n e y

                                                              I love landing and the turbulence lmao
                                                              When we was landing going into Spain it was windy and it was shaking and everyone was like ‘oh my god’ and grabbing each other hands. I found it so fun

                                                              Aarya Louise

                                                                Now I'm feeling sick


                                                                  All male flight attendants are gay. Facts! This job is so overrated, I can't! 🙄


                                                                    @7:21 I left that 😭. People pooping themselves and peeing on themselves is such a common occurrence of this career. I feel like no one warned me before I got hired.


                                                                      I personally could never be a flight attendant. I’m scared of flying on a plane 😭😂. I’m so paranoid of being in a plane. And it sucks cuz from where I am to Mexico (where my parents are from) it’s a 5 hour flight 😭. But I manage to pull through.

                                                                      Cool Kid

                                                                        The 500ft story is scary! She said it was from an air pocket which normally happens.. but what happens if the plane is 500ft from the ground? Plain crash

                                                                        Simply Thandi


                                                                          David N

                                                                            Megan second story killed me 😂

                                                                            Lola M

                                                                              I love these kinds of videos lol


                                                                                Ulysses said his own name really oddly??? also he's for sure had botox and lip injections.

                                                                                Marianna Susu

                                                                                  1st flight attendant: our plane dropped 500 ft in one sec
                                                                                  2nd flight attendant: I cleaned up 10 nails


                                                                                    Like whaaaaaaat?!!!??!?!?


                                                                                      I was going to say how relieved I was to hear that the majority of stories didn't have to do with plane malfunctions…and then I realized the flight attendants who would have plane malfunctions stories aren't alive to tell the tale…*gulp

                                                                                      Faith Kennedy-Graham

                                                                                        Im about to go on a plane, this was a great idea 😀

                                                                                        Abbygale Tirado

                                                                                          Whoever does the camera work please stop zooming in and zooming out and jump cutting come on one camera is good enough

                                                                                          The Dodo

                                                                                            Omg him saying wipies instead of wipes is cute.

                                                                                            Queen Bixcee

                                                                                              The man is so funny he said Clorox wipe-ee omgawd i am died wipe-ee

                                                                                              Bryana Devine

                                                                                                Bad time to be eating avocado

                                                                                                Taylor Q

                                                                                                  That’s so nasty

                                                                                                  Swiss/Afghan Girl

                                                                                                    Dont watch this while eating


                                                                                                      Flying to Istanbul next week, really wish I didn't listen to the first 2 and a half minutes 😒. And it's supposed to be raining the day I fly out.

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