Fresh Flower Inlays – Will They Brown or Decay?

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      Fresh Flower Inlays - Will They Brown or Decay?

      Suzie used Fresh Flowers in Acrylic and Gel Inlays. Will they brown or decay? Three weeks later Suzie checks to see if they did! View Suzie’s New Free Digital …

      Holly Field

        Hi Suzie! I just started doing nails and I would love to see you review some affordable alternatives for hybrid gel. I've seen a few Instagram videos on the Modelones Polygel but I don't know if they're worth buying. I trust your opinion so please consider this!

        Emma Cowley

          What's the best ploy gel you would recommend x


            Hi Suzie! Could you please do a video on tips and tricks on how to properly use an at home a file for us diy at home. Just got one and I'm not sure how to hold it properly with the most control and such. Thank you so much!


              i did a set today using dual forms and i filed them to fit my cuticle! some dual forms come in different shapes and the ones i was using were more square than round! just shop around

              Meg tc

                ive got a question! i do hard gel nails, and ive noticed when i shape my nail just right and then go to put it in the lamp to cure, every once in awhile it looks like my gel has kind of squirted a bubble to the surface of the nail while curing so i end up with a small bump on the nails. its not a big deal to file off, but i wondered if anyone else had this happen with their hard gels….?? and if it has, then why is this happening?

                Sarah Lou

                  You can get beautiful, dried out flowers on eBay and at least they won’t decay and lose colour. – I’m still yet to try milk bath nails!


                    I’ve always wondered, with so much dust & debris that comes with filing, how do you keep your workstation so immaculate? ✨💗What are the best ways to clean filing aftermath? Love your channel! 😘


                      I used rose petals from one of my rose bushes and pressed them in a book for about 4 days. They did go from a fuchsia to a dark purple but they never browned once I put them in a nail. The nail sat on my practice hand for about 3 weeks and the color didn't change after it was encapsulated.

                      I read online that if you put your flowers in a bowl of kitty litter and microwave them, it'll dry them out quickly and prevents the plant from oxidizing. I've never tried it so I can't vouch for it but it sounds promising.

                      LaLa Corbin

                        Why don’t you ever travel with camerman


                          Thanks for the update. I think I'll stick to dried Flowers 🌺🌼💅🏾

                          Nick Marie

                            I am going to guess before the video. I would say no because it’s encapsulated and no oxygen is getting in there.

                            I would have top coated it and compared the two. There was a lot of green in there, so it’s hard to see the difference over three weeks or the actual state, color difference, and pigment changes due to the filing.

                            I have poly gel, I can’t use the dual forms. They’re so messy. Easier to freehand. I have been doing them for two months and they’re no where near Suzie’s in shape, form, or technique. Someday

                            Tracey Nowell

                              Can't we just buy dried flowers from the craft store? 😎

                              Tori Aden

                                Thanks for all your wonderful videos. I watched a video a year ago from you and thought " I wanna do that" and now I do my own nails and friends and family. You helped me discover a passion I never knew I had. Xoxo


                                  what bit is that?


                                    Aaaaaah! Dentist!

                                    Madison M

                                      I could watch Suzie e-file forever😌😍
                                      PS: I love the answering questions at the end of the video!!💓

                                      Marlene Mendoza

                                        She’s like that aunt we all wish we had! I just love her spirit 😊

                                        codys beauty studio

                                          New/ small youtubers wanna help each other out?❤💛💚💙💜😘

                                          codys beauty studio

                                            New/ small youtubers wanna help each other out?❤💛💚💙💜😘

                                            Armstrong On The Daily

                                              I have a few questions. I am supposed to be starting nail tech classes in August. I already have a lot of nail art knowledge from research and practice but I have never worked with all of the files and tools or acrylics. Do you have any advice for someone just starting school? I also have chronic back pain, which I am used to sitting for long hours, but is there anything you can recommend for getting through the classes? Last question: I have always had a nervous thing where I pick at my cuticles and sometimes they bleed. I know it's an awful habit and I need to take care of it before classes because of the hygiene and safety aspect. I stopped when I was doing my nails regularly a few years ago, but have started back again in the last year. Do you have any suggestions to help them heal quicker before I start school? I don't want this to be the reason I can't go.


                                                I'd like to offer advice for the person that asked that 2nd question about the dual forms not fitting her nail well: my natural nail is very flat from sidewall to sidewall and the forms are always domed. I have had to smash my dual forms flat a little bit so that they're less domed and I'm not wasting product because the center of the nail (down the length) is so thick with product. Also, they sell clear clips that will hold the form in place with light pressure, this will give you a chance to wipe away any gel that oozed out the sides and you can flip your hand over and touch up the underside without the form sliding all over the place. Give the nail a quick 30 second cure then remove the clip and finish the cure

                                                Lily Caz

                                                  Omg .. the only thing missing is one of those eletronic magnifying lenses (microscope)… 🕵️‍♀️ suzie and the flower mold

                                                  NELIDA SOTELO

                                                    Wow thank you for sharing this video and answering all these questions. By the way I love your Shell Nails 😍💖💅

                                                    Amazing J

                                                      . 💛🧡💜❤💚💙
                                                      Great Video Suzie 😊.
                                                      I don't get Nail Enhancements, I grow my own Nails, but I have several Nails that grow rounded & downwards. Is this natural? If not what can I do to help my Nails?
                                                      TYIA 😉.

                                                      The Polish Queen

                                                        Just watching… <3

                                                        Child of God

                                                          Awesome video Suzie

                                                          Teirral Thompson

                                                            I just couldn't take the sound of the drill. 😖

                                                            Bella Pugs

                                                              Hey susie,
                                                              Will you do a nail supply’s tour or will you show us all of your nail supply’s. – Chloe

                                                              Ryan Jackson

                                                                But not all of us have Instragram I would watch you blogging l watch a few ❤💜🧡



                                                                  Darlene Clark

                                                                    Melodones makes a much flatter duo form. I have the same problem with forms that came in my kit.

                                                                    Cathy Smith

                                                                      Awesome video, suzie!! See you in your next video

                                                                      Yuko Yokoyama

                                                                        Hello Suzie ♡ can you explain to us how do you choose to use gel or acrylic on a client ? What kind of nails need acrylic and what kind of nails need gel ? I trained myself to be able to use both systems but I am an acrylic tech first, and tend to use it most of the time, and I want to know your pro look about that, please ♡


                                                                          Suzie how can you tell if your skin around the cuticles should be trimmed or not?

                                                                          Yesie Ramirez

                                                                            Does anyone know the brand and model of drill that Susie uses?

                                                                            Marleen van Dijk

                                                                              Suzie I LOVE your shirt!!!


                                                                                Love love love your videos! I have found them so amazingly helpful AND inspirational! I have just started my training to become a qualified nail technician, and while researching acrylic vs. gel vs. dip powder methods, I was wondering, can you use dip powders like you would a highly pigmented acrylic powder, i.e with a monomer?

                                                                                Upgrade Your Life

                                                                                  Look at those pretty eyes peeping over that mask.

                                                                                  Upgrade Your Life

                                                                                    Wow. It's been 3 weeks already?

                                                                                    Cheryl Campbell

                                                                                      Love your videos, Suzie❤️ I started doing my own nails in January. I took pictures of each set I did and when I look back I can see how much better I got at it! That’s because I watched your videos over and over again. Each time I picked up on something new.
                                                                                      Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and everyone else who watches you! ❤️

                                                                                      Alisha A. Robertson-Carter

                                                                                        Do you have a website link to that drill your using as well as the nail drill bits. 😊

                                                                                        Crochet Things

                                                                                          SUZIEEEE!!!! you need to try out spider gel its so cool omg you will love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                                                                          Jessica Marie

                                                                                            I love nails and everything to do with them tbh. Can you do a coffin nail but like alien and kinda groovy theme? I like black and bright neon colors together, just wondering 🤗😊
                                                                                            I'm getting my nails done for my birthday and I've been looking at your videos for ideas 💕💕💕 I love your videos, informative and educational lol 💕

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